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The One Room You Should Stage to Sell a House

Every part of a house has its own function and these specific areas also give their own unique homely feel. But there is one place that needs extra attention, especially when it comes to the staging process — the living room.

The living room is the biggest space that touring buyers will first see when they enter your home. It’s also the area where they’re most likely to spend time looking around during the tour. With that said, it’s a wise decision to set it up well as it would greatly influence their buying decision.

How exactly should you stage your living room? What are the strategies you need to employ to not only secure a deal fast but also attract others as well in your listing? Let’s discuss them right away.

1. Remove and rearrange furniture

Look at all the furniture in the living room and ask yourself, “Does this cabinet shelf scale well with the space?” or “Is this table in symmetry with that corner?” If not, then take them out. Too big, too small, or mismatched furniture is bad. They make the living room look cluttered, convoluted, or a headache to look at. And all of these discourage buyers.

The rule of thumb suggests taking all the furniture out and leaving the couch. Pick a focal point where you can position the couch. You can either choose to position the seating in front of a mantel, right below a big painting, or have the couch face the windows. Then bring the coffee table back in as well as a few side tables. Remember, less furniture is better.

2. Remove personal effects and replace them with neutral decor

Books, family photos, or decor that gives off a “you” vibe should be removed and replaced. There are a lot of neutral decors you can use. Vases with flowers, succulents, hanging plants, paintings, candles, or a bowl of candies are good choices. And like furniture, less decorations also mean better staging.

3. Install a big mirror

Mirrors improve your living room’s appeal in two great ways. First, it makes the space appear larger by reflecting light. Second, if placed well, it gives potential buyers a clear image of what they look like if they spend time in the area if they do end up buying your place.

4. Neutralize color palette

Colorful and patterned living room elements are a thing of the past. Nowadays, the best way of influencing a buyer’s decision is by setting your living room with a neutral color theme. This is a strategy that makes it easy for them to imagine what living in your home would be like.

Choosing slipcovers, pillowcases, floor rugs, and wall paint that are complimenting or close to each other in the color spectrum helps the space appear more attractive. If you want, you can cover the euro pillows with modern geometric cases as long as the designs follow the neutral color rule.

5. Welcome outdoor light

Lastly, choose light-colored curtains for your living room staging. Show the buyers how illuminated your living room is during the day. They’ll be delighted to see that they can spend time in the area without worrying about additional electrical bills. And homebuyers love a house that has a relaxing spot that helps them save a lot of money in the long run.

To increase your chances of sealing the deal, allow the touring buyer sit around for a while. Offer some snacks and refreshments. Those few minutes will let them experience what it truly feels like to own a home such as yours.

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