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ALERT! New mandatory California bedbug disclosure law affects every residential landlord and every tenant

ALERT! Landlords beware!

Every California landlord needs to know about the new law affecting every new residential lease in California.

Per several new California laws, a residential landlord has to give every new tenant certain disclosures, warnings, and education about bedbugs.

This is mandatory even if your particular home has never had a bedbug issue before!

If you are a student in the full online e-course academy, be sure to log on to your membership portal to access the new disclosure form. It is under the "Lease" section of your course.

If you are not yet a member, there's no better time to join us! Stay legally compliant and sleep better at night knowing you aren't a target for tenants who know how to work the system and take advantage of you not knowing the law.

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Flavia Berys, Attorney & Landlord Law Professor