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10 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Comfortably Cool This Summer

Summer is here and that brings one thing: Heat. You may have an A/C unit but that can also mean additional bills. If you want to avoid paying additional expenses this season, you’d look for practical ways to cool your place. Don’t worry, I have compiled 10 tips to keep your abode comfortably cool when it's hot outside. Keep reading. 

1. Open windows, close blinds

Opening your windows might allow the cool wind to get in but the sun rays passing through also brings heat. So if you have window blinds, close them enough to keep the sunlight out and the air to get in. If you don’t have window blinds, now is the time to install some. Remember to open the blinds as wide as possible during the night though.

2. Counter-clockwise ceiling fans

Ceiling fans have a summer mode function that instead of pushing the air down, it vacuums cool air from the floor then recirculates that and cool the ceiling as well. Make sure to look for the settings or read the user manual then turn it on when the heat rises.

3. Turn on exhaust fans

Exhaust fans help to suck in cool outdoor air and vent out hot room air. Kitchen heat from cooking also contributes to the rise of temperature in the apartment. For bathrooms, closed doors and windows mean the accumulation of heat as well. Turn on all exhaust fans in your apartment as much as possible.

4. Ice behind standing fans

To save energy and money from using the A/C, use a standing fan and put a bowl of ice or an ice pack behind it to give off a faux sea breeze. The chill being sucked and blown by the fan works like magic.

5. Open doors

During the day, unused rooms with closed doors prevent the distribution of cool air to them. Open the doors at all times especially during the night so your apartment may collect as much cool temperature when the sun is up.

6. Black room curtains

These types of curtains are heat insulators and are good for keeping sunlight and heat where they belong - outside. Light-colored curtains might be aesthetically cool but they don’t absorb sunlight heat as the rays usually pass through them and onto the interior.

7. Use a dehumidifier

Sweat is harder to dry on a hot day especially if it is humid inside and out. Using a dehumidifier removes the excess moisture in the air helping you dry more easily. Hence, cooling you off faster.

8. Natural lighting

Turn off all your lights during the day if you don’t have any dark curtains or blinds. Incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat when turned on. So why not open your windows and doors to make use of the natural lighting while inviting the cool air in?

9. Indoor plants

As we know, plants help produce oxygen for our planet’s atmosphere cooling. So grow some in small pots at your apartment. Not only do indoor plants give oxygen, but they are also natural dehumidifiers by absorbing moisture in the air. Talk about shooting two birds with one stone.

10. Swap sheets

Comforters are only for winter and using them during the summer will not only make your sleep difficult, but thick sheets also absorb a lot of heat when not in use. So don’t be surprised when you lie in your bed at night and realize it feels as warm as the day. Exchange that with thin cotton blankets where it breathes easier and stays cooler.

Staying cool during the summer in your apartment doesn’t have to cost much. All you need is to capitalize on the climate, daylight, and resourcefulness!

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