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Top 5 Things Landlords Wish Their Tenants Knew

Tenants need a home to live in, that’s why they need landlords. Landlords should make sure they provide a good accommodation for tenants. Both parties are expected to maintain a peaceful relationship for their benefit.

But in reality, this isn’t always the case. As with all relationships in this world, the bond between tenants and landlords can be difficult at times. Different tenants come from different backgrounds and have experiences with their previous landlords. Sometimes, tenants forget their manners or just aren’t aware of their actions.

Being a landlord, there are certain things you wish your tenants knew. Because if they knew them, life would be easier. Fewer problems would occur, and we would all live peacefully.

1. Always pay rent on time.

I may sound redundant here, but yes, paying bills on time is one of the main responsibilities of a tenant. The rent due date and rent payment method (direct payment, PayPal, etc.) are things that you indicate in the lease contract. It would save us a ton of headaches if we had tenants that pay without being reminded.

2. Reach us if anything is broken - and tell the truth.

Anything unexpected can take place in a rental period and as the owner of the rental property, we deserve to know. On the topic of maintenance issues, we expect that a tenant calls us or leaves us a text message if, for example, the pipe clogs or their faucet breaks off. And when you tell us the problem, tell the truth. Landlords are obliged to keep their rental in tip-top shape. We would handle the repairs unless we discover that the tenant did something to cause the damage.

3. Abide by our rules.

A lot of people have this notion that landlords have power over tenants. This is not true. Landlords impose house rules (put into writing and clearly explained) to set expectations and prevent tenants from abusing the rental unit. Apparently, it’s easier to be a tenant who simply rents than becoming a landlord. A landlord needs to own a rental property first, plan annual costs, and go through the lengthy process of screening tenants.

4. Don’t do anything that would trigger an eviction.

The last thing you’d want as a landlord is to evict a tenant, wouldn’t you agree? In a previous post, I tackled the topic of evictions and how an eviction is a loss for both the tenant and landlord. The California Tenants guide outlines things that prompt a landlord to end a tenancy such as the following: violation of the rental agreement, assaulting or stalking another tenant, failing to pay the rent, and using the unit for dogfighting or cockfighting.

5. Understand that we have a busy schedule.

We have other things to pay attention to on top of our landlording business. We want tenants to realize that we do our best to answer their concerns immediately. At the same time, we wish that tenants would be more patient and also agree to arrange with us a day where we can discuss their concern.

Final Thoughts

A landlord-tenant relationship is a two-way street. The kind of working relationship that you share with tenants affects your finances, schedule, and peace of mind. So here you go, the 5 things you wish your tenants knew. If you send out newsletters to your tenants, feel free to send the link to blog post to them.

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