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7 Proven Ways to Get Seller Leads In Real Estate

As a real estate agent, it’s not all the time that you have a client to work with. There will be weeks or months when you’re getting little to zero calls for your services. Sometimes it’s because the season isn’t for house selling yet, such as winter.

That may be okay because seasons come and go and you can just resume work in the spring. However, there are times when you’re left with little to nothing earning opportunities because there’s too much competition in the market even if it’s house selling season.

That’s why you must make sure that when it’s house selling season, you always have the opportunity to earn commissions. To do it, you need to get seller leads. Here are effective strategies on how to do so.

1. Build partnerships

There’s no better way to get seller leads than to partner up with institutions or professionals house sellers go to. A few examples would be personal bankers, insurance companies, commercial lenders, landscapers, movers, staging experts, and title companies. 

2. Throw a housewarming party

You can get referrals everywhere if you know where to look. Even the relatives, friends, colleagues, and new neighbors of your recent client can be your future leads. Show these people how beautiful, safe, and comfortable the home is that you’ve helped your client purchase by bringing them all together for drinks and food. Then, mingle and hand out your calling card.

3. Leverage your current and past buyers

Don’t just settle for the acquaintances of your recent clients at the housewarming party. Call your past clients too. If they were very happy with your services, ask them to help you in handing out your calling cards to more people they know who might need your expertise.

4. Go after FSBO listings

For Sale By Owner listings are gold mines for real estate agents because not every house seller is able to complete a transaction. Your services will be badly needed there. Be sure to visit Craigslist, Zillow, and other listing websites to increase your lead pool.

5. Be the local expert in targeted social media groups of verified homeowners

There are a lot of house selling groups on Facebook. The problem is, a majority of the listings aren’t posted by verified homeowners. You also have a lot of competition. Nextdoor, however, is a social networking service designed solely for neighborhoods.

Groups are very specific to one area and every member is a verified homeowner. There is also less competition because not a lot of real estate agents use the platform. But instead of advertising yourself from the get-go, build trust first by answering the real estate questions of the users in the neighborhood groups.

6. Join a team with well-known listing agents

No matter how many expert real estate agents there are, they cannot handle all the listing opportunities that are given to their teams. This is true especially for highly-urbanized areas. However, these opportunities can be your own.

So join these top agent groups or agencies and make friends with them. You won’t only get seller leads but you’ll also gain valuable experience in the real estate world.

7. Blogging

If you’re not into direct lead generating approaches such as handing out calling cards or reaching out to sellers, you can write a blog to showcase your real estate expertise. House sellers looking for tips will search online for specific selling tips.

Some would even contact you directly for advice. Just make sure to leave your contact info on your page or write a clear call-to-action in the end (CTA). You can write your CTA asking them to consider your services if they’re looking for a real estate agent.

There are more surefire tips on how to earn more seller leads that would keep the momentum of your commission checks. So stay tuned for the next article. For the meantime, write down these tips and create a plan on how to execute them.

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