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Simple Decorating Ideas for Small Rental Spaces

There are many benefits of living in a small apartment. Not only is the rent cheaper, but a small rental space is also easier to maintain. These rentals also tend to be near downtown areas.

But one of the things that renters tend to worry about is decoration. It can be quite tricky to decorate a small space since you can't put any piece of furniture anywhere you like. The key is to strike a balance between style and functionality. 

I've rounded up some decorating tips for small apartment spaces. Let's dive in.

1. Invest in dual-purpose furniture.

Dual-purpose furniture is perfect for small rentals. These are furniture pieces that have more than one function. For example, an ottoman with storage or a couch that also serves as a guest bed! Just make sure to choose a furniture size that's appropriate for your space. 

Image credit: Wayfair

2. Place bigger items up against the wall.

If you already have huge items such as a bookshelf or couch, there's no need to dispose of them. Instead of placing them in the middle of the room, place them against the wall. This creates depth in a room. It's also a simple hack for filling up blank walls!

3. Use mirrors to add depth.

A large, full-length mirror hung or leaned against the wall can visually increase the size of your rental space. Plus, it will also reflect beautiful furniture pieces you have. You can also choose a mirror that's shaped like a window and then hang it across a real window. It serves as your "extra window"!

4. Put a large rug in the center of the room. 

When you see a small rug in a room, you tend to think small. Meanwhile, a huge rug gives an impression that the room itself is large - and stylish. Go for the biggest rug you can find that also complements the size of your apartment space. Aside from beautifying your home, a huge rug also helps reduce noise and allows you to sit or play on the floor. 

5. Identify unused corners.

Rethink those spaces that are not used at all. Perhaps you can add a ladder bookshelf and use it as a display area for your succulents, candles, pictures, and pocketbooks. You can also add a small basket that stores other random items that you don't like to display.

Final Thoughts

You don't have to skip style to make a small apartment more functional. Maximize every space while making sure that it looks great. Most importantly, declutter your apartment regularly. Throw out unnecessary possessions since these things become visible as they accumulate. Remember - there's not a lot of space to keep clutter! I hope you enjoyed today's post. 

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