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9 Ideas to Steal for Decorating Your Apartment

Our homes reflect the kind of people we are. That drive of impressing our visitors with our unique sense of living. That feeling of joy knowing that we live according to our own style. Need ideas? With so many to choose from, here are 9 unique inspirations to steal. 

1. Separate color schemes for every room

Some of us might not want to settle with one style at home and would rather have multiple styles. If you seek varying themes, pick a different color for each room. Use a specific shapes and artistic designs as well. For example, circles with shades of green in the living room and blue squares for the bedroom.

2. Smart space

If you’re more of a smart apartment dweller and want to save space while maintaining fashion, then organizational furniture with various functions would be your perfect choice.

3. Crystal casa

Image source credit: PAYLESS furniture 

Fragility equals carefulness and total control. One way to achieve peace by moving slowly in your apartment is to make everything appear breakable or prone to shattering. Settle for glass tables. Fill up your apartment with your favorite indoor plants in crystal vases. Make everything see-through for a spacious and modern appeal. Place them against a light-colored background. (Note: This tip is not advisable for those with kids.)

4. Gallery galore

Do you consider yourself an artistic person? Do you love to draw and make crafts? Well, nothing makes an artist more proud than having their creations viewed openly for display. Either frame your drawings and have them hang on walls or turn your entire wall into a pinboard. For craft aficionados, floating wall shelves won’t only provide a gallery but they also help you with organizing those small but valuable items. 

5. The Murphy Style

For smaller studio type apartments, space is a valuable resource. Transform your working tables and beds into an all in one like the Murphy Bed. Not only do you save space, but the Murphy Bed style also adds aesthetic to the room.

6. Curve up

Angled furniture edges can be bland to look at sometimes. The apartment’s boxy engineering feels kind of boring. Add a little visual fun and diversity by choosing curves, circles, polka dots, or spiral art for interior design. Also, soft curved edges minimize injuries out of carelessness like bumping into table edges. 

7. Orientalize 

If you’re a fan of minimalism and sitting on the floor then redecorating your apartment into an oriental home may be the right idea for your budget and style. A few low tables, sitting mats, dividers, and some scented candles. How can life be simpler than this?

8. The Greenhouse

Turn your apartment into mini nursery by adding indoor plants. Not only will they make your room eco-friendly, but having indoor plants also helps provide an abundance of oxygen. Not to mention, they reduce pollution from the outside and help control humidity to keep your room cool during the summer.

9. Techno 

Do you want to feel like living in the future? Does the glow of neon lights and gadgets in a dark setting please your eyes? Why not turn your apartment into a futuristic haven with a play of lights? You can also attach your neon lights behind your furniture for a Tron-theme or hang neon lights on walls for a party-industrial hybrid setting.

Have you found a unique design for redecorating your apartment? Which style best describes yourself? You can also mix one design with another depending on your budget and taste. All it takes is a little bit of creativity. I hope these ideas inspire you!

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