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Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Adapt This Year

Making house brochures and focusing on print marketing was a thing of the past. Now, most people are using the internet and social media daily, so use that to your business advantage.

Marketing practices are constantly changing, and new trends emerge almost every year. Therefore, it's important to get updated to keep up with the competition. Also, adapting to recent digital innovations will help you get ahead in the real estate market.

This article lists five marketing ideas to attract more buyers this year.

1. Engaging on Social Media

Did you know that around 4.5 billion people currently use social media worldwide? And 72.3% of the US population spends more than two hours on social media daily. So one of the best ways to look for potential buyers is through this platform.

However, simply posting listings across different social media platforms isn't as effective as it used to be. Now, real estate agents also need to constantly engage with curious buyers. And though some of the questions are already posted in the listing, it's important to answer each potential customer's questions.

Start establishing your presence on Facebook and Instagram, as they're currently the most widely used social media platform. You can also learn to utilize Tiktok since it's gaining popularity among young adults.

2. Running Paid Ad Campaigns

Even when we have catchy slogans and top-quality pictures, some people will not be able to see them because thousands of contents are posted every second. This is where paid advertisements come in.

Many platforms like Google and Facebook collect data from their users, and they monetize this data through paid advertising. For example, you can reach your target audience by setting parameters like keywords and location with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

3. Virtual Staging and Video Tours

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual tours have been a go-to choice for marketing commercial and high-end residential properties. And even when the threat of COVID-19 has been eliminated, this marketing strategy is here to stay.

Pictures are okay for small apartments, but 3D virtual tours and videos allow buyers to experience the property's layout and get a sense of its size. Virtual staging has also been increasingly popular to help buyers visualize themselves in the property. This is more cost-effective than actually buying furniture to market your house.

4. Using drone photography

Drones are an excellent source of photos and videos that will help showcase your property. They have the ability to take stunning aerial photos of the whole property and the surrounding neighborhood. And don't worry because drones are becoming less expensive and more accessible to the public in recent years.

5. Content Marketing

Regularly producing content is a good way to establish your presence online. If you really want to reach your target audience without paying for advertisements, implement SEO strategies by optimizing your content or profile. For example, use keywords or captions to help buyers find your listing and connect with you.


Take advantage of these marketing trends to achieve success in your real estate business. Also, don't forget to stay up-to-date and keep on developing new strategies by understanding your target audience's behaviors and online preferences.

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