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Reasons to Have a Tenant Newsletter and Tips When Writing One

Tenant news...what? A tenant newsletter. In this day and age where communication has become extremely easy, newsletters are one way to establish a positive relationship with your tenants. Since most people are online, it makes good business sense to send out email updates from time to time. These are hard to miss.

But first, why create tenant newsletters? How will they benefit your landlording business?

Benefits of a Tenant Newsletter

  • Make tenants feel at home - You might not see your tenants face to face frequently but staying in touch by means of email updates gives them a sense of belongingness. 
  • Helps in marketing your rental property - You’ll never know that the next newsletter you send can end up in the inbox of one of the friends of your current tenants. People like sharing things. 
  • Communicate reminders - Even if you and a tenant sat together to discuss the rental lease agreement and policies, newsletters reinforce these things. Tenants will appreciate your notices.

Writing a Tenant Newsletter is Easy. Follow These Tips:

An awesome tenant newsletter doesn’t require months or years of experience to create. Whether you know the basics of email marketing content, heed the methods below.

1. Keep it short and engaging.

Tenants may not have much time to read a long email. You can say what you need to say and still be respectful of your tenants’ time. Focus on one subject matter - don’t cram several topics in one email. Write shorter sentences and paragraphs. Use an active voice.

2. Feature local events.

Got tenants that came from a different city or state? Let them know about the upcoming music or wine festival. Include links to sites where they can purchase tickets. You can even attach last year’s event pictures to spark interest. Include a compelling description of the event, what it’s about, and how they can possibly benefit from it.

3. Share apartment improvement ideas.

DIY projects aren’t just for homeowners, they’re also for renters who’d like to transform their spaces in a way that reflects their personalities. Changes don’t have to be expensive. Ideas include burlap curtain ties, indoor succulent planting ideas, or space-saving hacks.

4. Remind about rental policies.

New landlords find it awkward to always have to approach tenants whenever they start breaking items in the lease agreement. Without mentioning anyone in particular, an email newsletter is a convenient (and less-threatening) means of delivering important reminders. Examples of these reminders are your pet policies, overnight visitors, designated smoking areas, and getting renter’s insurance.

5. Introduce local businesses.

Each month, feature a local establishment in your newsletter. Maybe there’s a coffee shop, laundry center, or a local farmer’s market that a new tenant isn’t aware of yet. Not only will you be able to help tenants get familiar with the community, you also contribute to the local economy. Specify the directions, contact details, and photos. 

Tenant newsletters keep everyone informed and your investments protected. For more tips on welcoming tenants and improving their stay, check out these posts:

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