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8 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Move on from spending precious bucks to advertise your real estate services on billboards. People’s eyes are always on the road when they’re behind the steering wheel. No, they’re not even going to see your adverts through local TV because Netflix is the new fad.

The only time they’ll be able to see your name is when they’re at home scrolling through their phones, tablets, or computers. I assure you, this article will teach you how to properly market your career in the digital era of real estate advertising.

1.  Set up social media accounts

Every client has their own favorite social media platform and they spend a lot of their time scrolling there. To widen your pool of potential clients and increase your chances of being noticed, make sure your name and agency are present on Instagram, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Social media accounts are good alternatives if you don’t have the resources and time to maintain and own a domain.

2.  Create a website

Websites have more advantages than social media accounts. In fact, the possibilities are limitless. You can post video content, let potential clients subscribe to newsletters, write blogs, you name it! And the most important perk of them all, your site can be made to appear just the way you want it to be.

3.  Use a chat service

All homebuyers don’t have the same working hours. A truck driver could be looking for a home after work at 8 pm while a nurse will do that at 3 am. You need to have someone who can answer queries of your services 24/7 because people are happier to chat with a real person. And you know a happy inquirer means a potential client.

4.  Make video content

Have you ever noticed that a well-made video advert really does entice you to buy a product? That’s because videos are worth a million beautiful words. Even an ordinary chair looks interesting through good editing. Just hire a professional videographer and you’ll notice an increase in your social media or website’s inquiry.

5.  Work with influencers

Influencers are good trendsetters and marketers. They speak directly to the soul of their followers and prompt action. If you bought a product or merch endorsed by your favorite YouTuber, then you know what I’m talking about.

6.  Host community events

Marketing doesn’t always have to be done virtually nowadays. A local community event to build presence is just as effective as leveraging Google ads. One good example is to host a cleanup drive and hand out door hangers and flyers.

This strategy is useful to help people keep your contact info. You’re also building a positive reputation by doing good for the locality as well.

7.  Write blogs that answer the questions of your clients

If using a chat service to help your clients isn’t an option, then write a blog. You can post your blogs on your website or use a free content manager like WordPress. Keep in mind to list as much Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as you can and provide an easy-to-understand answer.

This way, you don’t have to answer common questions that different clients ask. It’s a time and energy-saving initiative!

8.  Host virtual open houses

Some homebuyers are so busy with work that they have no time to attend open house events. You must make sure that they join your client pool by hosting a virtual open house.

Not only will they appreciate your effort of helping them tour a home at their own time, but it’s also very safe for you and your clients especially during pandemics.

If you’re new to being a real estate agent, start small by utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Once your network grows, build more exposure by having a website of your own with employees that answer to inquiring clients. Study various strategies that would help you cater to busy customers. Make it your goal to attract as many homebuyers as you can!

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