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Looking to Give Your Rental an Uplift? Here are 6 Renovation Trends for 2018

Finding the perfect rental place is a process wherein you have to check if it fits your budget, the location, and the neighborhood.

After going through this process and finally having the perfect rental, you realize that it still doesn’t feel like home. It’s common for rentals to have a universal design that will appeal to most people and it’s not surprising that most would like to have their own style and ambiance.

Are you ready to make your rental feel like home? Read on the 2018 renovation trends to give your rental an uplift.

Warm it Up With Neutrals

Neutrals don’t necessarily mean the usual plain colors of white, black, or gray. Most people don’t know that you can give neutrals a personality by adding undertones to it.

The new neutral for 2018 is sage green which is a soft muted green nature with gray undertones. It’s the direction where color trends are heading because if you ask any color enthusiast, greens bring out our desires to connect with nature. This will be perfect in contrast to most rental colors which are whites, off-white, or beige.

To complement the color sage green, you can use wood and caramel browns to pieces of furniture and accent details. Soft pastels are also considered as neutrals so don’t disregard them from your list of possible choices.

Introduce Nature at Home

As what was mentioned earlier, green brings out the desire to be one with nature. So, you can accent your rental with plants. Green gives your space a feeling of energy and harmony. For 2018, colorful leafy plants are gaining more favor than the succulent plants such as cactus and aloe. But if you love the look of succulent plants, try mixing it with leafy plants to create diversity.

Be Bold

Aside from using neutrals, you can also choose bold colors to compliment the usual boring plain rental design to break the monotony and spark a playful look. Create a contrast against the plain backdrop by choosing accent pieces and focal points such as a small table or a china cabinet. Black and dark hues make your home design pop out and make a statement. This will not only improve your rental aesthetics but also lets you unleash the sense of adventure and exploration within you.

Flower Power

Floral prints have been around for quite some time now but are gaining popularity in the interior design trend. This is very easy to do as you can choose prints for your curtains, bed sheets, or throw pillows and have a different feel of the atmosphere. This style is very easy to do yet very easy to over-do. Choosing the design is a walk in a park but knowing where to place and what backdrop to match it with is the real challenge. Choose neutral backdrops to make the floral patterns stand out.

Up Your Lighting Design

To achieve the ambiance that you like at home, you can try exploring different light options.

Explore LED lighting as it has a variety of styles available. Aside from making you achieve the perfect ambiance, LED can also help with money and power-saving properties. It leads the way in promoting more efficient and environment-friendly forms of lighting.

The major disadvantage for LED is the high cost but compensates for what you save in the future. You can experiment depending on your personality or your lifestyle. Some rentals though do not allow changing the fixtures so you can have lamps as an alternative. They come in multiple colors, brightness, and shapes.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Floor design is perceived as another trend for 2018. Woods, bricks, and even 3D design are being used for a pleasing floor design. As what everyone knows, floors in rentals are not allowed to be changed. Instead of forgetting all about changing the floor design, decorate instead. Use eye-catching carpets or area rugs that can amplify your rental design.

We hope that these trends have made you excited in turning your rental into your beautiful home soon!

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