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How to Create a Cozy Backyard This Fall

The fall season is a great time to enjoy your stay outdoors.

With the stunning view of golden leaves and perfect cool weather, autumn is one of the best seasons of the year. It's the best time to extend your stay outside because the temperature is just right. If you're from the Northeastern states, you can appreciate the outdoors as the leaves change from green to bright gold, red, orange, and yellow hues. And if you're from Alaska, you will be dazzled by the aurora borealis. But, wherever you are, you need a cozy backyard to relax and fully enjoy the outside.

Here are ways to elevate your backyard experience this fall.

1. Make a cozy fireplace or fire pit.

Since the weather starts to cool, you need a heat source to keep you warm and cozy. Light up your yard with a good-quality fire pit or a free-standing chimney. You can gather wood to burn or use gas. Remember to prioritize your safety, so avoid playing with fire and keep flames at a safe height.

2. Cover your deck.

In some places like Canada, people experience a lot of rain, even in the fall seasons, so they can't always spend time outdoors. In that case, it's best to cover your deck or create a covered outdoor room in order to not worry about getting wet. If you don't want to cover your entire backyard, you can make a pergola or gazebo instead. 

3. Create ambient lighting.

The sun sets earlier in autumn, and a fireplace may not be enough to brighten your backyard, so you need proper lighting. You can use string lights and directional lights to have an ambient atmosphere. You can also get creative by using outdoor lanterns and wall sconces. Save money by buying solar-powered or LED lights.

4. Add comfortable furniture.

You can't fully enjoy your stay outside without some chic and cozy pieces of furniture. Examples of comfy outdoor furniture are outdoor daybeds, cushioned sofas, and antique chairs that are perfect for outdoor reading and relaxation. If you have a firepit, add some comfortable seats for gatherings. When you're considering buying backyard furniture, you need to check the style and durability. You also need to first think of your space and layout. Don't put too large furniture if your backyard is not that wide. 

5. Decorate your backyard.

Make your backyard more welcoming by adding simple decorations like neutral-toned rugs, hanging lanterns, or pots with flowers. Add curtains to create some privacy, especially when your neighbors can easily see you. Use a combination of rattan, wood, and ceramic to give your outdoor space a more natural and collected feel.


Let your personal indoor style spread to your outdoor space while considering the tips above. Enjoy the autumn season! Bring out some cozy pillows and sip that apple cider while reading. Enjoy the company of your family and friends while appreciating the view outside your home. 

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