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9 Benefits of a Green Home

As climate change gets worse, our environment grows hotter during the non-winter season. Winters last longer as well. More electricity is used for cooling and heating appliances. Electricity bills are going up. For those settling down and looking to buy a home, a house that’s durable and cost-efficient is the best investment for the future.

One property particularly stands out and fulfills all of these needs and it’s the green home. But green homes aren’t just all about durability and energy efficiency. To learn more about its benefits, keep on reading.

1. Reduce waste and use of resources

Say goodbye to hefty electricity and water bills when you have solar panels, water recycling systems, and rainwater storage tanks. Organic waste? No problem. Add a vegetable garden and compost pit to the backyard and the only materials you’ll put in the garbage truck are plastic.

2. Preserving lands of sensitive environments

Large homes mean a bigger carbon footprint. Green homes are built to do more function that requires less space. In the long run, there might not even be a carbon footprint left. A green home will also encourage the resident to be eco-friendly and fertilize the soil they live in.

3. Durable

Typical houses are built with wood, vinyl sidings, and asphalt shingles. Green homes use metal roofing and fiber cement which last 70-100 years. The typical houses? Their compartments last 20-50 years. That means less renovation, repairs, and maintenance.

4. Better lifestyle

Green homes are small. It makes you be conscious of the things you buy and put in it. No more hoarding and no more waste accumulation. It’s all decluttering and mental peace through simplicity.

5. Better future value

Consumers are always attracted to products with low utility and maintenance costs. When they find one, they'll be willing to pay a premium for a house that will save them a lot of money as they live in it.

6. Better health

Natural ventilation is one of the primary features of a green home. All green homes are built strategically to take in clean outdoor air while facing wind paths. So expect to breathe in the fresh air at night and day.

The paints used in a green home have low-to-zero volatile organic compounds. Respiratory systems will not be stressed or compromised and bad odor will not be noticed.

7. More comfort

The recycled insulation materials used in green homes provide better temperature variations between partitions. You and everyone else living in this kind of house will stay warm during winter. During the summer, heat is also kept out and cool air is trapped inside.

8. Quieter and more peaceful

Hate outdoor noises? The green home has got you covered. Every window is planned to be installed with triple panes that insulate not just temperature but noise as well. Most green homeowners don’t know this but it’s something they’ll notice and sure love.

9. Better incentives

There’s a lot of incentive that green homes have. Even more numerous than conventionally-built houses. These incentives include:

  • Low-interest loans
  • Property tax incentives
  • Utility rebates
  • Government grants
  • Building permit fee waivers

You can find more incentives as they vary depending on location. Some are given by the state and others are given by the government.

Whether you’re looking for a green home to live in or resell, this type of property is one of the best investments you could make. It’s highly in-demand for rich and environmentally conscious people. It’s also more favored by governments and banks with incentives. Start saving money and look for a green home now! Or if you have an empty property, make blueprints for this kind of home.