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Here's How You Can Become A Great Airbnb Host

So you're thinking of renting out your property on Airbnb. That's a great idea, because not only does it allow you to earn some cash, but it also teaches you essential business skills such as marketing, customer service, communication, and more - if you haven't tried running a business yet! 

As a new Airbnb host, you're probably wondering how you can provide the best experiences to your guests. Being a superb host leads to success, right? (Because people are more likely to recommend you, leave positive reviews, and do repeat business with you). 

To help you in this aspect, I've prepared a list of useful tips. Dig in.

1. Be honest and accurate with your listing.

One of the worst mistakes you commit is setting the wrong expectations. Your guests will appreciate you if you're honest enough about the condition and features of your property. Accurately describe the bed, dining area, neighborhood, and so on. It's important for guests to know what they're getting into. That way, they can make informed decisions.

2. Offer them a drink.

Exceed your guests' expectations by offering them a welcome drink. This can be a bottle of wine or coffee! If it helps, ask them what they prefer a week before their arrival through email. Accompany the drink with a nice little note that welcomes them to the place. Guests give extra points for this warm gesture. 

3. Print out a guidebook for your guests.

Leave a folder or "guidebook" full of information for your Airbnb guests to refer to. This guidebook can contain instructions on how to operate appliances in the unit, the nearest restaurant/hospital/grocery, and your contact information. This guidebook will benefit you and your guests. It will save you more time in answering calls and provide a more pleasant, stress-free stay for them.

4. Style up the place with some fresh decor. 

Details matter! Decorating your short-term rental with anything that makes people feel at home will create a strong and positive first impression. Maybe hang some photos on the wall, place a country-style vase set, a beautiful mirror, or faux flowers. These things add an element of surprise, and who knows, it could be one of the reasons why a guest would recommend you.  

5. Give them a tour of the place.

It's important to be present when your guests arrive so that you can hand over the keys and engage in a little chit-chat. Take this opportunity to give them a quick tour of the accommodation. Show them where the essentials are, offer suggestions regarding the use of appliances, remind them of the rules, and of course, tips on how they can enjoy their stay! If you won't be there to meet and greet them, make sure to leave a guidebook (see tip #3). 

Being an awesome Airbnb host doesn't have to be difficult - even for a first-time host like yourself. Start by creating a proper Airbnb listing. Help your guests the best way you can. Add a personal touch to the unit!

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