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Petition to Freeze Rent and Mortgage Payments Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has imposed the restriction of community gatherings in Columbus such as the suspension of schools and the banning of mass gatherings as a measure to prevent the widespread contamination of COVID-19.

Now, citizens are on a protest with an online petition calling for Governor DeWine to freeze rent, mortgages, and other bills as well. 

Petition creator Emerald Wolflord posted on the petition site that “The goal of this petition is to aid those who are laid off, sick or had to quit their jobs over this COVID crisis. If people cannot work, they can’t afford to pay bills. This crisis could cause people to lose their homes.”

Another petitioner who signed said, "Too many people will lose income over the virus and will not be able to pay rent or mortgage on top of the food demands".

As the pandemic affects the state of Ohio’s labor sector badly, will Governor DeWine listen to this petition?

The petition aims to garner 100,000 signatures. At this moment, the signatures are nearing 99,000.

Earlier this week, Governor DeWine made changes and broadened Ohio’s unemployment requirements as a measure to lessen the effects of the ordered sweeping action especially for citizens who are struggling to pay their rent. Here are some of the initial changes to Ohio’s unemployment requirements:

  • Individuals quarantined by a health professional or by their employer are considered to be unemployed and will not be subject to the requirement to actively seek work.
  • Companies that determine it necessary to temporarily shut down operations will also be eligible to seek unemployment.
  • The 1-week waiting period prior to receiving benefits is being waived.

For more information regarding the changes and developments on Ohio’s unemployment requirements, please visit

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