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How to Make a Great First Impression for Your Rental Property

When showing the rental property to a potential renter, you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression. If your property isn't well-presented, people might not want to live in it. And if they do, that poor first impression will affect the kind of relationship you'll have with them as you move forward. 

Great first impressions have the power to maximize word-of-mouth marketing, allowing you to attract more tenants down the road. In today's post, we'll explore ways for you to make your property stand out to all prospective renters. 

A clean and welcoming entryway

The first thing you need to consider for making that first impression is your front door. A prospective tenant will be paying attention to the entrance. Has the paint faded? Are the handles functioning? Are there scratches or holes? Restyle your entryway by making sure that everything looks well and functions properly. You can repaint the door, place a "welcome" door decor, and add a new doormat and some flower pots!

Get rid of clutter 

Quality tenants will absolutely be turned off by the sight of clutter. Before showing the rental to a prospective tenant, clean up the clutter! When a property has clutter, prospects will have a hard time imagining how their future home will look like. If you have good paying prospects who are ready to move in anytime, a cluttered rental will lead them to your competition. Don't let that happen. 

Choose neutral paint colors

If you want your rental to appeal to the masses, go for paint colors that are neutral such as grey, beige, white, powder blush, and magnolia fine black. Neutral colors pair well with any color palette, making it easy for potential renters to visualize their dream home. Neutral colors shouldn't only be applied to the walls, but also to the ceiling, floors, and cabinets. 

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, know your stuff! As the landlord, present yourself professionally. You should be able to anticipate possible questions about the rental. Use positive body language. Market the rental the right way.

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