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9 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

Average real estate agents in the United States close 12 deals a year. This is a statistic according to THE CLOSE. This could mean that a lot of agents close one deal a month only. If we were to define a highly successful agent, that would mean closing more often than that.

In another statistic presented by the same website, agents from realtor companies also face difficulties keeping up with technology. Does this mean that being well-versed in the digital space brings success to an agent? If so, how? And what other traits does an agent need to earn more commissions than their average counterpart? Let’s find out.

1. Knowing the neighborhoods thoroughly

Prospects and clients will ask several questions about the neighborhood and the local market of the properties you represent. They will expect a clear answer because this influences their buying decision a lot. One good example is telling them which streets have recently sold houses and making a suggestion of which property to buy that best suits their situation.

2. Investing time and money in you and your business

Being a successful real estate agent doesn’t mean you should only settle for using strategies that work. Getting better at your craft by learning more is also essential such as listening to podcasts or attending conferences for agents.

3. Not inventing excuses when prospecting

Most days you just want to sit on the office chair and do something else because prospecting is such a daunting task. Every real estate agent is guilty of this. But prospecting is what drives success to your business. Successful agents always find the motivation to earn new clients even if they don’t want to.

4. Good at handling objections

“I’ll think about it” or “I need to talk to my spouse first” are the most common objections that real estate agents face. Sadly, a lot of agents are okay with objections. While good agents settle for a “no”, better agents strive for a “yes”. It might take time to turn a defeatist attitude into a persuasive one, but it’s a lot worth it once you’re able to do so.

5. Planning and writing everything down

Spontaneously doing your agent tasks is good because you’re making use of the motivation you have at the moment. But writing them down is better. Why? Once you see the plans right in front of you, you’ll have no excuse for not doing them. That way, you can get more done according to schedule.

6. Being able to care for one’s self

Like any job, being a real estate agent can be exhausting at times. You have to meet with multiple clients, drive around, and make a lot of phone calls. Subjecting yourself to exhaustion causes you to make a lot of mistakes and excuses.

That’s why it’s important that you should eat healthily, sleep properly, avoid having vices, exercise regularly, and know how to reduce stress as much as possible.

7. Understanding that success begins in the mind

Similar to handling objections well, a highly successful real estate agent should be optimistic. “Difficult” or “impossible” should not exist in their vocabulary. Instead, every challenge presented in the business, may it be big or small, must be considered an opportunity to be taken.

8. Prioritizing communication with clients

Clients will call you all the time and you should put aside everything first just to answer them - unless you’re talking to another client as well or you’re sleeping. It’s also not about answering alone, you must respond in a polite and professional way. The more available you are and comfortable to work with, the more clients you’ll earn in the future.

9. Taking the digital space seriously

Nowadays, digital platforms are the major drivers of business success. Social media is an important tool when it comes to creating an agent’s portfolio for first impressions. In terms of marketing, email newsletters or campaigns are the kings. As a real estate agent in this era, you must be familiar with the use of digital mediums to promote yourself and your services.

The first step you need to take to be a better real estate agent is to find what you lack based on the habits mentioned above. Then, work hard to build these habits into your profession. Start planning. Lay the groundwork. Stop making excuses and act now.

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