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6 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall and Winter Months

Are you wondering whether you can sell your house this fall or winter? The answer is yes! You just need to adjust your sales strategy.

While selling and buying houses tend to increase in spring and summer, you may not want to wait for these seasons. Your work might require you to move immediately due to unforeseen reasons, which may compel you to immediately sell your house during fall or even winter. But don't worry, you can still sell your house for an excellent price. 

Here are some tips to help you attract potential buyers.

1. Take photos of your house during the summer and spring.

Buyers will not only live in the house during fall or winter, so let them know what it looks like during other seasons. Your house may also appeal more to other people once they see its exteriors in warm weather. 

Make an album or sideshow and showcase your deck or yard to potential buyers. If you have enough resources, make a video tour of your house's exterior when there’s daylight. So, even if people check your house during nighttime, they can still have a perspective of the exterior during the day.     

2. Prioritize lighting. 

If you're selling your house during fall and winter, you must prioritize lighting. Why? Because the day gets shorter and you don't have enough natural light when people want to check out your house at those times. 

Make sure to change those dim bulbs with brighter ones. Add lamps and landscape lighting around your yard to make the exterior look more lively. But as much as possible, invite potential buyers to view your home in the late morning or early afternoon when the house is naturally brighter. 

3. Maintain your house and lawn.

You'll need more energy to maintain your home, especially when the weather turns cold. Ensure that your heating systems are properly functioning. Check your doors and window seals.  

Since more time is spent indoors, your home may look dirtier than usual, so clean everything, including fans, rugs, or furnace rooms. Also, clear your driveway from ice and snow so that buyers can safely go to your house and view your entire property easily.

4. Highlight features that are great for the season. 

A house with furniture or features that are great for winter is a plus! Stage your home to be more warm and cozy. Let future homeowners imagine themselves relaxing in front of the fireplace while sipping hot tea on a sofa. Use simple seasonal decors or accessories like white lights or a Christmas tree.

5. Avoid too much seasonal decor.

Having seasonal decor will make your house more lively, but don't put too much. For example, avoid spray painting your house with spider webs during Halloween or putting nativity scenes during Christmas. All unnecessary decorations can be off-putting. 

6. Widen your reach 

You may have a real estate agent who will look for potential buyers, but you can help widen your reach through other strategies. Use social media campaigns and share your listings on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Try targeting people who are relocating for work or from a place in a different climate. 


A simple, cozy, and well-maintained house is the primary thing buyers are looking for. Don't be discouraged when there are fewer showings in fall or winter than in summer or spring because the buyers who will show up tend to be the ones that are serious about buying. So get ready to put your home on the market!