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8 Easy Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property

How do you make your rental apartment more desirable for potential tenants? Increasing your curb appeal is a smart strategy to attract renters and reduce vacancies. After all, people love to live in a home that looks nice. It makes them feel proud. 

The good news is that boosting your property’s curb appeal doesn’t have to be expensive. There are no major renovations required; just simple steps that make a huge difference. Keep reading.

How to Improve Your Rental’s Curb Appeal (And Attract Great Tenants)

1. Clean the yard.

Rake those fallen leaves and debris, and prune your trees and shrubs. Even the most beautiful apartment will look unappealing with mess all around. Use the right tools for cleaning to speed up the process.

2. Paint the front door.

Adding new paint to the front door of the rental will give it a brand new appearance. If you want to stay on the safe side, choose neutral colors. A black front door would give your rental a serious and secure vibe. You can also opt for contrast and paint the door red or blue.

3. Add some plants.

There’s nothing more catchy to the eye than fresh leaves and flowers. You don’t have to grow a garden. Potted plants are quick and easy additions. Great options include Chinese evergreens, and geraniums.

4. Install outdoor lighting

A well-lit rental unit at night invites potential tenants. Not only that, it keeps burglars away. Make sure that your property stays bright. Add walkway lights and lanterns. If you have them already, remove dust from the fixtures.

5. Upgrade your mailbox.

For as little as $20, you can replace your outdated mailbox with a brand new one. It only takes two to three hours to complete this project. Don’t hesitate to ask help from a neighbor or handyman.

6. Install new house numbers.

Even the tiniest details will make a difference in your property’s curb appeal. Updated house numbers are sure to make your entrance pop. Choose numbers with contrasting colors and the right font style so that they stand out beautifully.

7. Pressure wash your rental’s exterior.

Are your siding and walls covered in dirt? Most likely yes, since they’re exposed to the elements day and night. The pressure from the water stream effectively loosens dirt from vinyl, wood, and metal surfaces. If they’re heavily soiled, brush them with detergent and rise again.

8. Add a decorative front door wreath.

Think that wreaths are only for Christmas? Think again. Wreaths create a welcoming entrance all year round. Pick artificial wreaths since they last longer. Choose a wreath color that compliments or contrasts.

Wrapping Up

People pay attention to the curb appeal of rentals. Your curb appeal will either create a positive or negative impression. Your rental may be beautiful already and only needs a bit of tweaking. Use the tips above and be impressed with the results.

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