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Buying a House on a Main Road: What You Should Know

People have managed to build houses in every place imaginable. Some have homes beside a body of water. Others are in the middle of a tundra or desert. Then there are those located on a cliffside. Notice that these places aren’t exactly ideal locations for taking up residence.

But there is another place that plenty of homeowners don’t want to buy a property on — beside a main road. Yes. The thought alone is already undesirable when you think about the comforts of daily living. However, there are also pros to buying a home beside a main road. Let’s discuss everything you need to know so you can make the right decision.

5 Advantages of Buying a House on a Main Road

Buying a home beside a main road isn’t always a bad thing. It’s true that properties near frequent traffic are noisy, especially during the day, but they also have some great benefits if you purchase or live in one. Examples are:

1. Transportation is easily accessible

With plenty of cars passing by, you can expect to hail a cab shortly after you leave your home to go somewhere. You also won’t need to walk far to get to a bus stop.

2. Better security and safety

Main roads have better lighting and stronger police visibility. Walking outside at night feels less dangerous. Plus, routine patrols have a high chance to deter theft in residential areas beside main roads.

3. The busyness makes you productive

If you live in a neighborhood where people hustle and bustle early in the morning, you too will wake up early and become productive at work. It’s just the overall mood of main road housing that makes people living in the area busy bees.

4. It’s cleaner there

Because main roads are the first places passed by outsiders, they need to be clean in order to represent the community. This means the area is well maintained and is first when it comes to sanitation, road repair, and snow plowing.

5. Properties are on discounts

Most homeowners want to live quiet lives in quiet areas, making houses on main roads the least to be bought. As a result, these homes are sold with discounts — a great advantage if you don’t have kids, pets, or are used to noisy environments.

5 Disadvantages of Buying a House on a Main Road

Knowing the cons of owning a house beside a main road is important. It will help you weigh the benefits and risks before sending an offer or making a purchase. Examples of these disadvantages are:

1. The noise

Let’s start with the obvious problem. With multiple transportations passing at any given moment, you might find it hard to sleep at night. Or if you do, you might wake up due to the shaking and sound of a passing semi-trailer.

2. Dust and pollution

When there are motor vehicles, there will also be pollution and dust in the air. This shoots down your chance of having a beautiful front lawn or breathing in the fresh morning breeze.

3. Lack of privacy

Aside from various forms of transportation, different people will also pass by your house. Some will even look through your window during nighttime. If you’re a person who wants a lot of privacy, owning a main roadside property will stress you out.

4. Parking

Homeowners in side streets or dead ends can park their cars on the side of the road if there is small traffic in their area. Those on the main street don’t have that luxury. Do you own more cars than what your garage and driveway can store? If yes, then you might face parking problems.

5. Reselling value

Discounts are great until you’re on the selling side. Continuing from advantage #5, buying a house on a main road might not be a great real estate investment in the long term. Your house may sell less than your purchase price as people avoid buying homes in your block.

What's Best for You?

Your purchase decision depends on your needs, preference, budget, tolerance, and what you’re willing to sacrifice. If you don’t mind living in a noisy area where your privacy may not be respected, parking is a problem, the air is dirty, and future home resale value might yield zero profits, then a house on the side of a main road is a great buy.

However, if you like peace, quiet, fresh air, less security, and can afford a home without asking for a discount, a house on a main road may not be the right property for you.

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