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11 Christmas Home Decorating Ideas to Try

Still haven’t found an inspiration to decorate your home these holidays? Check out these concepts!

1. Ice skates wreath

Move over the traditional Christmas sock decoration in the middle of the wreath. If you have ice skates that aren’t to be used, swap your Christmas socks with the ice skates and hang a pair in front of the door. You can also fill the skates with pine tree leaves and add silver balls as well.

2. DIY citrus garland

Citrus slices can work as garland and Christmas tree decorations too. Not to mention they fill the air with a citrus scent. But before making sliced citrus decor, make an infused water with the citrus slices first.

Take out the citrus slices after consuming the infused water and assemble them using twine threads.

3. Crafty leaf garland

Save money from leafy displays by making your own Christmas holly leaves. Buy green craft paper, cut them into holly leaf shapes, draw the midrib and vein lines, connect them together, and add red jingle bells.

4. Redberry front door

Make two garlands, one as long as your front door’s frame and one in a wreath. Then wrap the garlands in red berries and attach the long garland to the entire frame of your front door. Hang the red berry garland on the front door itself. You can use the ice skates mentioned earlier as a Christmas sock substitute.

5. Bold palette

If you want to really be unique, break away from the traditional Christmas color palettes. Use any Christmas tree color. What’s important is your Christmas decor matches the color of your living room paint of the year-round decor.

For example, if your living room wall paint and wall trim are colored white and light green, then your Christmas tree decors should mainly be white and light green.

6. Scrap wood trees

Don’t forget to stay eco-friendly during Christmas. Instead of burning wood to stay warm during winter, cut wood planks into various shapes like triangles or rectangles to make the interior decor. Then, sand those woods until smooth before painting them with colors that match your decor palette. Check out this tutorial.

7. Draped evergreens on chandeliers

Go all out with your decor by setting the yuletide mood not just on the low parts of your home but also from the top. Drape evergreens on top of chandeliers and overhead lightings. Here’s how to do it.

8. DIY snow flockings

Grate a white soap bar and mix the grated granules in water with an egg beater to create snow flocking. You can then use the DIY snow flocking to add beauty to your garlands, wreaths, etc. For more information, click here.

9. Swap framed art for seasonal prints

Print out Christmas-themed messages and designs at home. Replace your year-round framed art or motivational quotes with the printables. Or if you have extra frames in storage, use them to frame the print outs.

10. Knitted Christmas light

Do you know how to knit? If yes, then perfect! As long as you have a lot of extra time, you can knit Christmas lights for decorations by following these instructions.

11. Smart TV fireplace

As mentioned earlier, we have to be eco-friendly this yuletide season. One way to do it is to use your Smart TV as a digital fireplace. Then, connect your home’s stereo and play relaxing Christmas music all day long if you want.

Enjoy your holidays! I just want to greet you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. This year has been challenging for all of us. But I’m sure we’ll all get through this ordeal if we work together to flatten the curve of this pandemic. See you next year!