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How to Optimize Your Small Apartment Space for Self-Quarantine

You’re probably missing the recreational facilities the outside world has to offer. I know you do. The problem is, lockdowns are still in effect. So now you’re searching for a solution to this ordeal. Worry no more! Read until the end and you’ll find some clever ways to bring your outdoor needs into your small apartment!

1. Tidy up small objects and clean your small home

The first step to optimizing your small apartment home is to tidy up your living room and balcony. You can start by decluttering objects that you don’t need anymore or seldomly use. Put them in cardboard boxes and throw them out.

Reposition your living room furniture into one area and put them side by side with one another. I suggest bringing them near to the kitchen. In your kitchen, look for empty bottles of cooking ingredients - you might have forgotten to dispatch some out. The goal here is to clear as much floor space as you can. 

While you rearrange your home, sanitize your entire area to prevent the contamination of viruses and bacteria. Mop floors with bleach especially under furniture and appliances. While you clean, you might rediscover some unused space that can be ideal for storage. If there are spaces under your bed and in your closet, put box storages in there. You might as well stack towers of storage in vacant corners to save space.

2. Segment your small apartment into different “zones”

Staring at the same colored walls for over the duration of self-quarantine can be pretty confining. Now that you’ve cleaned and tidied up your small rental home, it’s time to divide it into different areas. Decorate these areas with different themes and color schemes. You can have an art gallery on one wall and a small music studio on the other. That way you can shift your view into different perspectives and reduce the blandness of your environment.

3. Get productive by having an office space in your bedroom

To keep your apartment space-optimized while saving more for other recreational areas, limit yourself to one medium-sized office table in your room. Make sure when you sit you face the bedroom window for outdoor light. Put all your work-related supplies there and maximize the use of the drawers. This way, you can work remotely without the distractions from the living room area.

4. Grow a tiny container garden on your balcony

Do you have a green thumb? This is your opportunity to reconnect with nature in the middle of the urban jungle. Use the vacant balcony to grow a variety of vegetables and flowers. Not only do you provide fresh produce for yourself, but you’re also saving electricity by keeping your place cool during the summer!

5. Set up a small fitness area by the balcony door

All you need for this is a yoga mat and a couple of small hand weights. Position these pieces of equipment on the balcony door/window. If you already own a treadmill and a stationary bike, put them near the door as well. That way you can exercise near fresh air (much better with a balcony garden) and proper sunlight while saving more space.

6. Turn your kitchen counter into a mini-bar

At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want a relaxing glass of drink? And since most of your kitchen counter has been cleared of empty jars and bottles, it’s time to bring out the fancy glasses and ice bucket. Leave the utensils glasses on the counter so when you’re in need of a good sip and relaxation, it’s readily available. 

When you’ve missed the recreational facilities of the outdoors, bring them all into your home. But first, be sure to clear your space and reposition your furniture and appliances. Clean your area thoroughly to get rid of bacteria and viruses. When you’re done, assign different areas for specific purposes.

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