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House Search: 5 Tips for Finding a Dog-Friendly Home and Neighborhood

Pet ownership is becoming more and more common, especially in the United States. According to the latest National Pet Owners Survey, about 90.5 million families own a pet. That’s nearly 70% of American households, and the majority of them (69 million households) are dog owners. This means that your home-buying decisions will most likely be influenced by the needs of your furry companions.

Dogs are family members too, and therefore, you’ll need to consider their needs and convenience when buying a new house. They need a bigger space to move around, dog-friendly establishments, and a community that will give them the ease and freedom to roam around without getting hurt. Finding a suitable home and neighborhood for your companion will help improve their quality of life.

Consider these five tips on finding the best home for you and your dog.

1. Check for Dog-Friendly Establishments

Doing a house search should not only be about your convenience but also the comfort of your pet. A dog-friendly neighborhood has easy access to vet clinics, pet stores, dog parks, and restaurants where dogs are allowed entry. Find time to check the area to see the availability of dog-friendly amenities. This will help you decide whether to purchase the house or not.

2. Take a Good Walk with your Dog

Finding a dog-friendly home for you and your dog comes with experiencing the neighborhood firsthand. Spend a day strolling around the place with your dog. Observe the neighborhood, the surroundings (noise and traffic), and other animals that are freely walking around the area.

Ensure that there are pathways and sidewalks available and that it’s safe to roam around. When searching for a home, it’s important that your dog feels safe and secure.

3. Read the Association’s Pet Regulations

Research about the association’s rules on pets. Study their pet restrictions. Some associations may allow pets but with special considerations. For example, dogs may be allowed but with size restrictions. Or having a leash is a must when wandering around the premises.

However, some neighbors don’t allow dogs because they find them noisy. While others, for health reasons, prefer not to be around any animals. These are things you need to consider if you’re buying a condo or a townhouse. While having pets is entirely up to you, you may have to keep them in your house if the majority of your neighbors don’t like them.

4. Talk to Some Pet Owners in the Neighborhood

There’s no better way to learn more about the area than to meet the people living there. Spend some time talking to them — even if they don’t own a pet yet. Ask about the neighborhood's reactions to pets like dogs or cats.

Talking to them will give you an idea of what it feels like to live there. Dogs should be welcomed and accommodated so that staying there will make them feel happy. A community that loves dogs as much as you is the perfect place for fur parents.

5. Inspect Dog-Friendly Areas

Consider strolling around and looking for dog-friendly areas. It can be places that support, entertain, and cater to dogs. For example, a place that sells dog treats or a public toilet that has room for dogs to pee and poop.  These kinds of establishments will be convenient for you and your dog.

Furthermore, you can ask if there are events for the dogs facilitated by the community (i.e., fundraising). Fun activities like Annual Pet Expo and Community Dog Walk can be a good sign that such a neighborhood is a dog-friendly area. Events like these can be good exposure and an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs.


Pet ownership comes with certain responsibilities, and one of them is providing a home that is conducive for your pet. Not all neighborhoods or communities have a positive outlook toward pets. Some are allergic to them, while others simply dislike animals. Following the tips in this article will help you find the perfect living condition for you and your furry companions. 

Buying a house that ticks all the right boxes for pet owners is a solid investment. After all, you have a market of 70% of American families at your disposal.

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