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Spring Cleaning for Landlords: Must-Do Tasks This Spring

Landlords are responsible for making sure that every aspect of their rental property business is in tip-top shape. As the warm weather approaches, landlords feel more motivated to deal with tasks that have been pushed aside during winter.

This article shows you a list of things you should tackle. By checking off these tasks, you can continue running your business in a stress-free way, keep current tenants happy, and attract new ones!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Landlords

Here are six tasks to take care of this spring:

1. Organize your paperwork

There must be piles of paperwork on your desk by now, waiting to be sorted out. Before you decide to keep all those paper records in one big box, consider filing them according to any of the following: Per month and per property, per tenant, and per property. Alphabetize your records so it'll be easy to retrieve them. Use color coding as well. 

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2. Yard maintenance

Clean the twigs and leaves that have gathered over the winter. Trim dead branches or else they might fall during a spring storm and will damage your property and cause accidents. 

3. Inspect and repair house damage

The warmer weather makes it more convenient for landlords to have their properties thoroughly inspected for problems. Houses usually sustain damage during winter. Vulnerable areas include but are not limited to roofing, gutters, siding, and the driveway. Weather-related damages can be covered by insurance.

4. HVAC maintenance

If your HVAC isn't running efficiently, your costs would go up. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your HVAC system energy-efficient and cost-efficient: The simplest task is to change the furnace filter. If the unit is kept outside the rental, make sure that there are no obstructions and debris around the unit. Contact your HVAC professional to perform a identify issues you might have missed. 

5. Update your marketing strategies 

One of the things you can do to grow your landlording business is to explore new effective ways of marketing your rental property so you can attract high-quality tenants. Since the majority of renters now search for homes on the internet, you should be able to create an online presence. If you don't have a website, at least have a Facebook page. Encourage online reviews to build social proof. 

6. Start a tenant newsletter

Improve your communication with your tenants by starting a newsletter. A newsletter will allow you to inform them about the latest updates in your community, send important reminders, and enlist their help in filling vacancies. There are lots of free email marketing tools that will help you get started. 

There are more tenants that move in during spring, which is why these spring cleaning tasks are essential. Are you setting up your business for success by using any of the tips we mentioned? Thanks for reading!

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