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Turn Real Estate Window Shoppers Into Buyers With These 10 Tips

Every home buyer that has looked at your listing but didn’t show any buying interest is a lost sales opportunity. And the more buyers you let slip from your sales funnel, the longer your property sits on the market.

Successful real estate investors, agents, and realtors agree on one thing: To encourage purchase decisions in real estate window shoppers, you need to keep their attention on you and your property for as long as possible. Here are the 10 ways how.

1. Make your property meet the buyers’ wants

Know the basic wants of the modern house buyer. It’s no longer just about selling a home for shelter against the elements and a space for a growing family. Buyers nowadays prefer to live in eco-friendly, bill-saving, stylish, secure, and flexible homes. So make your house possess these qualities and highlight them in your listings.

2. Use as many video instruments as possible

Uploading listing photos are good but most if not all house sellers already do it. Make your listing be as attractive as possible by including outdoor drone footage, time-lapses, slow-moving interior capture, and virtual tour. Don’t forget to use background music that encourages buying.

3. Create a sense of urgency

Having a great call-to-action (CTA) is one way to influence a buyer’s decision. In real estate listings, deadlines are common yet effective CTAs. You can set a deadline for anything like a limited window for sending offers and property tours.

4. Educate potential buyers

Once buyers have shown interest and are communicating with you, it’s time to educate them about the advantages of buying your property. For example, inform them about the tax breaks they can enjoy if they own a green home like the one you’re selling.

5. Ask questions

While it’s important to share important knowledge about real estate with your potential customers, it’s even better to ask them about what they want in a home and their motivation for buying. This will help you showcase even more house features that you have skipped.

6. Utilize local knowledge and experience

Like any kind of shopping, the experiences of other customers mainly influence the buying decisions of others. In your listing video, include interviews of the neighbors and their opinions of the surrounding area. Showcase the nearest amenities through a neighborhood tour.

7. Showcase unique features and conveniences

If you only present common housing features, you might end up losing a buyer because they may find another property in the area with a lower price than yours. Know what makes your house different from comparables by doing research. Make it the selling point of your property.

8. Be honest

As much as possible, be truthful during the home tour and in your listing description. Avoid using photo filters and too many video effects. Present disadvantages of living on your property. With the trust created from your honesty, most buyers become open to making compromises.

9. Be empathetic to buyers

The process of buying a home is long and stressful. Expect potential buyers to say and do some things or present offers you might not like. Be very patient and try to understand their goals and concerts during these times. This will help you build a good relationship with them which would help both of your parties come to a good agreement.

10. Follow up on their interest

Call potential buyers who didn’t show additional interest in buying your house after initial browsing or inquiry. They may have forgotten how to contact you back after browsing so many listings or they just need a little more push to make a final buying decision.

Note that these tips won’t guarantee that every window shopper that comes across your property listing will really make a purchase. However, this list increases your chances of hooking the right home buyer until they make a decision of making negotiations with you.

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