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10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

It’s almost spring! That means the real estate market is about to get busy again. Why? It’s because spring is the time of the year when people greet the sun’s warmth while actively looking for homes to buy and settle in until next year.

As a real estate investor, this is a great opportunity to get the best deals fast as there will be more buyers than sellers in local real estate markets. Are you interested in selling your home this spring? Make sure to make it as attractive as possible. Follow these home preparation tips.

1. Get your home inspected

No matter how well you know your home, there are areas in it that you’ll miss for repairs and cleaning sessions. It’s best to hire a professional. They can point out which places need attention. Getting your home inspected is also a way to increase its selling value.

2. Repair what needs to be repaired

After the inspection, note down the areas that need fixing. Buy the right tools and materials for the job. If you’re not a handy person, hire professionals to do the work for you.

3. Clean and declutter live you’ve never before

Remove personal effects and decor. Clean everything from top to bottom. Every nook and cranny must be spic and span. The goal is to make your house look like nobody has lived in it before. Make it easy for potential buyers to imagine what it would be like to live in your home.

4. Spruce up the front and backyard landscape

The front yard is the first place potential buyers see before entering your home while the backyard is the last. It’s essential to make an excellent first and last impression by doing landscaping work.

5. Paint a fresh coat

Your house’s paint may have been weathered throughout the year and buyers are more likely to stay away from a home that looks old on the outside. As early as now, pick a neutral color that would make your home look new and stand out beautifully from the neighborhood.

6. Eliminate odors

Do you have pets? Chances are you’re already nose blind to the smell of their doodoo. The same goes for molds. Here are tips on how to eliminate bad indoor odors.

7. Renovate and upgrade the outdated

Know what buyers want this year. Upgrade some outdated kitchen appliances or HVAC systems. Improve the security of your home. Make it energy efficient or smarter if you want to. Rearrange the bedrooms and living room. You can even choose to go for an elegant look.

But pay attention to renovations that might be bad for selling and mistakes you can make during the upgrade process.

8. Let natural lighting in

As mentioned, spring is the season when the sun returns. So let the natural light come into your home. Use light-colored curtains and open the blinds. The brighter your room is during the day, the more welcoming it is to homebuyers as they tour your property during a showing,

9. Make a marketing plan

Once you’re done preparing your home for selling, plan how you’re going to advertise it. You can either do everything yourself or hire a real estate agent to represent your property.

10. Take photos and videos

If you decide to do everything yourself, you’ll need to take great pictures and videos of your home’s interior before listing it for sale. This is the part where you’ll need a good camera. Otherwise, you can still choose to hire a professional videographer that specializes in home staging.

Preparing a home for selling is a tedious process. However, it’s a fun experience for many. It’s even more rewarding once a purchase deal is signed. You too can be a successful home seller. You just need to have the time and a clear mind to do everything right.

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