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Top 10 Ways to Show Tenant Appreciation

Nothing fosters a good landlord-tenant relationship better than showing your tenants that you appreciate and care for them. Simple gestures of gratitude for their goodness will not only inspire them to continue doing good, but they will also refer your property to other potential tenants as well. So how exactly do we show our appreciation to model tenants? Here are some of them below.

1. Welcome letter and a housewarming gift basket

Leave a welcome letter with a gift basket in the kitchen when the new tenant moves in. When they renew their lease for another year and a month, you may do this again by leaving a simple and kind thank you note with a smaller gift basket.

2. Help with caring for the property

Help your tenants by providing free house care services like lawn maintenance. They will feel more welcomed and would be inspired to take care of the property while staying.

3. Give them a potted plant

Adding greenery to the property is a subtle gift showing that you value the environment as well as the tenant’s health. For green thumb tenants, this is a perfect gift. There are also a variety of plants to choose from indoor to outdoor, depending on what kind of rental property you possess.

4. Give gift cards from a hardware or home goods store

Gift cards that tenants can use to spend for home improvement tools or products show that you care for their comfort. However, it doesn’t have to be a large amount to prove your point. 

5. Organize a get-together event

For landlords and property owners with larger buildings, a simple cookout or an eating get-together is also a simple but meaningful gesture. This strengthens your relationship with your tenants as well their relationship with their neighbors. Nothing beats a solid community in the building. 

6. Upgrade some amenities

Don’t wait for your tenant to move out to make some improvements to the property. Small upgrades can mean a lot to your renters. It also shows that you like having them in your rental.

7. Give some cleaning and hygiene products

Who doesn’t like receiving free stuff? Useful household or personal care items are greatly appreciated by tenants especially those who have families or are too busy to buy them at the grocery. 

8. Send gifts on their key anniversaries

A landlord who keeps track of tenants' birthdays and key anniversaries shows that he or she sees them as special. Be sure to greet them or send a gift card with a letter to help them celebrate and make that event even more special.

9. Have a point-rewards system

Don’t just settle for the end of the year rewards. Go for a purposeful loyalty-rewards system that would give your tenants something to look forward to in their stay. This could also entice them into staying even longer.

10. Offer a rent discount

Here's an idea: Giving a tenant discount one month a year will definitely make them feel appreciated. Send them a little thank you note with a notification informing them of the discount as a form of your appreciation.

Having a model tenant is an uncommon opportunity. Be sure to share a good, professional relationship with them while they’re in your rental property. It is an ultimate investment to keep your property occupied with loyal and good tenants. Every landlord dreams of this. Nobody wants an empty rental or one that's occupied by the nightmare tenants.

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