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How to Make Your Rental Family-Friendly

Are you thinking of renting to families? Families make ideal tenants because they're likely to stay longer in your property. They seek stability. Since they have kids, it's safe to say that they're collecting a steady paycheck and are farther along in their careers. 

In order to attract families, it's important to know what parents look for in a rental community. So you need to ask yourself, "Does my rental ensure that they live safely, happily, and comfortably?"

Here's how to make your property a great match for your prospective tenants. Keep reading.

Add a play area

Parents want their kids to have a place to run and have fun. A play house, wooden swings, climbers, and sandboxes allow children to use their imaginations. Make sure to fence the play area to ensure their safety. 

Highlight neighborhood amenities

When deciding where to rent, parents take into consideration local schools and other appealing amenities such as libraries, restaurants, parks, recreation centers, and healthcare facilities. Point out these family-friendly amenities in your rental listing description.

Be prepared for emergencies

In case of an emergency, you'll want to ensure that your tenants have the necessary contacts and addresses. Provide the details of the following (pinned to a bulletin board or hung up on the fridge):

  • Nearest hospital
  • Nearest urgent care center
  • Nearest police station
  • 911
  • Nearest convenience store 
  • Your rental's main point of contact (for example, your property manager)

Install vinyl tile or plank

Choosing the right flooring is essential if you're renting to families. Because while families are great, you need to think about soiling and wear and tear. The key is to pick flooring that you can afford that's also durable, easy to clean, water resistant, and comfortable. I would recommend vinyl tile or plank since it's water and stain-resistant. It's ideal for busy families and families with pets. Not to mention, there are plenty of styles to choose from!

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Install pool safety features

Got a pool in your property? That's great. But while it spells fun, it can also mean potential tragedies. Keep your mind at ease by installing one or more of these pool security devices:

  • Pool alarm
  • Infrared detector
  • Floating motion sensor
  • Portable fences
  • Pool covers or nets

Be open to furry friends

According to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, about 85 million families in the US own a pet. That makes renting to families with pets a good idea. And even if a family doesn't have a pet yet, they might be considering getting one down the road. 

One of the keys to running a successful rental property business is satisfying the needs of your prospective tenant. Whether you are renting to families or another type of tenant (like students or young professionals), think about what amenities matter to them. If you need more tips on becoming a successful DIY landlord, check out Landlord Prep's blogs. 

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