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Try These Housewarming Party Ideas

Are you done unpacking your things in your new house? If yes, it's time to throw a housewarming party!

After all the hard work you put into moving, organizing, and cleaning your things, you deserve to take it easy and show off the result of your hard work. A housewarming party is perfect for friends and families to come over to celebrate your achievement and get cozy in your newly decorated house. 

If you're planning to host one, you'll need to consider different things like themes, drinks, games, food, and more. It may sound overwhelming, but don't worry. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to make your housewarming party less stressful and more entertaining.

1. Plan the date and guest lists.

The first thing that you should do is pick a date and know who to invite. Your guest lists should include your family and friends. You can also ask your new neighbors since this is a great way to learn more about them and connect with them. Then, pick a date and time that is not too rushed or too late and when most of your guests are free. Also, take note of the weather on that day.

2. Create a theme.

It's best to make a theme for your housewarming party to make things more exciting. Examples of themes are listed below.

  • Potluck theme. You can have a potluck-style party by inviting your guests to bring over their favorite dishes and enjoy a variety of foods. 
  • Wine or Beer Tasting. If you want a more sophisticated theme, you can have wine or beer tasting by distributing different styles of wine in other rooms. Let your guests explore your house with drinks in their hands. 
  • Succulent planting. Suppose you want a more environmentally friendly theme. In that case, you can have a planting theme by asking your friends to plant succulents together. You'll have some new plants, and your guests can take home some of the plants as well. 
  • Garden theme. You can also have a garden theme if your housewarming date is in the summer or spring. Have a simple barbeque or grilling burger while drinking ice-cold beverages. 

3. Set up decorations.

For decorations, it's better to make things simple, especially when you’re already tired from moving into your new home. A simple party banner following your chosen theme is enough if you keep your place organized and clean. You can also decorate your dinner tables, set up karaoke, or hang up a photo backdrop if you feel extra. 

4. Play some games!

Simple games are great for making a more fun housewarming party. Put some deck of cards, dice, or even board games that are readily available for kids to come together. You can also spice things up by making a DIY scavenger hunt around your house. 


Make a checklist to ensure that you’re not leaving things behind. You can also pull inspiration from your surroundings and choose a theme that complements your new home. In any case, don't be anxious in planning your housewarming party. Aside from your guests, you also need to have fun. Savor the warmth from your friends and families as you celebrate your new home.