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Ways to Make Your Rental Property More Environmentally-Friendly

People are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprints, and most are looking for ways to live sustainably. That's why there's a growing demand for eco-friendly housing these days.

But aside from attracting and retaining more environmentally conscious renters, eco-friendly properties can also benefit landlords, like lower utility and maintenance costs and higher property value. Here are 6 practical ways to make a more sustainable rental property.

1. Use energy-efficient appliances

Buying energy-efficient appliances is one of the best ways to reduce utility costs and carbon footprint at the same time. Using energy-efficient washing machines and dishwashers can also help save water.

So how can you tell if your appliances are energy efficient? Start by looking for an Energy Star label on the external surfaces of your appliance. You can also look for the Energy Guide sticker and calculate the average energy consumption.

2. Switch to energy-efficient lighting

We can reduce our carbon emissions by decreasing our use of electricity to power our lighting. And we can do that by switching to energy-efficient light sources like LEDs. LED light bulbs use less than 80% of energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They also last longer than standard bulbs, so you don't have to frequently replace them.

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3. Install renewable energy sources

Most of our electricity comes from nonrenewable energy course like natural gas, coal, and petroleum. In fact, around 80% of our energy sources are nonrenewable. But it shouldn't stop you from using renewable energy for your home.

Renewable energy is generated from natural renewable sources like the sun, wind, and water. The simplest way to power your rental property with renewable energy is to install solar powers, which uses the sun to generate electricity. You can also use air-source heat pumps and small wind turbines to power your home.

4. Conserve water

Since water is a main requirement to sustain life, it's our responsibility to converse it. One way to do that is to install low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets. You can also provide containers that collect rainwater and use it for cleaning and gardening.

Some homeowners use aerators which are small end pieces for the faucet with mesh screens. Aerators create a mixture of water and air, limiting the water flow.

5. Reinforce insulation

Insulation materials are important to reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain comfortable temperatures, especially during winter and summer. In case you're replacing the insulation in your rental property, it's best to use cellulose or fiberglass which are made with 40-80% recycled materials. 

6. Provide recycling options

Every eco-friendly rental property should have recycling and compost bins for tenants to use. It's best to label the bins clearly with instructions so that tenants know how to use them correctly.

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By making these changes, your rental property can reduce its environmental impact and appeal to environmentally conscious renters. It's also a good idea to give your renters a list of tips to improve their water and energy conservation.