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Is Buying a Newly Built House a Good Investment?

Investing in a newly built house is a significant financial decision that comes with its own se...

Jun 08, 2024

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7 Tips for Young Homebuyers

Purchasing a home is a significant milestone, especially for young homebuyers. It represents no...

Jun 05, 2024

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10 Things That Will Turn Off Home Buyers

When selling a home, first impressions are crucial. Certain issues can deter potential buyers a...

May 29, 2024

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Backyard Improvements That Add Value to Any Home

Homeowners often look for ways to enhance their properties, not only for personal enjoyment but...

May 27, 2024

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How Often Should Landlords Conduct Property Inspections?

Regular property inspections are a fundamental aspect of effective property management, benefit...

May 22, 2024

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Why Some Homeowners Love Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have become a staple of modern home design, gaining immense popularity among h...

May 21, 2024

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These 7 Features Help Sell Homes Faster

Selling a home can be a daunting task, but certain features can significantly enhance its marke...

May 15, 2024

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How to Create Stunning Listing Photos to Attract Potential Buyers

Creating stunning listing photos is essential for attracting potential buyers in today’s compet...

May 13, 2024

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Documents Needed to Sell a House

Selling a house can be a complex process, and having the right documents on hand can make the t...

May 08, 2024

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Red Flags to Watch for When Buying a New Home

When purchasing a new home, it's crucial to be on the lookout for potential red flags that coul...

May 06, 2024

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What First-Time Homebuyers Need to Know

Buying your first home can be an exciting but daunting process. There are many steps involved, ...

May 01, 2024

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What Is a Multi-Generational Home and Is It Right for You?

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of families choo...

Apr 29, 2024

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The Price of Overpricing: How It Can Cost You When Selling Your Home

Selling a home is a significant financial transaction, and pricing it right is important for a ...

Apr 24, 2024

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6 Essential Steps to Prepare Your Cabin for Sale

Selling a cabin can be both an exciting and challenging endeavor. Whether you're looking to upg...

Apr 22, 2024

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Potential Spring Hazards That Can Affect Your Home

As winter melts away and spring arrives, it brings a sense of renewal and freshness. However, a...

Apr 18, 2024

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How to Sell a House That Needs Repairs

Selling a house that needs repairs can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, you ...

Apr 15, 2024

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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Renters

As the warmth of spring arrives, it's time to bid farewell to winter's chill and embrace the fr...

Apr 10, 2024

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Green Ways Homeowners Can Celebrate Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, homeowners around the world are gearing up to celebrate and contribute...

Apr 08, 2024

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7 Top Strategies for Self-Managing a Rental Property

It is possible to self-manage a rental property, and many landlords choose to do so to save mon...

Apr 03, 2024

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Condo vs. Single-Family Home: What’s the Best Option for Your Lifes...

When it comes to choosing between a condo and a single-family home, there are several factors t...

Apr 01, 2024

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Why Is Access Important When Selling Your House?

Selling a house involves numerous steps, from listing the property to negotiating offers and co...

Mar 27, 2024

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Reasons to Invest in Real Estate vs. Stocks

Investing is a cornerstone of financial growth and stability, and two popular avenues for inves...

Mar 25, 2024

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Do You Still Believe These Myths About Owning a Home?

Owning a home is often seen as a cornerstone of the American Dream, representing stability, sec...

Mar 20, 2024

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Downsizing to a Smaller Home After Retirement: What Are the Advanta...

Retirement marks a significant transition in life, often accompanied by a reassessment of prior...

Mar 18, 2024

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7 Common Mistakes Short-Term Rental Hosts Should Avoid

Many short-term rental hosts are new to the hospitality industry and may lack experience in man...

Mar 13, 2024

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Navigating the Commercial Real Estate Landscape: Essential Research...

Newcomers in commercial real estate can benefit greatly from receiving guidance as they need a ...

Mar 11, 2024

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Buying a Home After Retirement: Tips for Seniors

Retirement marks a significant milestone in life, often accompanied by newfound freedom and opp...

Mar 06, 2024

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Spring Selling: Why It's the Perfect Season to List Your Home

Deciding on the perfect time or season to sell a house depends on a combination of factors, inc...

Mar 04, 2024

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7 Eco-friendly and Sustainable Home Ideas for Landlords

Many tenants today prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility when choosing a r...

Feb 29, 2024

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The Benefits of Getting a 3D Tour of Your Rental Property

In the rental market, property owners and tenants alike are constantly seeking ways to streamli...

Feb 27, 2024

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Rules You Must Follow When Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial transactions you'll ever make. You may b...

Feb 22, 2024

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Exploring Multifamily Real Estate Investment: A Beginner's Guide

Real estate investment offers a pathway to financial growth and stability, and multifamily real...

Feb 20, 2024

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What Does It Mean To Build Home Equity and Why Is It Important?

For many individuals, owning a home is not only a place to live but also a significant investme...

Feb 14, 2024

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Freshen Up for Sale: Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Sell Your House

As the flowers begin to bloom and the days grow longer, spring offers a golden opportunity for ...

Feb 13, 2024

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7 Common Commercial Real Estate Lease Mistakes to Avoid

Signing a commercial real estate lease is a significant decision that can have a profound impac...

Feb 07, 2024

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What to Consider When Renting a Commercial Space

Renting a commercial space is a significant decision that can have a profound impact on the suc...

Feb 06, 2024

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Big Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Home Loan

Applying for a mortgage is a significant financial step that requires careful consideration and...

Jan 31, 2024

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How Long Does It Take to Buy a House?

Buying a house is a significant milestone — it often represents a culmination of hard work, dre...

Jan 29, 2024

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7 Reliable Rental Income Tips in 2024

Reliable rental income provides a steady and predictable cash flow, allowing property owners to...

Jan 25, 2024

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Investment Strategies for Commercial Real Estate in 2024

The year 2024 presents challenges and opportunities in the real estate industry. This means inv...

Jan 23, 2024

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What Costs Are Involved in Flipping Houses?

Flipping houses — the process of buying a property, renovating it, and selling it for a profit ...

Jan 18, 2024

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The Dos and Don'ts of Owning a Vacation Rental

Owning a vacation rental provides an opportunity to diversify your income streams. However, suc...

Jan 16, 2024

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How to Turn Your Home into a Successful Vacation Rental

Turning your home into a vacation rental can be a lucrative venture, especially in an era where...

Jan 10, 2024

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Thinking of selling your home? When it comes to selling, harnessing the power of AI does wonder...

Jan 09, 2024

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7 Reasons to Become an Airbnb Host

Hosting on Airbnb has become a popular choice for individuals looking to monetize their extra s...

Jan 03, 2024

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Unveiling the Factors: What Truly Determines a Home's Value?

The value of a home is more than just its physical structure. The truth is that it’s a complex ...

Jan 01, 2024

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Understanding Gen Z Renters: A Guide for Landlords

As the rental market changes, landlords are encountering a new generation of tenants – Generati...

Dec 20, 2023

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How to Advertise Your Rental Property in 2024

Effective advertising is one of the best ways you can attract the right tenants to your rental ...

Dec 18, 2023

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What Age Group Is Most Likely to Buy a Home?

The decision to buy a home is a significant milestone in a person’s life, and it is influenced ...

Dec 13, 2023

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Decoding Real Estate: 6 Signs That Indicate a House Might Be Overpr...

Navigating the real estate market is a thrilling experience, but it can also be complicated. Wh...

Dec 11, 2023

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Navigating Finances: A Guide on How to Budget for Your Next Fix and...

Embarking on a fix-and-flip project can be a lucrative venture, but success hinges on meticulou...

Dec 06, 2023

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7 Tips to Create a Real Estate Business Plan in 2024

Staying ahead of the curve in 2024 requires a well-crafted business plan that considers the dyn...

Dec 04, 2023

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Embracing Tomorrow: Smart Home Trends for 2024

As technology continues to evolve, so does the landscape of smart homes. Smart home technologie...

Nov 29, 2023

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Flipping Houses: A Beginner's Guide to Profitable Real Estate Ventures

Flipping houses has become a popular avenue for individuals seeking to enter the real estate ma...

Nov 27, 2023

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Sparkling Creativity: DIY Holiday Home Decor Ideas

There's an undeniable magic in transforming your home into a festive haven this holiday season....

Nov 22, 2023

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Creating Holiday Magic: Tips for Hosting the Holidays in Your New Home

Hosting the holidays in your new home is a special occasion that marks the beginning of cherish...

Nov 20, 2023

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Navigating the Challenges of Managing Short-Term Rentals

The rise of short-term rentals through platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo has transformed the hospi...

Nov 15, 2023

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Should You Invest in the US Real Estate Market in 2024?

The real estate market is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, and it is influenced by econom...

Nov 13, 2023

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8 Negotiation Strategies When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a significant financial transaction, and the negotiation phase plays a piv...

Nov 08, 2023

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Challenges of Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

Selling a home is a significant undertaking, and for some homeowners, the prospect of saving on...

Nov 06, 2023

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8 Advantages of Buying a Rental Property Before a Home

Most people think of owning their dream home first when it comes to real estate investing. Howe...

Nov 01, 2023

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Real Estate Investing Amid Inflation: What You Should Know

Inflation, the gradual increase in the general price level of goods and services, is a huge eco...

Oct 30, 2023

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Maximizing Rental Property ROI: Key Strategies for Investors

To truly capitalize on your rental property investment, you need to implement strategies that m...

Oct 25, 2023

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Why Buying a House Is Better Than Renting One

Renting may offer flexibility, but owning a house provides a myriad of long-term benefits that ...

Oct 23, 2023

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10 Best Practices When Buying Commercial Real Estate

Whether you're an experienced investor or a newcomer to the world of commercial properties, ado...

Oct 18, 2023

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9 Ways to Minimize Risk in a Real Estate Investment

Like any other form of investment, real estate comes with its fair share of risks. However, wit...

Oct 16, 2023

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Tips to Effectively Manage Your Own Rental Property

Managing a rental property can be a rewarding endeavor, providing a source of income and the po...

Oct 11, 2023

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REIT vs. Rental Property: Which Is Better for Real Estate Investment?

Real estate investment is a popular avenue for building wealth and generating passive income.  ...

Oct 09, 2023

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Buying a House While Staying Within Your Budget: What You Should Know

Buying a house is a significant milestone in life, but it also comes with budget considerations...

Oct 04, 2023

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Do Seasons Impact the Real Estate Market?

The real estate market is influenced by a multitude of factors, ranging from economic trends to...

Oct 02, 2023

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Health and Wellness Upgrades That Make a Difference in Your Home

Your home is more than just a place to sleep — it's a sanctuary for your physical and mental we...

Sep 27, 2023

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8 Strategies to Lower Your Real Estate Investing Risks as a Landlord

Real estate investing can be a lucrative venture, but it comes with risks. From high vacancy ra...

Sep 25, 2023

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Do Eco-friendly Homes Sell Better?

As environmental consciousness continues to grow, so does the interest in eco-friendly homes. E...

Sep 20, 2023

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Ways to Invest in Real Estate for Retirement

Planning for retirement involves making smart financial decisions to make sure you have a comfo...

Sep 18, 2023

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Top Reasons to Start House Hunting in the Fall

When it comes to house hunting, the fall season offers unique advantages that can make it an id...

Sep 13, 2023

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10 Factors That Affect Housing Affordability

Housing affordability is a concern for individuals and families worldwide. It refers to the abi...

Sep 11, 2023

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The Big Advantages of Living in Smaller Homes

There has been a growing trend towards downsizing and opting for smaller living spaces. While i...

Sep 06, 2023

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7 Key Questions to Ask When Buying a House

Owning a home provides a sense of stability and security. When you buy a house, you are essenti...

Sep 04, 2023

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What Homebuyers Should Know About Credit Scores

To navigate the complex world of real estate, it's essential to understand the role of credit s...

Aug 30, 2023

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Pros and Cons of Buying a Home in the Fall

When it comes to purchasing a home, timing can play a significant role in the process. Spring a...

Aug 28, 2023

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Do You Need a Home Inspection on New Construction?

When purchasing a brand-new home, it's easy to assume that everything will be in perfect condit...

Aug 22, 2023

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Why You Still Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying a New Constructi...

It's tempting to think that you can do just about everything on your own, from booking a vacati...

Aug 21, 2023

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How Does Buying or Selling a Home Benefit the Economy?

When individuals engage in buying or selling homes, they set in motion a chain reaction of econ...

Aug 16, 2023

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How Does Remote Work Affect the Real Estate Industry?

The rise of remote work has fundamentally reshaped the way we approach our professional lives. ...

Aug 14, 2023

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How to Evaluate Your Needs and Wants as a Home Buyer

Planning to buy a home? As a home buyer, it's crucial to strike a balance between your needs an...

Aug 08, 2023

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10 Helpful Tips on How to Price Your Home for Sale

Selling a home can be a significant undertaking, and one of the most critical aspects of the pr...

Aug 07, 2023

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How Can Owning a Home Help You Build Wealth?

Owning a home is often considered a significant milestone in achieving the American Dream. Beyo...

Aug 02, 2023

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What Stays With a House When You Sell It? And What to Take With You

Selling a house can be a momentous event in anyone's life, whether it's upgrading to a larger p...

Aug 01, 2023

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How to Find a Real Estate Agent: Hiring the Right Person

Buying or selling a property is a significant financial and emotional decision. To navigate the...

Jul 26, 2023

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How to Handle Difficult Tenants and Resolve Conflicts: Tips for Lan...

Being a landlord can be a rewarding venture, providing a steady income stream and an opportunit...

Jul 24, 2023

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Incentives That Attract and Retain Quality Tenants

As a property owner or a landlord, attracting and retaining high-quality tenants is vital for t...

Jul 19, 2023

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Strategies for Marketing Your Rental Property on Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool for marketing various products and services. When it co...

Jul 17, 2023

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Tips to Reduce Stress When Searching and Buying a Home

Searching for and buying a home can be an exciting yet stressful process. It involves numerous ...

Jul 12, 2023

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7 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Rental Property's Vacancy Rates

For landlords and property owners, high vacancy rates can be a significant concern. A vacant re...

Jul 10, 2023

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Furnished Vs Unfurnished Apartment: What’s Best For Your Rental Bus...

As a landlord or property manager, deciding whether to offer furnished or unfurnished apartment...

Jul 05, 2023

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6 Habits of Successful Real Estate Investors

Real estate investment can be a lucrative venture for those who approach it with the right mind...

Jul 03, 2023

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What Are the Top Issues Rental Property Owners Face? And How to Han...

From tenant issues to maintenance concerns, rental property owners face various hurdles that ca...

Jun 28, 2023

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Essential DIY Home Maintenance Tips for Landlords

As a landlord, maintaining your rental property is not only crucial for the satisfaction of you...

Jun 26, 2023

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How to Fix Your Credit Score to Buy A House

Your credit score plays a crucial role when it comes to buying a house. Lenders use it to asses...

Jun 22, 2023

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How to Help Tenants Take Care of Your Rental Property

As a landlord, one of your top priorities is to ensure that your rental property is well-mainta...

Jun 19, 2023

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The Do's and Don'ts of Managing Rental Properties

Managing rental properties can be a rewarding venture, but it also comes with its fair share of...

Jun 12, 2023

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Can You Sell Inherited Property? What You Should Know

Inheriting property can be both a blessing and a challenge. While it may provide financial oppo...

Jun 07, 2023

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Should I Buy an Old House or a New House?

Deciding whether to buy an old house or a new house is a major consideration for homebuyers. Ea...

Jun 05, 2023

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Top Home Improvements and Upgrades That Pay Off

When it comes to home improvements and upgrades, homeowners often wonder which projects will pr...

May 31, 2023

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8 Ways Technology Can Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Selling a home can be a time-consuming and challenging process. However, with advancements in t...

May 29, 2023

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Should I Sell My House Now or Wait?

Deciding whether to sell your house now or wait can be a challenging decision for homeowners. T...

May 24, 2023

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What Are the Benefits of Living in a Smaller House?

In a world where bigger is often considered better, the concept of living in a smaller house ma...

May 22, 2023

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How to Save for a Down Payment While Renting

Saving for a down payment on a home is a significant financial goal, and if you're currently re...

May 18, 2023

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How to Afford Your First Home

Buying your first home is an exciting and significant milestone in life. However, it can also b...

May 17, 2023

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Are Rental Properties a Good Investment?

Investing in rental properties has long been considered a viable and lucrative option for indiv...

May 15, 2023

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What Is the Best Real Estate Investment You Can Make?

Real estate investment is a proven and popular way to increase your wealth and generate passive...

May 10, 2023

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What Are the Signs a Home Isn’t Worth Your Money?

Buying a home is a significant investment, and it's important to ensure that the property is wo...

May 08, 2023

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Things to Consider When Buying a House After Retirement

Buying a house after retirement can be a thrilling experience. It offers stability, and it’s ev...

May 04, 2023

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How to Avoid Losing Money in Real Estate

Real estate can be a lucrative investment, but it can also be risky. Some of these risks includ...

May 03, 2023

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7 Common Mistakes Do-It-Yourself Landlords Make

Becoming a landlord can be a lucrative way to generate income, but it also requires a lot of ha...

May 01, 2023

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How to Avoid Rental Housing Discrimination as a Landlord

It is important that landlords make sure all tenants are treated equally and without discrimina...

Apr 28, 2023

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What Every Landlord Should Know About Fair Housing Laws

As a landlord, learning about fair housing laws ensures that you do not discriminate against an...

Apr 26, 2023

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Accepting Tenants: What Does a Rental Background Check Consist Of?

Renting out your home can be a wonderful experience, but you should not do it without carefully...

Apr 24, 2023

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Everything You Need to Know About Making a Rental Property Profitable

Investing in rental property is a great way to generate passive income and build long-term weal...

Apr 19, 2023

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5 Ways Landlords Can Automate Their Rental Property Business

As a landlord, you know how time-consuming and challenging it can be to manage your rental prop...

Apr 17, 2023

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9 Tips to Keep Your Rental Property and Tenants Safe

As a landlord, ensuring the safety of your tenants and your rental property should be a top pri...

Apr 13, 2023

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How to Protect Yourself as a Landlord

Being a landlord can be a rewarding experience, but it also comes with responsibilities and ris...

Apr 10, 2023

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5 Ways to Boost Your Home Value

If you're a homeowner, one of your top priorities is likely to maximize the value of your prope...

Apr 06, 2023

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Real Estate vs. Stocks: Which Is Better?

When it comes to investing, there's a multitude of options available, including real estate and...

Apr 03, 2023

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How to Conduct Real Estate Market Research

Real estate market research is a critical component of any successful real estate investment st...

Mar 30, 2023

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Is a Condo a Good Investment? What You Should Know

For many people, investing in real estate is a smart financial move that can provide both long-...

Mar 27, 2023

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10 Tips on How to Sell Your Home in the Spring

With warmer weather, longer days, and more people looking to buy, spring is a great time to get...

Mar 23, 2023

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Reasons Spring Is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home

Spring is a popular time of year for selling houses, and for good reason. There are many benefi...

Mar 21, 2023

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What Is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) And How Does It Work?

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are an increasingly popular investment option that allows...

Mar 17, 2023

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How to Diversify Your Real Estate Portfolio

Real estate is a popular investment option for many individuals seeking to build wealth and gen...

Mar 15, 2023

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A Guide On Finding Your First Real Estate Investment Property

Investing in real estate can be a great way to build wealth over the long term. However, find...

Mar 14, 2023

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What to Consider When Selling a Rental Property

Selling a rental property can be a significant financial decision, and it's essential to approa...

Mar 09, 2023

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A Home Buying Guide for Veterans: What You Should Know

Buying a home can be an exciting and overwhelming process, and it's unique, especially for vete...

Mar 07, 2023

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Home Buyer's Remorse: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Buying a home is a significant decision that often comes with a lot of excitement and anticipat...

Feb 28, 2023

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Selling Your House Without a Realtor?

Selling a home can be intimidating because there are many things to do and consider. Because of...

Feb 23, 2023

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6 Tips for Successfully Managing Short-Term Rentals

If you're a landlord who plans to invest in rental properties, you may want to consider putting...

Feb 21, 2023

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Keep Your Home Organized This Year With These 5 Habits

The state of your home reflects the state of your mind. Some people might find it challenging ...

Feb 16, 2023

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Property Management Company

For experienced landlords, managing rental properties can be overwhelming. You need to advertis...

Feb 10, 2023

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Ways to Make Your Rental Property More Environmentally-Friendly

People are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprints, and most are looking for ways to...

Feb 08, 2023

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The Top Benefits of Smart Home Technology

From simple smart home devices to complex systems controlling almost everything, smart home tec...

Feb 07, 2023

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Is It Hard to Manage a Rental Property? What You Should Know

Are you a landlord who wants to manage your own rental property? Or do you want to apply as a p...

Feb 04, 2023

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Things You Should Do if You Want to Buy a Home in 2023

Buying your dream house is a fascinating journey, but it's also a big responsibility. Potential...

Feb 01, 2023

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ChatGPT for Real Estate: Ways to Use This New AI Chatbot

Are you a first-time homebuyer or seller wanting to know more about the real estate industry? O...

Jan 31, 2023

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What Is Escrow and How Does It Work?

For most buyers, purchasing a real estate property is one of their longest and most challenging...

Jan 26, 2023

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4 Tips for Finding a Place to Rent in a New City

Moving to a new city can be challenging, especially when it's a buzzing metropolitan area. It's...

Jan 24, 2023

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The Top Challenges You Can Face When Selling Your Home

Do you intend to move out and sell your home? Continue reading to know what challenges you coul...

Jan 18, 2023

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Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Adapt This Year

Making house brochures and focusing on print marketing was a thing of the past. Now, most peopl...

Jan 17, 2023

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The Best Rental Listing Sites to Find Local Apartments

Are you looking for an apartment? Check out these websites to help you find your next home. Re...

Jan 11, 2023

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How to Become a Landlord in 2023

Do you want to be a landlord but don't know what to do? You’ve come to the right place. Many p...

Jan 05, 2023

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Rental Market Trends You Should Know in 2023

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, there's an increasing demand for rent. But in...

Jan 03, 2023

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City Life vs. Country Living: Which One Is for You?

Location is an important factor to consider when you're planning to relocate to a new home. You...

Dec 15, 2022

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5 Goals for Landlords in 2023

The world has started to return to its pre-pandemic state. Schools are opening, more companies ...

Dec 13, 2022

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How You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

It's great to think about how you can get cozy in your home during winter. However, for your ch...

Dec 06, 2022

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5 Real Estate Investing Books for 2023

Do you want to invest in real estate but don't know where to start? These real estate investing...

Nov 30, 2022

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Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor: 5 Essential Questions to Ask

Did you know that the success of your house renovation project depends on how good your contrac...

Nov 24, 2022

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Design Your Home With These 6 Apps

Do you want to update the looks of your house? Or do you want to try out different house design...

Nov 22, 2022

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Small House vs Big House: How to Decide

Do I need a big house or is a small house enough for me? You may have asked yourself this ques...

Nov 17, 2022

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas

It's that time of the year again. Right after the Halloween party, people start to gather their...

Nov 03, 2022

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7 Ways to Beautify a Small Bathroom Without Remodeling

Are you tired of the looks of your small bathroom but can't renovate it? If yes, then look no f...

Nov 01, 2022

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What Can You Do if Your Home Is Losing Value?

Real estate is considered one of the safest investments because the value of most lands and hou...

Oct 27, 2022

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5 Helpful House Hunting Apps to Find Your Dream Home

Did you know that around 6 million homes were sold in the US last 2021? But even though countle...

Oct 25, 2022

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What's the Most Stressful Part About Buying a House?

Owning a house that can be called “home” is every adult's dream. But the process of achieving t...

Oct 18, 2022

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4 Factors That Affect the Price of a Home

Did you know that the average sales price of houses in the US more than doubled in just over 20...

Oct 13, 2022

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How to Decorate a New House on a Budget

Thinking of sprucing up your house but you're on a tight budget? Don't worry because making you...

Oct 11, 2022

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What Is Passive Real Estate Investing and Is It Right for You?

Real estate is one of those investment options that can be very rewarding, mainly due to its st...

Oct 05, 2022

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How to Choose a Home Security System

Keeping your family safe is a priority when you move into a new home.  A home security system ...

Oct 03, 2022

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How to Find Out the History of a House Before Buying

In the real estate business, home sellers won’t always disclose all the information about the h...

Sep 28, 2022

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How to Create a Cozy Backyard This Fall

The fall season is a great time to enjoy your stay outdoors. With the stunning view of golden ...

Sep 22, 2022

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6 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall and Winter Months

Are you wondering whether you can sell your house this fall or winter? The answer is yes! You j...

Sep 19, 2022

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What is the Most Profitable Investment in Real Estate?

In terms of making a profit, investing in real estate has always been one of the best options. ...

Sep 15, 2022

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5 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling (And What You Should Do)

Putting your home on the market is easy. But it can be frustrating when it doesn’t sell after a...

Sep 12, 2022

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How to Make a Comfortable Space for Your Pet in Your New Home

Like people, pets also need their own comfortable space in a new home. When you have a pet, it...

Sep 07, 2022

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What You Should Know About Homeowners Associations

As a homeowner, you may have heard of the term HOA, which stands for homeowners association. Be...

Sep 06, 2022

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Try These Housewarming Party Ideas

Are you done unpacking your things in your new house? If yes, it's time to throw a housewarming...

Sep 01, 2022

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How to Help Your Pet Adjust to Your New Home

Moving is challenging and stressful, but there are many ways to make sure that your pet is as c...

Aug 29, 2022

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Tips That Will Help You Settle Into Your New Home

It’s one thing to buy a house, but it’s another to make it truly yours. This is a normal experi...

Aug 22, 2022

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Living Near the Beach?

For people craving peace of mind more than anything else, living near the beach could be the pe...

Aug 15, 2022

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Common Myths About Buying a Home

Purchasing a home is a significant milestone in one’s life. But while everyone needs a home, no...

Aug 10, 2022

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6 Home Improvements That Won’t Add Value at Resale

When you’re trying to sell your house, you’d want to sell it quickly and sell it for the best p...

Aug 08, 2022

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Tips on Selling a Home in Autumn

The real estate market is always changing, and so are the trends. With every season, there will...

Aug 01, 2022

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5 Moving Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Whether moving into a new home or moving out of your old one, moving is a stressful chore that ...

Jul 28, 2022

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Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a House Loan

Many of us dream of owning a house one day. But the sad reality is not everyone can afford that...

Jul 25, 2022

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6 Common Challenges Home Buyers Face

Buying a house can be one of the most fulfilling milestones in your life. But as exciting as it...

Jul 20, 2022

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New Real Estate Investors Should Avoid These Common Mistakes

With its low risk and high return potential, real estate remains the best investment option tod...

Jul 18, 2022

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Discover 7 Different Ways to Sell a House

  It takes a skill to be able to sell a product, especially selling real estate properties. Some...

Jul 14, 2022

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What Not to Fix When Selling a House: 5 Things You Can Skip

Home sellers understand that first impression matters in the real estate business. If you want ...

Jul 12, 2022

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5 Common Problems Home Sellers Try to Hide

Buying a house for the first time can be a very emotional experience. Excitement and stress can...

Jul 06, 2022

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How to Take Great Photos That Will Help Sell Your Home Faster

Most people are visual buyers, meaning that they are likely to purchase a product based on what...

Jul 05, 2022

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House Hunting? Avoid These Top Common Mistakes

Buying a house can be an exciting milestone, especially for first-time buyers. It can be inspir...

Jun 30, 2022

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Top Bathroom Features That Will Attract Home Buyers

The bathroom is arguably the most important room in a house. Aside from the obvious reasons, th...

Jun 27, 2022

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How to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Summer is here, a perfect time for grilling barbecues in the backyard, picnicking on the beach,...

Jun 23, 2022

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6 Tricks to Sell Your House Fast

It’s already challenging to sell a house and selling it on a deadline is even more difficult. ...

Jun 21, 2022

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6 Simple Open House Food Ideas

In real estate, an open house is a public and informal event hosted by a realtor or the seller,...

Jun 16, 2022

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Dog-Proof Your Yard With These 6 Tips

Since dogs are naturally playful, staying in the house for too long can get boring. They need t...

Jun 14, 2022

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How to Turn Your New Home Into a Smart Home

The world we live in is changing, and new technologies and devices have become an integral part...

Jun 06, 2022

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Give Your Home a Happier Vibe With These Tips

Our overall satisfaction with life and the things around us can influence our happiness. Creati...

Jun 01, 2022

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7 Things to Do Immediately After Buying a House

Buying a house is something to be proud of, and it can make you excited and eager to move in. Y...

May 30, 2022

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Five Common Home Hazards to Watch for (And Safety Tips)

Your home should be a place of comfort where you feel the safest and most protected. However, s...

May 25, 2022

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How to Choose the Best Mortgage for You

  Houses don’t come cheap and most of us can only dream of owning one. In fact, only a few peopl...

May 23, 2022

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Are You Ready to Buy a House? Five Signs

There are many benefits to purchasing a home. Aside from having a permanent place to stay, it c...

May 18, 2022

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House Search: 5 Tips for Finding a Dog-Friendly Home and Neighborhood

Pet ownership is becoming more and more common, especially in the United States. According to t...

May 16, 2022

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Should You Buy a Condo or a House: The Pros and Cons

The best thing about being a buyer is having a lot of options. But more options also mean more ...

May 11, 2022

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How Can You Save for a House While You’re Still Renting?

In 2021, the homeownership rate in the United States was only 65.5%, which means that nearly ha...

May 09, 2022

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How to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget

Home renovations enhance the enjoyment and comfortability of your home while also increasing yo...

May 04, 2022

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Why is Location Important In Real Estate?

Investing in real estate should not depend on your budget alone. It may be wise to invest withi...

May 02, 2022

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How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent For You

  Venturing into the real estate investment is probably one of the most significant decisions yo...

Apr 27, 2022

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6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Property

Opening your property for rent is a great way to generate income. But to do that, you need to m...

Apr 25, 2022

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5 Ways to Invest in Real Estate With Little Money

Real estate is a great form of investment. Aside from having a place to live in, it can help yo...

Apr 21, 2022

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How Do I Decorate My Airbnb Property?

Airbnb is an online marketplace for homestays as a vacation rental. Many property owners are op...

Apr 19, 2022

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Here’s Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

“How do I prepare my house for spring?” You’re probably asking this question now that the weath...

Apr 15, 2022

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How To Convert An Attic Into A Living Space

We all want enough space for our homes. Fortunately, if you have an attic, it can be used as a ...

Apr 12, 2022

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What Are The Benefits of Owning A Home?

People say that there is no better place than home. For some, owning a home can be a big step t...

Apr 05, 2022

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Make These Low-Cost Kitchen Upgrades Before Selling

Did you know that your kitchen has an effect on the likelihood to sell your home? If you’re thi...

Mar 30, 2022

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What to Look for When Buying a House

Purchasing a house is one of the biggest decisions an adult can make in their life. Not only be...

Mar 24, 2022

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Buying a House on a Main Road: What You Should Know

People have managed to build houses in every place imaginable. Some have homes beside a body of...

Mar 17, 2022

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Should You Invest In Real Estate Rentals?

Real estate investment comes in many forms and one of them is rentals. This strategy involves l...

Mar 15, 2022

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How to Reduce the Stress of Selling a Home

Selling a house is an exciting experience for most people, but it can also make anyone feel ove...

Mar 07, 2022

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8 Signs That a Flipped House Is a Fail

Flipping houses is a great real estate investment strategy for sellers. One can buy a property ...

Mar 02, 2022

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10 Ways to Save Money Building Your Dream Home

Some homeowners prefer building a house from scratch — a house that accommodates their current ...

Mar 01, 2022

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6 Creative Real Estate Listing Ideas for DIY Home Sellers

The greatest disadvantage of selling houses without a real estate agent is that you have no inf...

Feb 24, 2022

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10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

It’s almost spring! That means the real estate market is about to get busy again. Why? It’s bec...

Feb 22, 2022

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Bedroom Interior Design Tips You Should Know

Every part of a house should be designed well to make living in it joyful and comfortable. From...

Feb 15, 2022

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How to Decorate a Home With Pets

Image source: apartment therapy Pets bring joy to our everyday lives. Although we’re already h...

Feb 10, 2022

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10 Simple Ways to Keep Your New Home Secure

Moving into a new neighborhood is a great experience. However, you must never rule out the poss...

Feb 08, 2022

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How to Boost Your Chances of Getting a Mortgage Approved

Not all people are born from wealthy families or have jobs with seven-figure salaries that allo...

Feb 04, 2022

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The 6 Most Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Renovation is part of homeownership and real estate regardless of how old or new the house is. ...

Feb 01, 2022

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How to De-Stinkify Your House for a Showing

Our homes are places where we can relax and be comfortable doing all the things we want. And ye...

Jan 25, 2022

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What Is Wellness Real Estate? (And What It Means for Buyers and Sel...

The prioritization of healthier living for residents in real estate has grown for the past deca...

Jan 18, 2022

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When is the Best Time to Sell Your House In 2022?

Knowing the best time of the year for selling your home is the first step to increasing your ch...

Jan 13, 2022

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The One Room You Should Stage to Sell a House

Every part of a house has its own function and these specific areas also give their own unique ...

Jan 11, 2022

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What Home Buyers Want in 2022

The needs and wants of home buyers vary depending on the major customer demographic, current ev...

Jan 06, 2022

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Real Estate Trends to Follow In 2022

January is the month of endings and beginnings. That’s why it’s named after Janus, the Roman Go...

Jan 04, 2022

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How to Stage Your Home for Winter Sales

As promised in the previous article, we’re going to discuss winter home staging tips. If you ha...

Dec 16, 2021

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8 Good Reasons to Sell Your Home This Winter

Winter seems to be the season when selling a property would be a bad idea. It’s because one ass...

Dec 14, 2021

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How to Declutter Your House in One Day

It’s normal for a home to eventually look messy on the inside. Small children playing, regular ...

Dec 02, 2021

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6 Ways to Verify a Seller's Property Ownership

Housing scams are real and they have two common faces. It can be a house sale fraud or a rental...

Nov 30, 2021

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5 Real Estate Market Predictions for 2022

The year is almost ending. It’s also the fourth quarter of the year. This means that real estat...

Nov 25, 2021

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Home Design Trends to Watch Out for In 2022

Have you just bought a house? Or are you planning to buy one before the year ends? Chances are ...

Nov 23, 2021

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What to Do Before Closing on a House: Advice for Buyers

Transferring property ownership from one person to another is a lengthy and challenging process...

Nov 18, 2021

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House Showing: The Best Practices for Home Sellers

House showing is the practice of providing a private home tour to a potential house buyer for a...

Nov 16, 2021

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What to Consider Before Buying Land to Build a House

In most of the articles here at LandlordPrep, we often discuss tips on buying a ready made hous...

Nov 11, 2021

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How to Make Your New Home Look Elegant on a Budget

When we hear or read the word “elegant”, we often associate it with something expensive or luxu...

Nov 09, 2021

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10 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Should Own for Maintenance and R...

Whether you live in a townhouse, single-family home, condo unit, or mobile home, you will at so...

Nov 04, 2021

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6 Best Tips for Buying Your First Condo

Owning a condo is one of the greatest decisions a first-time homebuyer (FTHB) can make as a way...

Nov 02, 2021

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8 Home Upgrade Ideas That May Actually Be Bad for Selling

Home upgrades are a great way of attracting potential buyers on listing sites. They can also in...

Oct 28, 2021

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What Should You Do Before Making an Offer on a House?

So you’ve found your dream home or the perfect property for investment and want to make an offe...

Oct 26, 2021

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How to Correctly Price Your Home for Sale

Knowing the price of your home before listing it on the market helps you attract a lot of buyer...

Oct 21, 2021

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Escalation Clause: What Is It? Why And When Should You Use It?

Tired of seeing your dream property bought by someone else? Or are you fed up with being outbid...

Oct 19, 2021

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7 Low Maintenance Home Exterior Ideas To Save Time and Money

House maintenance is a chore that a lot of homeowners dread doing regularly. And it’s common in...

Oct 14, 2021

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6 Tax Deductions You Should Know When Selling Your Home

When it comes to taxes, we often shudder at the thought of the IRS being an ominous and inescap...

Oct 12, 2021

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5 Things That Would Make Your House Unsellable and Ways to Prevent ...

As promised, here are more factors about a house that would make it hard for a buyer to make a ...

Oct 07, 2021

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Buying A House As Is: What Does It Mean? Is It A Good Idea?

Sold “As-Is”. You’ve probably wondered what it means as you browsed online property listing sit...

Oct 05, 2021

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8 Smells That Make Home Buyers Uncomfortable (And What You Need To Do)

Smell is the most powerful sense we humans have. Although not as powerful as bears, odors are t...

Sep 30, 2021

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Is It Possible For Sellers To Get Cold Feet And Back Out?

The most annoying thing homebuyers face when purchasing a property is a seller backing out of a...

Sep 28, 2021

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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Selling Your Home This Fall

Fall 2021 is here and most real estate experts say that now is the best time to sell properties...

Sep 23, 2021

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5 Things That Would Make Your House Unsellable and Ways to Prevent ...

We often buy houses to have a comfortable place to live in. and to achieve that comfort, we mak...

Sep 21, 2021

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A Guide to Seller Concessions: Definition, Pros and Cons, and More

Everyone wants to buy something at a discount. Even in real estate, we just can’t make any purc...

Sep 16, 2021

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4 Items To Hide When Staging Your Home

Staging is just not about showing what’s in and out of your home. It’s also about showing what ...

Sep 14, 2021

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Get Your Home Ready For Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters With ...

Every year, climate change gets harder and harder to ignore. We notice that because ordinary do...

Sep 09, 2021

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How to Earn Passive Income From Real Estate

Investing in real estate usually involves managing everything yourself from the advertising to ...

Sep 07, 2021

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9 Ways to Instantly Boost Curb Appeal For Less Than $100

When we talk about improving our home to attract potential buyers, we often feel stressed about...

Sep 02, 2021

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Tiny House Living: Is It Worth It? 

A lot of American households admit that they spend half to a third of their income to keep a ro...

Aug 31, 2021

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How to Improve Your Credit Score To Buy A House You Love

Before, banks determined your risk as a loaner through the three C’s system. It meant your capi...

Aug 26, 2021

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The Biggest Mistakes Many First Time Homebuyers Make (And What To D...

Homeownership is a big responsibility to fulfill and without learning from the experiences of p...

Aug 24, 2021

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8 Best Tips to Flip Houses for Maximum Profit

House flipping is a real estate investment style where an investor buys a house, rehabs it, and...

Aug 19, 2021

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The Biggest Mistakes Many First Time Homebuyers Make (And What To D...

The sad reality about being a homeowner is that you don’t have a manual for being a good one. Y...

Aug 17, 2021

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7 Living Room Improvement Ideas That Increase Your Home's Resale Value

We’ve covered various improvement and renovation ideas that increase your home’s selling value....

Aug 12, 2021

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Size Matters: What to Consider When Choosing a Property

Design, location, amenities, condition, and construction materials used. These are some of the ...

Aug 10, 2021

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8 Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Owning a home is one of the greatest joys in life. You can finally live in a place that you can...

Aug 05, 2021

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Make Your Moving Less Stressful With These 10 Tips

Real estate investors living in their investment property dislike the process of moving to the ...

Aug 03, 2021

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Home Buyers Should Avoid Making These 6 Mortgage Mistakes

Financing is the most important step of the homebuying process. After all, which real estate ag...

Jul 29, 2021

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The 7 Maintenance Skills New Homeowners Should Know

Every new homeowner will tell you that the greatest problem with buying a property is that it d...

Jul 27, 2021

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What Will Homebuyers Want Post COVID? Focus On These 7 Home Features

With every era humanity experiences, changes in household living always follow and the COVID-19...

Jul 22, 2021

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Buying A House? Never Waive These 5 Contingencies

Contingencies are conditions in a real estate contract that must be met in order for it to bind...

Jul 20, 2021

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6 Home Selling Myths You Should Stop Believing

As a real estate investor, agent, or homeowner, you will need all the advice you can get to be ...

Jul 13, 2021

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Turn Real Estate Window Shoppers Into Buyers With These 10 Tips

Every home buyer that has looked at your listing but didn’t show any buying interest is a lost ...

Jul 08, 2021

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New Construction vs Existing Property: The Pros and Cons

Whether you want to own a property for your family or a real estate investment, the first quest...

Jul 06, 2021

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Preparing Your Home for Sale? Make Sure You Do These

Before a buyer decides to purchase your property, it’s part of their task to make their money w...

Jul 01, 2021

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10 Tips for Buying a Home in a Hot Real Estate Market

A hot real estate market or a seller’s market is a real estate situation where the demand for h...

Jun 29, 2021

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What Is Rent-To-Own Housing And How Does It Work?

The rent-to-own scheme is one of the most popular strategies house buyers use to own a property...

Jun 24, 2021

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How to Succeed In a Saturated Real Estate Market

According to a blog post by HOME BUYING INSTITUTE, “A recent Reuters poll of 40 housing analyst...

Jun 22, 2021

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Sellers, Here Are Tips To Help You Prepare For A Home Inspection

Getting your home inspected before putting it on a list is a home selling process you should no...

Jun 17, 2021

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How to Stay On Top of Real Estate Market Trends

Staying updated about the latest trends of a real estate market is essential as an investor if ...

Jun 15, 2021

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The 8 Benefits of Delegating Your Tasks to a Real Estate Virtual As...

Virtual assistants make the life of a business owner easier. Sometimes they fill in your shoes ...

Jun 11, 2021

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Make It Happen: How To Sell A House Fast

There are plenty of reasons a homeowner wants to sell their home as soon as possible. They incl...

Jun 08, 2021

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Long Distance Real Estate Investing: 6 Mistakes To Avoid

Having a long-distance real estate business is one of the best dreams of investors in the indus...

Jun 03, 2021

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House Hunting Tips: Choosing a Home That Meets Your Needs

Buying a home is both a financial and lifestyle investment. Rushing to purchase a property that...

May 31, 2021

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8 Summer Home Renovation Ideas and Tips

Summer is almost here! That means there are changes to be made in homes to stay comfortable und...

May 27, 2021

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The Home Owner's Dilemma: Should You Rent or Buy In 2021?

Buying a home this year entices many homeowners and real estate investors alike. Yet, a researc...

May 25, 2021

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Upsizing to a New Home

Growing family sizes, increasing incomes, and more belongings often lead to congested homes. Co...

May 13, 2021

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How to Find Great Real Estate Deals: Tips & Tricks

Every real estate investor needs to be resourceful in finding great deals to succeed in the bus...

May 11, 2021

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10 Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Did you just make your first home purchase and need ideas for landscaping because your yard is ...

May 06, 2021

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9 Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

Paying off your mortgage early is one of the most clever strategies real estate investors shoul...

May 04, 2021

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How Do You Control Your Emotions When Selling Your Home?

Feeling sentimental about your home when thinking of selling it is perfectly normal. You’ll hav...

Apr 29, 2021

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How To Plan Ahead For A New House

Buying or building a new home is one of the best experiences of being an adult. But if done wit...

Apr 27, 2021

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9 Tasks A Real Estate VA Can Do

Feeling that you can do more as a real estate investor or agent with a helping hand? Why not hi...

Apr 22, 2021

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Should I Buy A House Or Wait? What You Should Know In 2021

Based on a statistic by The Mortgage Reports, single-family home prices in the United States ha...

Apr 20, 2021

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9 Small Space Dilemmas and How to Solve Them

As a real estate investor, sometimes it’s a wise decision to live in a small space like an apar...

Apr 15, 2021

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Real Estate Crowdfunding: A Beginner's Guide

Owning a real estate business is a high-risk, high-reward investment. This is because you need ...

Apr 13, 2021

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9 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

Average real estate agents in the United States close 12 deals a year. This is a statistic acco...

Apr 08, 2021

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Keep Your New Home Well-Maintained With This 10-Point Checklist

Owning a home is one of the best joys in life. You have a safe haven for relaxing at the end of...

Apr 06, 2021

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What Is House Hacking? (And How To Do It Properly)

You might have read about house hacking as one of the real estate investment strategies from th...

Mar 18, 2021

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Is It Time To Sell Your House? 10 Telltale Signs

A high market value isn’t the only sign that you should sell your property. You need to prepare...

Mar 16, 2021

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Buying A House During A Recession: How To Make It Work (Part 2)

I’ve discussed in a previous article how buying a property during a recession can be good for r...

Mar 11, 2021

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Follow These 10 Tips Before Listing Your House For Sale

To sell your home as soon as possible, you must make all the appeal-boosting preparations first...

Mar 09, 2021

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Buying A House During A Recession: How To Make It Work (Part 1)

According to a report by Oberlo, the United States still has a 50% probability of undergoing an...

Mar 04, 2021

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7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Safer In 2021

Raising your home’s value isn’t just done through beautification, adding smart features, or mak...

Mar 02, 2021

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How To Invest In Real Estate With Little Or No Money

Carl Berg is a real estate investor with a net worth of $26 million dollars today. Sometime aro...

Feb 23, 2021

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Green Home Renovation Ideas That Add Value to Your Home

Adding beauty and functionality to a house makes it more appealing to a home buyer. Every real ...

Feb 19, 2021

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The Top 9 Real Estate Sites to List Your Home for Sale

When selling your home, it’s good to advertise it by putting a yard sign or posting it on socia...

Feb 16, 2021

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10 Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas In 2021

Home improvement can both add value and beauty to your house. Even if you’re not looking to sel...

Feb 11, 2021

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7 Proven Ways to Get Seller Leads In Real Estate (Part 2)

I promised last week that I’d be doing a second part on generating seller leads for real estate...

Feb 09, 2021

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How to Choose a Real Estate Lawyer to Work With

Real estate lawyers are essential to every real estate transaction. They give legal advice to i...

Feb 04, 2021

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7 Proven Ways to Get Seller Leads In Real Estate

As a real estate agent, it’s not all the time that you have a client to work with. There will b...

Feb 02, 2021

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Not Ready To Invest In A Property Yet? Here Are 5 Things You Should Do

Having second thoughts before buying a property for investment is completely normal, especially...

Jan 28, 2021

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8 Real Estate Podcasts to Follow In 2021

Reading articles about real estate is good. But you should also listen to what experts and real...

Jan 26, 2021

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Avoid These 6 Pitfalls When Investing In Real Estate

Just like any form of investment, real estate also has its own unsuspected risks and difficulti...

Jan 21, 2021

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8 Ways for Landlords to Reduce Vacancy Rates In 2021

COVID-19 has caused a lot of unemployment last year. Tenants struggled to pay rent and rental v...

Jan 19, 2021

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Tips for Packing and Moving Out Fast for Homesellers

A good real estate investment isn’t just about selling your home at the right time with the rig...

Jan 14, 2021

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A Guide to Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing is popular in households that have kids moving out and going to college. Sometimes i...

Jan 12, 2021

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Buying a House In 2021? Here's What to Expect

You’re probably interested in buying a house this year. Three reasons for that is probably beca...

Jan 07, 2021

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6 Success Tips for New Real Estate Agents in 2021

A new year brings new real estate market trends. Some of these new trends are even influenced b...

Jan 05, 2021

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11 Christmas Home Decorating Ideas to Try

Still haven’t found an inspiration to decorate your home these holidays? Check out these concep...

Dec 17, 2020

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Real Estate Agent Business Plan: How to Create One (Part 2)

Good day, dear reader! As promised, here is the second entry to the 3-part series blog on how t...

Dec 16, 2020

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Real Estate Agent Business Plan: How to Create One (Part 1)

Failing to plan is planning to fail. In the real estate world, the stakes are high and errors c...

Dec 10, 2020

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How to Create a Real Estate Newsletter (Tips and Tricks)

The real estate market is rapidly evolving towards the future of digitalization. You can see th...

Dec 08, 2020

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How To Save For A Down Payment On A House: 10 Practical Tips

Down payments for a home in the United States typically cost 20% of the house’s price. If a hom...

Dec 03, 2020

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8 Real Estate Trends to Watch Out for In 2021

The year is almost ending and that’s for sure. But the pandemic doesn’t seem to disappear anyti...

Dec 01, 2020

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8 Factors That Affect the Local Real Estate Market

Real estate markets aren’t totally dictated by the stock market. It’s a totally different inves...

Nov 26, 2020

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Selling a House for the First Time? Read These Tips

Are you moving out due to a change in work assignment? Is this your first real estate investmen...

Nov 24, 2020

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8 House Inspection Tips Before Buying (PART 2)

Here at Landlord Prep, I want you to learn everything about how to be an efficient real estate ...

Nov 19, 2020

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How to Create Your Own Smart Home

With the emergence of WiFi-enabled appliances and our increasing dependence on technology, most...

Nov 17, 2020

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8 House Inspection Tips Before Buying

Problems in a property include weather damages, pests, and leaks. As a buyer, not being thoroug...

Nov 12, 2020

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Watch Out for These 8 Types of Real Estate Fraud

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, people with nefarious intentions will always set their...

Nov 10, 2020

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What You Need to Know About Property Titles

We’ve come so far here at Landlord Prep Academy that we’ve started to talk about real estate to...

Nov 05, 2020

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5 Questions Successful Real Estate Agents Ask Themselves

Learning is a never-ending process because with every question answered, another one comes up. ...

Nov 03, 2020

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9 Renovations That Boost Your Home Value

When thinking about house renovation to increase value, a smart real estate investor shouldn’t ...

Oct 29, 2020

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Why Do Home Sellers Reject Offers From Buyers?

In a previous article, we talked about how to make a good offer when buying a home. We also cov...

Oct 27, 2020

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10 Things That Real Estate Agents Should Master

Mastery is the key to efficiency and efficiency leads to success. In the world of real estate, ...

Oct 23, 2020

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8 Tips for Real Estate Agents When Working from Home

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to working at home. You can save a lot of money ...

Oct 20, 2020

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8 Tips and Tricks to Successfully Sell a Home Remotely

There are two reasons why you’re reading this article. One, you don’t want to meet with anyone ...

Oct 15, 2020

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How to Prioritize Your Home Improvement Projects

Home upgrading is an essential part of living in a house and investing in real estate. It makes...

Oct 13, 2020

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Why Should You Use A Real Estate Agent To Buy A Home?

Buying a home is hard especially if it’s your first time. You can learn a lot on the web on how...

Oct 08, 2020

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The Different Types of Real Estate Investments You Can Make

Are you interested in real estate investments but don’t know where to start? Look no more for h...

Oct 06, 2020

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9 Benefits of a Green Home

As climate change gets worse, our environment grows hotter during the non-winter season. Winter...

Oct 01, 2020

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How to Close More Real Estate Deals

This is an article on how to negotiate and how you should act while negotiating. For a smart mo...

Sep 30, 2020

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8 Savvy Ways to Save Money for a House This Year

You’ve learned so much from this blog now! The only problem is, where are you supposed to get m...

Sep 25, 2020

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5 Pros and Cons of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

For the past articles, I taught you all that you needed to know about running a real estate bus...

Sep 25, 2020

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7 Strategies To Evaluate A Local Real Estate Market Before Buying O...

Every home buyer or seller will want to save and earn a lot of money when acquiring or selling ...

Sep 17, 2020

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How To Make An Offer On A House

In a previous article here at Landlord Prep, I’ve taught you how to get over the blues of losin...

Sep 15, 2020

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How to Build a Real Estate Portfolio from Scratch

Real estate investing isn’t as simple as you think. It’s not just about buying property and res...

Sep 10, 2020

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8 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Move on from spending precious bucks to advertise your real estate services on billboards. Peop...

Sep 08, 2020

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What Is a Rent-to-Own Home? (How It Works, and Pros and Cons)

Homebuyers who have found their dream home but can’t afford a mortgage sometimes suggest or are...

Sep 03, 2020

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How to Recover from Losing Your Dream House

At some point in buying a house, you’ll come across this one property that’ll make you say, “Th...

Sep 01, 2020

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9 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Investors

Workplace efficiency is the recipe for career success. In business, that efficiency is also nee...

Aug 20, 2020

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10 Home Maintenance Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Owning a home is an exciting experience. With this excitement, you throw parties or gatherings ...

Aug 17, 2020

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What Should Home Sellers Expect At Closing?

Selling a home isn’t easy. I’m not talking about finding a buyer. What I mean is ensuring that ...

Aug 13, 2020

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Self-Managing vs Professional Property Management: Which One Should...

There are two types of styles when it comes to managing your rental property. You can do it alo...

Aug 11, 2020

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Welcome Your New Military Neighbors With These Creative Gifts

It’s no secret that within military neighborhoods, there’s always that feeling of excitement wh...

Aug 07, 2020

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6 Ways To Enjoy the Outdoors At Home

Some offices and businesses may have opened, but we all know that safety is still the top prior...

Aug 04, 2020

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4 Tips for Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

Today’s topic is on long-distance real estate investing. What is it about? It’s the practice of...

Jul 30, 2020

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Real Estate Agent Tips: How to Become a Neighborhood Expert

As a real estate agent, you become a valuable asset to a homebuyer if you know a neighborhood. ...

Jul 28, 2020

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How To Know That You’re Finally Ready To Buy A House

If you’ve been asking the question, “Should I buy a house?” Then this article is for you. You s...

Jul 24, 2020

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7 Books to Read Before Getting Started In Real Estate

Perhaps the biggest advantage of investing in real estate is passive income. Who doesn’t want a...

Jul 21, 2020

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Make the Most of Your Real Estate Investment With These 4 Tips

You might’ve faced some real estate investment problems in the past that made you feel discoura...

Jul 16, 2020

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The Pros and Cons of Investing in Real Estate During and After the ...

Are you still wondering whether you should invest in real estate today? Well, real estate remai...

Jul 14, 2020

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4 Questions Answered About Hosting Open Houses During the Pandemic

Some areas in the United States are slowly opening up businesses to bring the economy back. The...

Jul 10, 2020

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5 Real Estate Video Ideas That Work

During these times, it’s hard to appeal to home buyers due to social distancing guidelines. Hou...

Jul 07, 2020

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How to Practice Social Distancing When Buying or Selling a Home

In some places, the housing market has dropped its price. There are also locations where the de...

Jul 02, 2020

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7 Questions to Ask a Home Seller Before Buying

Buying a house isn’t like buying an iPhone at the iStore. Sure, you can ask questions about the...

Jun 30, 2020

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8 Real Estate Investment Strategies You Should Know

What sets real estate businesses apart from others are their predictable cash flow and protecti...

Jun 25, 2020

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7 Real Estate Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Are you selling your home because you want to move away? Or are you here because you’ve found a...

Jun 23, 2020

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The Benefits of Daylighting and How to Use It in Your Existing Home...

Have you looked at your electricity bill before and just stared blankly with a headache? If you...

Jun 18, 2020

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Decorating the Rental: When You Should Allow Your Tenant to Get Cre...

As landlords, we want to please our tenants and encourage them to stay to avoid vacancies. One ...

Jun 16, 2020

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How to Find Tenants Online: 5 Ideas for Landlords

Only a few people buy the newspaper to look for rental vacancies nowadays and most renters are ...

Jun 11, 2020

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What DIY Landlords Must Know About Lead Paint

One morning, you hear a ding-dong from the front door. It’s the mailman, with a letter of a cou...

Jun 09, 2020

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A Landlord's Guide to Collecting Rent Online

In a report made by Money Magazine, millennials pay 61% while seniors pay 42% of their bills on...

Jun 04, 2020

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Co-Owning Property with Family or Friends: How to Avoid Common Pitf...

Co-ownership of a property is one great way to cut mortgage costs. If set-up properly with the ...

Jun 02, 2020

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10 Strategies to Keep Pests At Bay During a Pandemic

Human activity outdoors around the world has ceased drastically and sanitation is now a top pri...

May 28, 2020

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Living in an Apartment Complex During the Pandemic: Safety Tips for...

Did you know that as an apartment complex dweller you’re exposed to a greater risk of COVID-19 ...

May 26, 2020

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9 Helpful Tips for Airbnb Hosts During COVID-19

Has the pandemic affected your hosting business? I’m going to tell you that there are other hos...

May 15, 2020

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How to Optimize Your Small Apartment Space for Self-Quarantine

You’re probably missing the recreational facilities the outside world has to offer. I know you ...

May 12, 2020

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How to Screen Tenants at a Distance

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to alter our daily lives, avoiding other people becomes t...

May 07, 2020

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Should You Invest In Commercial Or Residential Real Estate?

Commercial and residential real estates are two similar property investments. They both generat...

May 05, 2020

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How to Grow a Container Garden at Your Rental Home

Living in a rental home can sometimes cause one to feel disconnected with nature’s beauty and e...

Apr 30, 2020

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Home Warranty 101: What You Need to Know

You’ve probably heard about home warranties as you’re offered one when inquiring about buying a...

Apr 28, 2020

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COVID-19: What To Do If You Can't Pay Rent Because You've Lost Your...

According to the Labor Department, 6.6 million Americans applied for jobless benefits last week...

Apr 23, 2020

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The Best Online Tools for DIY Landlords to Simplify Their Lives

Sometimes, a landlord’s responsibilities can feel daunting and time-consuming. But there is the...

Apr 21, 2020

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10 Ways to Show Concern for Your Tenants During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has struck us all, and it has struck hard. For landlords and business owners, our ...

Apr 16, 2020

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COVID-19 and Social Distancing: What Landlords Should Know

Until this day, there is still no way to stop the pandemic once and for all. There is no vaccin...

Apr 14, 2020

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Looking for a Home? Here's How to Do an Apartment Search During the...

COVID-19 has disrupted our normal way of living. Some nations are on an entire lockdown and som...

Apr 09, 2020

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Key Strategies for Managing Landlord Stress

Life as a landlord can be challenging at times. You have to deal with a problem tenant, propert...

Apr 07, 2020

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The Best Apartment Dogs to Consider

There may be a lot of dog breeds in the world, but only few would suit an apartment setting. De...

Apr 02, 2020

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8 Common Questions Asked By Tenants

A potential tenant can ask a lot of questions to make negotiations about their stay in your pro...

Mar 31, 2020

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How to Get Your Tenants to Clean Regularly (7 Tips)

A tenant with an attitude of cleanliness is a very good investment for a landlord. Tenants like...

Mar 26, 2020

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9 Ideas to Steal for Decorating Your Apartment

Our homes reflect the kind of people we are. That drive of impressing our visitors with our uni...

Mar 24, 2020

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Maine Landlord Says He Won't Collect Rent Amid COVID-19 Outbreak, C...

The suspension of work and shutting down of businesses by the government to decelerate the COVI...

Mar 19, 2020

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Petition to Freeze Rent and Mortgage Payments Due to Coronavirus Ou...

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has imposed the restriction of community gatherings in Columbus such ...

Mar 19, 2020

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How to Clean Your Apartment to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries and their governments have now imposed lo...

Mar 17, 2020

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Top 10 Ways to Show Tenant Appreciation

Nothing fosters a good landlord-tenant relationship better than showing your tenants that you a...

Mar 12, 2020

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What Are Landlords Responsible For?

The term landlord is as noble as it sounds and the responsibility carried by that title is heav...

Mar 10, 2020

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10 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Comfortably Cool This Summer

Summer is here and that brings one thing: Heat. You may have an A/C unit but that can also mean...

Mar 05, 2020

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How to Spot and Avoid a Nightmare Tenant

All a landlord ever wants is a tenant that pays on time, takes care of the rented property, or ...

Mar 03, 2020

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How to Keep Your Small Apartment Organized (10 Clever Hacks)

Living on your own can mean a lot of freedom, like the freedom to own many things. But what if ...

Feb 27, 2020

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8 Best Apartment Hacks For Dog-Friendly Living

Our pets are part of our lives. The mutual love and companionship we share with them change us ...

Feb 25, 2020

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What Are the Top Features of a Profitable Rental Property?

Customers always come first. For those tenants who are willing to pay any price, they will alwa...

Feb 20, 2020

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10 Best Indoor Plants for Apartment Dwellers

Growing plants indoors started during ancient civilizations. It was practiced by Egyptian, Indi...

Feb 18, 2020

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6 Ways to Show Your Tenants Some Love

Just because Valentine's Day is over, doesn't mean you won't show to those whom you care for......

Feb 16, 2020

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How to Make Your Rental Family-Friendly

Are you thinking of renting to families? Families make ideal tenants because they're likely to ...

Feb 13, 2020

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How Do You Make It Work as a Live-In Landlord?

A lot of people want to start a rental property business. But because of rising expenses, some ...

Feb 06, 2020

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Managing Your First Rental Property? Here's How to Guarantee Success

Getting into the rental property business is an exciting venture. Maybe you've been dreaming to...

Feb 04, 2020

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What Should You Do If You Have Demanding Renters?

There are those renters who frustrate landlords because they make excessive demands. I remember...

Jan 30, 2020

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Seven Ways Landlords Can Save Time

Are you struggling to manage your responsibilities as a landlord? When it comes to running your...

Jan 28, 2020

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6 Things to Keep in Mind When Handling Tenant Conflicts

Two people living under the same roof can be unpredictable at times. We’re talking about confli...

Jan 23, 2020

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What Makes a Good Lease Agreement?

A lease agreement is a legal contract between a landlord and a tenant. It highlights their obli...

Jan 21, 2020

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Apartment Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes, cleaning your apartment can be intimidating. Getting rid of dirt and mess is a never...

Jan 14, 2020

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The 6 Common Problems That Landlords Face (And How to Deal With Them)

From damages to late rental payments, there's a long list of problems that landlords face. The ...

Jan 09, 2020

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7 Airbnb Hosting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Have you thought of becoming a host on Airbnb? Because it’s a wonderful opportunity to earn cas...

Jan 07, 2020

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How to Attract Gen Z Renters to Your Apartment

As of today, millennials dominate the rental market. But landlords need to prepare themselves b...

Jan 02, 2020

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Important Trends That May Affect Landlords in 2020

As a landlord who's about to enter 2020, there are some things you should know that could impac...

Dec 31, 2019

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Conquer 2020: New Year’s Resolutions for Landlords

Landlord, are you ready to conquer 2020? The New Year is about to come and with that, it’s impo...

Dec 26, 2019

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7 Ways to Keep Your Tenants Safe This Holiday Season

Christmas Eve is fast approaching. Most likely, you’re done decorating your home - and so are y...

Dec 12, 2019

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How Do You Manage Multiple Rental Properties At Once?

Managing one rental property is doable. Any landlord can do it. But multiple rental properties?...

Dec 10, 2019

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Simple Decorating Ideas for Small Rental Spaces

There are many benefits of living in a small apartment. Not only is the rent cheaper, but a sma...

Dec 05, 2019

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8 Work-Life Balance Tips for Landlords

Becoming a do-it-yourself landlord is a brilliant way to earn passive income and retire early. ...

Dec 03, 2019

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What's the Best Type of Flooring for Your Rental Property? (6 Optio...

Rental properties undergo more wear and tear than your own home. That’s because tenants come an...

Nov 28, 2019

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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Screening Tenants

Can you imagine the consequences of renting out your home to the wrong tenants? Experienced lan...

Nov 26, 2019

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How Do You Avoid Losing Good Tenants in Your Rental Property?

It is every landlord's goal to keep his rental property filled so that money continuously flows...

Nov 21, 2019

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Noisy Tenants and How Landlords Can Handle Noise Complaints from Ne...

If your rental property is situated in the middle of nowhere, you have nothing to worry about w...

Nov 19, 2019

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Should You Rent to Section 8 Tenants? (Benefits and Challenges)

Whether you have one or more rental properties, surely, you'll be asking the question: Should I...

Nov 14, 2019

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7 Issues to Address Before and When a Tenant Moves In

Do you know what to do before a tenant moves in? Prior to welcoming tenants into your rental, y...

Nov 12, 2019

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What to Do If a Tenant Stops Paying Rent: Tips for Landlords

A landlord could feel very peaceful running his rental property business... until a couple of t...

Nov 07, 2019

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Should You Stage Your Rental Property?

As people struggle with housing affordability, the rental market has become more competitive th...

Nov 05, 2019

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4 Property Management Tips for New Landlords

Are you a new landlord? If so, congratulations. You must be super excited to run your rental pr...

Oct 31, 2019

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Landlords Beware: How to Avoid Today's Top Tenant Scams

Like any business, landlording comes with risks. One of these risks is accepting a tenant who p...

Oct 29, 2019

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The Best Places to Find Tenants for Your Rental

Finding the right tenants for a rental property is one of the many tasks that landlords should ...

Oct 24, 2019

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8 Tips for Buying Your First Rental Property

Buying a rental property for the first time? It may cause a lot of stress for most aspiring lan...

Oct 22, 2019

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Helpful Tips for Landlords When Renting to Roommates

A big advantage of renting to roommates is that you're able to cater to more people who need a ...

Oct 17, 2019

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Want to Earn Extra by Listing Your Home on Airbnb? Here's What You ...

Are you thinking of putting your house on Airbnb? Airbnb hosting is a great opportunity for a h...

Oct 15, 2019

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The Secrets to Happy Long-Term Tenants

As landlords, we often think about how to run a smooth-sailing business. But do we consider the...

Oct 10, 2019

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Furnished vs Unfurnished Rental Property: What's Best for You?

If you're thinking of becoming a landlord, you might be wondering if you should offer tenants a...

Oct 08, 2019

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How Can Your Tenants Help With Property Maintenance?

As the landlord, you’re legally bound to take care of property maintenance, most especially bef...

Oct 03, 2019

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5 Effective Ways to Resolve Tenant Complaints Peacefully

In your role as a landlord, you will come across both good and bad tenants. Of course, lesser p...

Oct 01, 2019

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The Top 9 Features of a Profitable Rental Property

Planning to start a rental property business?  For starters, you might want to do your search....

Sep 26, 2019

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Planning to Turn Your Place into an Airbnb Rental? Follow This Step...

One of the side hustles that you can do is renting out your space. It’s a great way to earn mon...

Sep 24, 2019

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Rent Control and Just Causes for Eviction

California was in the spotlight recently as news on the approval of Rent Cap Bill or Assembly B...

Sep 19, 2019

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California's Rent Control Law: What You Should Know

In a momentous event last Wednesday, California became the second to approve a statewide rent c...

Sep 17, 2019

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How to Finance a Rental Property

A British Philosopher named John Stuart Mill once said, “Landlords grow rich in their sleep”. ...

Sep 12, 2019

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What Makes a Rental Property Habitable?

Whether we rent or own, we all deserve a safe and clean space to live or work in because this h...

Sep 10, 2019

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6 Effective Ways to Deal With Problem Tenants

Do you have tenants who are constantly disrupting neighbors? Or are they causing a commotion an...

Sep 05, 2019

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8 Fall Maintenance Tips for Landlords

We all know what comes after autumn. With winter just around the corner, it’s best to start any...

Sep 03, 2019

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Top 7 Amenities That Tenants Look for in a Rental Property

You probably already know this: Whenever renters look around for a place to call home, they kee...

Aug 29, 2019

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How Do You Handle An Abandoned Pet In Your Rental Property?

You might feel bad hearing this, but yes, there are some tenants who leave their dear pets behi...

Aug 27, 2019

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Basic Rules That Should Be Included In Every Lease Agreement

A lease agreement, also called a rental agreement, is a legal contract that sets down the rules...

Aug 22, 2019

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Must-Learn Communication Tips for Landlords

It doesn't matter if you're a new landlord or have been running a rental business for years. Co...

Aug 20, 2019

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5 Things Landlords Are Not Supposed To Do During An Eviction

Landlords who do not study state and federal laws concerning the proper eviction process may fi...

Aug 15, 2019

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Need Suggestions for Finding and Removing Pet Urine in Your Rental?

Advertising your apartment as pet-friendly can open up your doors to 82% of tenants who have tr...

Aug 13, 2019

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9 Ways to Save Money as a Landlord

Are you spending more than you are earning on your rentals? If your asset has become a liabilit...

Aug 08, 2019

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Tips on Removing Sticky Tape Residue from the Surfaces of Your Rent...

It can be frustrating to bid farewell to your tenants not knowing that they left the rental pro...

Aug 06, 2019

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How to Verify a Prospective Tenant's Proof of Income

Tenants who pay rent late or refuse to pay at all is such a dilemma all too common among landlo...

Aug 01, 2019

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The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Landlords

Do you want to set yourself up for success as a landlord? Highly effective landlords don’t just...

Jul 30, 2019

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How Landlords Can Handle a Burglary at Their Rental Property

When theft happens at your rental property, two things can happen: you and your tenant call 911...

Jul 25, 2019

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5 Awesome Tips to Simplify Your Life as a Landlord

Being a landlord is not an easy job, especially if you are the do-it-yourself kind of landlord....

Jul 23, 2019

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8 Legal Reasons a Landlord Can Enter an Apartment

As a newbie landlord, you want to build a good relationship with your tenants. But you also wan...

Jul 18, 2019

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Common Eviction Mistakes Landlords Should Avoid

The process of evicting a tenant can be stressful. Landlords can get emotional, and because of ...

Jul 16, 2019

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7 Things That Every Landlord Wishes Tenants Knew

In the eyes of tenants, their landlord's job is to collect rent payments and be at their beck a...

Jul 11, 2019

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Tenant Orientation: A Handy Checklist for Landlords

Turnovers can be stressful. You see to current tenants who move-out and conduct a new tenant or...

Jul 09, 2019

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7 Things Productive Landlords Do Differently

John is the typical landlord who lives in the same building as his tenants. His office is a cor...

Jul 04, 2019

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A Landlord's Guide to Enforcing a No-Smoking Policy

Smoking tenants cost landlords money. Repair and restoration costs add up when the occupant was...

Jul 02, 2019

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Steps To Turn Your House Into A Rental Property

If you’re looking to earn money by becoming a landlord, you might as well consider converting y...

Jun 27, 2019

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Tenants Themselves Reveal These Potential Tenant Scams

It’s funny how tenants complain about landlords when they openly share their ideas on the inter...

Jun 25, 2019

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What Landlords Should Know About Renting out a House with a Pool

Pools in hot climates are an attractive feature that helps landlords earn more rent money. Many...

Jun 20, 2019

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Things You Should Do Before Renting out Your Property

Renting out a property entails a lot of commitment. Sure, becoming a landlord is a profitable v...

Jun 18, 2019

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Maintenance Tasks Tenants Are Responsible For

Even if you're the landlord, it doesn't mean that you're the only one with responsibilities whe...

Jun 13, 2019

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Does Your Landlording Business Spark Joy?

Marie Kondo's book, Spark Joy, helps us to realize the importance of being organized and cleari...

Jun 11, 2019

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The Top Ways Landlords Can Minimize Risks and Liabilities

Owning a rental property has many benefits. It's an opportunity to earn passive income, and you...

Jun 06, 2019

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Should You Avoid Renting to Close Friends?

Renting to close friends might sound like a good plan to get tenants fast, but later on, you wi...

Jun 04, 2019

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Spring Cleaning for Landlords: Must-Do Tasks This Spring

Landlords are responsible for making sure that every aspect of their rental property business i...

May 31, 2019

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A Summer Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

Summer is just around the corner, and now's the perfect time to get your rental property ready....

May 28, 2019

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How to Choose Flooring for Your Rental Property

Replacing old flooring or installing a new one in your rental property is a major expense. Beca...

May 23, 2019

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Flipping Houses vs Renting out a Property: Which Is Better?

Flipping houses and renting out a property are two strategies in real estate that are often dis...

May 21, 2019

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Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Appealing to Business Travelers

Marketing your vacation rental to business travelers is a smart strategy to generate positive c...

May 16, 2019

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Here's How You Can Become A Great Airbnb Host

So you're thinking of renting out your property on Airbnb. That's a great idea, because not onl...

May 14, 2019

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How to Make a Great First Impression for Your Rental Property

When showing the rental property to a potential renter, you only have one opportunity to make a...

May 09, 2019

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Bed Bugs in Your Rental: What Should You Do?

Bed bug problems are common in certain cities. Examples are Cleveland OH, Los Angeles CA, and C...

May 02, 2019

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Smart Ways to Increase Your Rental Income Without Raising Rent

If there was an opportunity to boost your income as a landlord, you'd take it, right? When it c...

Apr 30, 2019

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Do Landlords Need To Set-Up An LLC For Their Rental Property?

A business requires a lot of work to maintain. There are paperwork and taxes to be dealt with r...

Apr 25, 2019

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Top Reasons Not to Return a Tenant's Security Deposit

The security deposit. It’s a hot topic for both landlords and tenants. As a landlord, you’re go...

Apr 23, 2019

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5 Legal Reasons to Evict a Tenant

While you may not always like the people renting your apartment, evictions should be legal. It'...

Apr 18, 2019

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How Do You Handle Dirty Tenants?

At some point in your landlording journey, you will come across tenants who often leave the ren...

Apr 16, 2019

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Stay Away From These Tenant Screening Questions

It’s a landlord's responsibility to screen people to avoid having risky tenants. Asking questio...

Apr 11, 2019

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Wearing Many Hats: Landlord Responsibilities You Should Know

Being a landlord allows you to build wealth by doing something that you've always dreamed of --...

Apr 09, 2019

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Keep These Pieces Of Information During Tenant Screening

The process of screening potential tenants can get overwhelming. As a landlord who desires to o...

Apr 04, 2019

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5 Ways to Improve Your Reputation as a Landlord

If you plan on becoming a do-it-yourself landlord, one of the things you should do to help your...

Apr 02, 2019

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How to Write an Eviction Notice to a Tenant

What is an eviction notice and what should landlords know about it? An eviction notice is a wri...

Mar 28, 2019

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Verify Tenant References and Get Accurate Information with These Tips

When you screen tenants, one of the things you do is to make sure that their references are leg...

Mar 26, 2019

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Thinking of Becoming a Landlord? Here's Why You Shouldn't Be One

Owning a rental property as a business is a good investment. There are some perks of running a ...

Mar 21, 2019

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How to Train Tenants to Treat Your Property Like Its Theirs

When you welcome a tenant into your rental property, are you confident that he/she will take go...

Mar 19, 2019

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Keep Your Rental Property Safe From Theft With These Simple Tips

You’re right to think that every property is vulnerable to theft. It's better to be safe than s...

Mar 14, 2019

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How to Help Avoid an Airbnb or VRBO Nightmare (Tips for Renters)

So you’re super excited to go on a trip. Instead of booking a hotel, you’ve decided to try a va...

Mar 12, 2019

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Top Ideas for Your Tenant Newsletters

In a previous blog post, I talked about how writing a tenant newsletter can benefit your busine...

Mar 07, 2019

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How To Deal With Mold In Your Rental Property

Meet Lambert, a DIY landlord who had a mold problem in his rental a year ago. Yes, he knew abou...

Mar 05, 2019

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Renovation Tips for First-Time and DIY Landlords

Whether you’ve just bought your first rental property or have been running it as a do-it-yourse...

Feb 28, 2019

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7 Ways to Avoid High-Risk Tenants

Rita just started her apartment business right after the building was constructed. She advertis...

Feb 26, 2019

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Typical Reasons Why Landlords Fail

Landlords, especially new landlords, make mistakes that cost them money. While mistakes are ine...

Feb 21, 2019

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What You Should Know About Premise Liability

Premises liability is a legal concept where an injury occurred on someone’s property because of...

Feb 19, 2019

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How To Handle Noise Complaints In Your Rental

If there is one thing that tenants often complain about, that is noise. Barking dogs, loud musi...

Feb 14, 2019

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10 Useful Tips for Attracting and Keeping Tenants

Anyone who has functioned as a landlord for years would agree that keeping tenants is as import...

Feb 12, 2019

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7 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Rental Kitchen (And Ways to Do It)

Do you know why the kitchen is the most important of your rental home? It’s where your tenants ...

Feb 07, 2019

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What Landlords Should Know About Effective Rental Applications

Having a solid rental application is one powerful way to protect yourself as a landlord. It wil...

Feb 05, 2019

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8 Ways on How to Get Tenants to Pay Rent on Time

Landlords are unique and so are tenants. While there are tenants that pay on time, there are al...

Jan 31, 2019

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How Landlords Risk Income Loss (And Ways to Avoid It)

Small business landlords and first-time landlords are at risk of losing money. While landlordin...

Jan 29, 2019

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Getting Started in DIY Landlording? Here's What You Should Know

Starting a rental property business sounds exciting. A lot of people who want to be landlords a...

Jan 24, 2019

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Landlord Sued After Refusing to Rent to Ex-Con

While landlords can choose whom to rent to as long as conditions are reasonable, they should be...

Jan 22, 2019

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Landlord Stress and How to Manage It Effectively

Landlords face a number of situations that stress them out. If you’re going to be a landlord or...

Jan 17, 2019

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Landlord Tips That Could Help You Save More Time

Time is life’s most precious commodity. The same applies to landlording. When you own and manag...

Jan 10, 2019

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Top Landlord Tips to Know in 2019 and Beyond

Now is the best time to think about new strategies to implement and existing ones to improve. W...

Jan 08, 2019

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Are You Ready to Be a Landlord This Year? Answer These Questions First

If you’re reading this blog post right now, I have a question for you… Are you ready to enter t...

Jan 02, 2019

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Top Reasons Why Your Rental Is Still Vacant

An empty rental is one thing that all landlords want to avoid. You may already be owning one an...

Jan 01, 2019

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What Can a Landlord Deduct from a Security Deposit?

When a tenant is about to move into your rental property, he will be paying you a security depo...

Dec 13, 2018

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Landlord Tips and Tricks: How to Make Your Life Easier

Landlords want nothing more than to simplify their lives. Like any other business, renting out ...

Dec 11, 2018

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Essential Questions to Ask in a Rental Application

After you tour a prospective tenant around the rental, you’re now ready to give the person the ...

Dec 06, 2018

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9 Creative Rental Marketing Tips for Landlords

If you happen to be a DIY landlord, most likely you do everything by yourself. This means that ...

Dec 04, 2018

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How to Choose a Great Rental Property: A Landlord’s Guide

How do I select my rental property? This is a question that most first-time landlords ask. True...

Nov 29, 2018

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The Art of Saying No to Tenant Requests: Tips for the New Landlord

Saying no is a difficult thing to do when you’re running a rental property business for the fir...

Nov 27, 2018

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8 Easy Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property

How do you make your rental apartment more desirable for potential tenants? Increasing your cur...

Nov 22, 2018

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How to Prepare Your Rental Unit for a New Tenant: 7 Turnover Tips

You’re done screening prospective tenants. Now it’s time to welcome them into their new home --...

Nov 20, 2018

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Five Things That Landlords Must Never Do

It’s not just tenants who break the rules; landlords can be “nightmare landlords” too. Why do t...

Nov 15, 2018

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9 Ways to Maximize Revenue from Your Rental Property

Are you making the most out of your real estate investment? While being a landlord is an awesom...

Nov 13, 2018

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7 Maintenance Tips to Winter-Proof Your Rental Property

Winter can be hard on houses. And when you’re running a rental property business, you need to p...

Nov 08, 2018

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How to Prevent Tenants from Damaging Your Rental Property

Property damage. Landlords despise these two words. After years of working so hard to put up a ...

Nov 06, 2018

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Landlords Beware: 8 Ways a Tenant Can Scam You

Tenant scams are everywhere, and they happen most often to landlords who do not follow a strict...

Oct 30, 2018

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The Disadvantages of Landscaping for Your Rental (And What You Can ...

Many landlords think about landscaping around their rental property because of the advantages i...

Oct 25, 2018

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Apartments Need More Charging Stations for EVs

Electronic vehicles are being considered beneficial by policymakers as these vehicles help redu...

Oct 23, 2018

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California Proposition 10: Your Questions Answered

Come November, Californians will be making a huge decision: to vote YES or NO on Proposition 10...

Oct 16, 2018

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How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid?

Whether you’re planning to buy a home (to start a rental property business) or sell a home, you...

Oct 11, 2018

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Nightmare Tenant Got Evicted and Is Currently Looking for a New Rental

Encountered a nightmare tenant? Nightmare tenants are just around the corner and a landlord has...

Oct 09, 2018

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So a Tenant Disappeared... What Should You Do?

Late rent payments and forced evictions are problems that many landlords face. But when a landl...

Oct 04, 2018

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Ways Landlords Become Vulnerable to Rent Theft and How to Deal with It

Running a rental property business makes you prone to theft. Tenants and people you hire to hel...

Oct 02, 2018

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What Landlords Should Know About Minimizing Loss After Natural Disa...

Most areas in the United States are no stranger to natural calamities such as hurricanes, wildf...

Sep 27, 2018

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Landlord Tips for Managing First-Time Renters and Students

Even if you’ve been managing a rental property for years, you’ll feel some pressure when it com...

Sep 25, 2018

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Great Marketing Ideas Every Landlord Should Consider

Whether you are new to the landlording business or have been managing rentals for years, your g...

Sep 20, 2018

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When Renting Makes More Sense Than Buying

Owning a house is considered to be one of the best decisions in life, but that doesn’t mean tha...

Sep 18, 2018

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Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill so Tenants Have More Days to Fight Evic...

On September 7, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that would allow tenants to have more time to re...

Sep 13, 2018

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How to Raise the Rent Without Losing Your Renters

“Tenant, there’s something important I want to say. I’m increasing the rent and its effective n...

Sep 11, 2018

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The Dilemma of Converting Apartment Rentals into Short Term Units

A landlord must keep his property occupied and while tenants don’t usually come and go, allowin...

Sep 06, 2018

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Buyers Beware: Home Sellers May Be Spying on You

If you are planning to buy a home, you should know that there’s a possibility that you’re being...

Sep 04, 2018

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Stories to Help You Understand the Importance of Tenant Screening

A landlord from Tulsa OK had a problem on recovering his property after a tenant of his broke t...

Aug 30, 2018

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The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid as a Landlord

Owning property is big work and running it for profit is a larger responsibility. While not all...

Aug 28, 2018

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Should You Use Social Media for Screening Tenants?

Pretty much everywhere, social media is the norm. Even landlords use social media for many purp...

Aug 23, 2018

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Landlords, Watch out for These Potential Tenant Scams

Being in the landlording business definitely comes with risks, and one of these is you falling ...

Aug 21, 2018

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Tips for Tenants: How to Baby Proof Your Apartment

If you’re moving in with your baby, you need to pay more attention to safety. While living in a...

Aug 16, 2018

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10 Websites to List Your Rental Property

Whether you’re a new or experienced landlord, most likely you know that nowadays, technology is...

Aug 14, 2018

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How to Protect Tenants’ Personal Information

Part of the tenant screening process is collecting personal information. Most landlords don’t r...

Aug 09, 2018

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Top Time Management Tips for Landlords

As your landlording business grows, one of the things you’ll need help with is time management....

Aug 07, 2018

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Messy Tenants and How to Deal with Them

Late payments, excessive noise, risky behaviors… what other challenges do landlords face? Dirty...

Jul 26, 2018

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7 Tips to Reduce the Risks of Landlording

Landlording comes with a ton of risks, as with any business. To make the most out of your landl...

Jul 23, 2018

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Renting to Tenants with Pets: Tips to Follow

“Should I allow tenants with pets?” Nowadays, more and more landlords ask themselves this quest...

Jul 19, 2018

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6 Traits That Make a Good Tenant

You can invest in various strategies to increase the success of your rental business. But one t...

Jul 17, 2018

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Reasons to Have a Tenant Newsletter and Tips When Writing One

Tenant news...what? A tenant newsletter. In this day and age where communication has become ext...

Jul 12, 2018

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Is Your Rental Family-Friendly? 5 Tips That Help

Looking to attract good families to your rental? A lot of landlords assume that they should mak...

Jul 10, 2018

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Inherited Tenants and How to Deal With Them

Just bought your first rental property? Congratulations! If the property comes with existing te...

Jul 05, 2018

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Should You Rent to College Students? The Benefits and Potential Risks

So you’re playing with the idea of renting your property to college students. Is it a good idea...

Jul 02, 2018

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A Guide to Understanding What Millennial Renters Want

Are you a millennial landlord? If you answer yes, most likely you know what potential millennia...

Jun 21, 2018

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What Landlords Should Know About Tenant Onboarding

The tenant onboarding process starts from the application and ends by the time the tenant moves...

Jun 19, 2018

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How to Take Better Photos for Your Rental Listing to Stand Out

If you are planning to rent out a property, the one thing you’d care about the most is getting ...

Jun 14, 2018

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A Guide to Move Out Inspections With Tenants

When a tenant moves out, a first-time landlord wonders what his responsibilities will be. This ...

Jun 12, 2018

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How to Be a Good Landlord and Have Happier Tenants

When people enter landlording for the first time, most often they assume that all they should d...

Jun 07, 2018

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7 Ways for Landlords to Decrease Rental Vacancy Rates

It’s a normal thing for landlords to experience vacancies. After all, tenants have the right to...

May 31, 2018

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Renting to Roommates: 6 Helpful Tips for Landlords

Today, we’re going to focus on the topic of renting to roommate tenants. The reason is that thi...

May 29, 2018

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Should You Become a Landlord? 5 Reasons It's Worth It

Yesterday, I came across an interesting post about the reasons why one must never become a land...

May 24, 2018

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Tips for Carrying Out a Rental Property Inspection

Rental property inspections are more than necessary for landlords. When done on a consistent ba...

May 22, 2018

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How to Manage Your Rental from Around the Globe

You might not believe this to be true, but yes, being a remote landlord is possible. A remote l...

May 17, 2018

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How to Find a Reliable Contractor for Your Rental Property

Last year, I wrote a blog post about hiring a maintenance worker you can entrust your rental re...

May 15, 2018

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Renter’s Insurance: How It Benefits Landlords

No matter how we try to convey the importance of something to our tenants, they may not treat i...

May 10, 2018

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7 Affordable Upgrades That Add Value to Your Rental

Sometimes landlords approach me and say that they wished they didn’t run a rental property busi...

May 08, 2018

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Why Should You Collect Rent Online? 5 Reasons to Do It

Manual rent collection has presented a ton of problems to landlords who want to get paid on tim...

May 03, 2018

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Get Paid On Time: Rent Collection Tips for New Landlords

It’s not uncommon for first-time landlords to make mistakes. One of the most important lessons ...

May 01, 2018

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Renting Out Your Spare Room? Here's a Guide That Helps

No need to lose hope if you want to become a landlord but don’t have a rental property - you ca...

Apr 26, 2018

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Eco-Friendly Rentals: How to Make Your Property Greener

If you’re thinking about making improvements in your rental property business, consider going g...

Apr 24, 2018

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5 Must-Know Spring Maintenance Tips for Landlords

Winter months have ended and it’s the perfect time for landlords to do some spring maintenance ...

Apr 19, 2018

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Does Landlording Cause You Stress? 6 Ways to Handle It

Whether you own one rental property or more, it’s not easy to be a landlord. Stress is real and...

Apr 17, 2018

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Communication: The Key to a Healthy Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Landlords and tenants want one thing: To have a good relationship that lasts. Maintaining a pos...

Apr 12, 2018

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Common Mistakes That First-Time Landlords Make

Practice makes perfect, so the saying goes. As someone who manages a property to rent out to te...

Apr 10, 2018

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7 Ways to Hold an Open House to Attract the Right Tenants

There’s nothing more confusing to people looking for places to rent than seeing a plain arrow s...

Apr 05, 2018

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Essential SEO Tips for Your Rental Business

Have you built an online presence? Do you have a website that tenants can visit and check for a...

Apr 03, 2018

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How to Prepare Your Property for Rent

If you’ve chosen the path of do-it-yourself landlording, I congratulate you. Surely, you have s...

Mar 29, 2018

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Top 5 Things Landlords Wish Their Tenants Knew

Tenants need a home to live in, that’s why they need landlords. Landlords should make sure they...

Mar 27, 2018

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Why Do People Choose to Rent Than Buy a Home? Here Are 7 Facts

Time and again, you hear people say that renting a home is a waste of money. You know that bein...

Mar 22, 2018

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Best Ways Landlords Can Save More Money

Running a rental property business can be tricky at times. If you’re not paying attention to yo...

Mar 15, 2018

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Landlord Disclosures: Things You Should Tell Your Tenant

As a responsible landlord who adheres to federal, local, and state laws, there are things that ...

Mar 12, 2018

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Top Tips for a Successful Tenant Screening Process

We are no stranger to stories of tenants who fail to pay their rent and damage your rental in o...

Mar 08, 2018

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Do You Know Your Rental Rights? Here are 7 Things to Know as a Tenant

Most people who are renting have no idea that they have rights as tenants. These rights help an...

Mar 05, 2018

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Calif. renters will gain new legal protections & a doubled state ta...

Calif. renters will gain new legal protections & a doubled state tax credit; if lawmakers pass a ...

Mar 03, 2018

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Looking to Give Your Rental an Uplift? Here are 6 Renovation Trends...

Finding the perfect rental place is a process wherein you have to check if it fits your budget,...

Feb 22, 2018

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How Technology Benefits the Lives of Landlords

Are you looking for ways to boost your landlording business? If you’ve been in the industry for...

Feb 21, 2018

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ALERT! New mandatory California bedbug disclosure law affects every...

ALERT! Landlords beware! Every California landlord needs to know about the new law affecting e...

Sep 17, 2017

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Evictions: When a Tenant Refuses to Leave

Evictions are the worst part of landlording. No landlord would want to experience evicting tena...

Apr 19, 2017

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What to Do When Tenants Leave Their Belongings Behind

There will be times when you find yourself dealing with a tenant's abandoned personal belonging...

Apr 19, 2017

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10 Success Tips for Landlords

Landlords know that running a rental property comes with several challenges. For a landlord to ...

Apr 17, 2017

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Landlord Tip: Here's a powerful lease clause that will help state t...

Lease Clause: Identity of Tenants One of the most important items of a lease agreement should ...

Apr 05, 2017

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Changing the Lease

Landlords often want to propose changes to the lease agreement. If you as a landlord would want...

Apr 05, 2017

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Roommate Conflict Scenarios

Sometimes, prospective tenants may come to you and tell you that they are going to be roommates...

Apr 03, 2017

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Landlord's Entry or Access to Rental Property

Today, we are going to talk about your access rights to your rental unit. As a landlord, you mi...

Apr 03, 2017

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Landlord Tip: Here's a powerful lease clause that will help you hol...

Lease Clause: Joint And Several Liability An important lease clause that you should not miss i...

Mar 30, 2017

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Finding and Hiring an Attorney for Your Rental Unit

Many landlords can handle tenant issues by themselves without legal help. However, you may come...

Mar 29, 2017

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Finding and Hiring a Property Manager for Your Rental Unit

At some point, you may decide that you no longer want to be a do-it-yourself landlord and you w...

Mar 28, 2017

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Finding and Hiring Maintenance Workers for Your Rental Unit

Unless you have a background in construction and repair work, you can't handle all maintenance ...

Mar 27, 2017

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How Can Landlords Deal With Tenant Maintenance and Repairs?

Maintenance and repair issues can happen anytime in a renter's tenancy period. Tenants may call...

Mar 23, 2017

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Landlord Tip: Here's a powerful lease clause to help protect tenan...

Lease Clause: Renter's Insurance A common mistake that renters make is assuming that landlords...

Mar 23, 2017

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Landlord Tip: Here's a powerful lease clause to help you carry out ...

Lease Clause: Property Inspections/Right to Entry As a landlord, you have the right to enter y...

Mar 20, 2017

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Doing a Walk-Through Inspection Before a Tenant Moves In

After you have drafted your lease, exchanged it with a tenant, and received your first month's ...

Mar 20, 2017

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Having the Lease Signed

In this article, I will be discussing with you the move-in process. After you have put together...

Mar 16, 2017

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Lease Agreement: Things Your Rental Lease Should Contain

A rental agreement or lease form specifies all the rules and expectations that a landlord and t...

Mar 15, 2017

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How Do You Turn Down a Tenant Applicant the Right Way?

Some landlords find it hard to reject a tenant applicant. You might feel uncomfortable to say "...

Mar 13, 2017

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3 Ways to Screen Potential Tenants

Photo By Scott Maxwell via As a landlord, your goal is to rent out your proper...

Mar 13, 2017

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Showing Your Rental Property to Prospective Tenants

After you've successfully advertised your rental property, interested applicants may start cont...

Mar 08, 2017

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Rental Housing Modifications for Disabled Tenants

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers rental housing. As a landlord, it's important ...

Mar 08, 2017

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Assistance Animals and Your Obligations as a Landlord

Today, we are going to talk about Assistance Animals. There are 3 types of Assistance Animals, ...

Mar 06, 2017

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Preventing Illegal Discrimination

People who are looking for a place to live in expect to read advertisements that describe the p...

Mar 06, 2017

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Finding a Tenant and Advertising Your Rental Unit

Have you decided to rent out your unit? In your search for potential tenants to rent your prope...

Mar 01, 2017

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Asking for a Security Deposit from Your Tenant

A security deposit is a sum of money which you collect from your tenant on top of the first mon...

Mar 01, 2017

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying a Rental Condo

Buyers, especially beginners consider condominiums as good investment properties for the reason...

Feb 22, 2017

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More Things to Consider Before You Put Your Unit up for Rent

Previously, we've tackled the lesson on Things to Consider Before You Rent Your Property. Sever...

Feb 20, 2017

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Considerations on Pricing Your Unit

A common question that landlords ask is: "How much can I rent out my property for?" Properly p...

Feb 20, 2017

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Section 8 Program for Government-Subsidized Housing

As you put your first unit up for rent, you are going to get tenants who may ask the question, ...

Feb 15, 2017

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Basic Record Keeping System for Landlords

Keeping all records of your business as a landlord can be daunting at the beginning especially ...

Feb 15, 2017

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Insurance Issues for Landlords

As a landlord, it is important to safeguard yourself from the possibility of financial loss or ...

Feb 14, 2017

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Things to Consider Before You Rent Your Property

The first thing you need is to decide whether you should rent or sell your property. In order t...

Feb 13, 2017

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