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9 Creative Rental Marketing Tips for Landlords

If you happen to be a DIY landlord, most likely you do everything by yourself. This means that marketing your rental is part of your to-do list. Knowing the best rental marketing strategies will get the word out about your apartment in no time so you can attract more and more tenants.

To ease the whole experience for you, Landlord Prep has prepared this list of 9 great ideas. If you missed our previous related post, check it out here.

Rental Property Marketing Ideas for DIY Landlords

1. Prioritize awesome photos.

The right visuals make a positive first impression. Whether you post your rental property on apartment listing websites or share it on social media, make sure that your photos are high in quality and that you highlight your best views.

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2. Mention local attractions and amenities.

Millennial renters will love the fact that they live near a mall, grocery store, and parks. Whatever attraction your place has, don’t miss mentioning it! It might just be the very reason why a good renter will choose you.

3. Email everybody you know.

Got friends and family in your email contacts? Colleagues? Emailing people is a convenient way to pass on messages. In the email, attach photos and complete descriptions of the rental.

4. Print out flyers and reach out to local businesses.

Local shops and offices are high-traffic areas. Have random people discover your rental and refer you to others by printing out and dropping off flyers. Be sure to ask the business owner’s permission first.

5. Offer giveaways.

Why not run a free giveaway campaign? Incentivizing people gives them a little nudge to share your rental property. You can run the giveaway campaign on Instagram. Have participants like your post, tag their friends, and comment. You could also create a special landing page that goes viral with the help of a contest platform. If you have current tenants, ask them to participate too. Happy tenants make great brand ambassadors.

6. Create a short promotional video.

Those who invest in video to promote their business generate 66% more qualified leads yearly and achieve a 54% boost in brand awareness, according to Your rental property video can be a slideshow of the best pictures or it can feature you giving a tour of the rental.

7. Share tips to save money in your city.

Write a blog post about the “top ten ways renters can save money while traveling” in your location. This marketing rental property tip applies best to vacation rentals. Introduce affordable and healthy foods, discount stores for gifts and daily needs, and cheap alternatives. Share that blog post on social media.

8. Partner with a real estate agent.

Real estate agents are valuable resources in that they help advertise your rental. They take the stress out of filling vacancies because they have lots of connections. Agents usually charge a commission of 50% of the month’s rent.

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9. Run Facebook Ads.

Even on a small budget, you can reach your ideal audience in less time by investing in social media ads. Facebook is the go-to platform for business owners because of its targeting capabilities and massive user base.

Wrapping Up

Some of these apartment rental marketing ideas can be done for free while other will need a little spending. Bring new tenants into your apartment by putting these ideas into action. Here at Landlord Prep, we offer great landlord courses to help you succeed. Get started for free by attending my 50-minute real estate webinar!