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How to Stage Your Home for Winter Sales

As promised in the previous article, we’re going to discuss winter home staging tips. If you haven’t read 8 Good Reasons to Sell Your Home This Winter, you can do so by clicking this link. Now, let’s dive into staging strategies to boost your property’s appeal and secure a fast sale this season of frost.

1. Cozy decor

Winter is a season of cold and people want to feel warmth. So take out your fur blankets and everything knitted to convey that cozy image and feel of your home. You can also turn on a diffuser with scents of ginger, sandalwood, orange, or cinnamon. Just be careful not to overdo the scents and annoy the noses of touring buyers.

2. Turn up the heat

Intensify that cozy feeling by turning on your home’s heating. If you have a fireplace, get some logs burning as well. Temperature is very important to set the mood of potential buyers. Your thermostat shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. The rule of thumb suggests slightly warmer than room temperature.

3. Clear all walkways

Shovel the snow away from the walkways of your front lawn and backyard and throw salt on them. It may be snowing outside but touring buyers would still want to see the surrounding outdoors.

You don’t want them to slip or trip due to some unseen objects on the ground and a slippery sheet of ice caused by extreme weather. Clear off debris such as fallen twigs and branches from the grass, roof, and gutters.

4. Have a place for the visitors’ wet and dirty clothing

Home buyers’ shoes and clothing have accumulated snow and dirt before they entered your property. Put some mats outside or in your home’s foyer for their shoes. Don’t forget to prepare a special rack so that they can dry up their winter wear as they tour your place.

5. Showcase common gathering areas

It’s no secret that winter is the season where everyone mostly spends their time at home. This is why you should put more emphasis on showing gathering and entertainment facilities. Indoor exercise areas, game rooms, basement playrooms, and sunrooms add to the appeal of your property because buyers would want a place they and their visitors can hang out in on future winters. Another thing - remove and hide all your personal effects.

6. Hide your winter gear

Your dirty boots, dripping coat in the hallway, and other clutter are things buyers would not want to see. If there’s a place touring guests’ could store their winter wear, you should also have a special place for yours. And that place must be out of sight.

7. Combine natural and artificial lighting

Show the true beauty of your home by letting natural light in and adding brighter light bulbs for the indoors. Lighting is a great way to make people feel warm when it’s cold outside. Open your blinds, curtains, and turn all the main bulbs in your house as guests tour the premises.

When the tour is over, serve hot chicken soup to the buyers to increase your chances of sealing the deal. Touring a property can make one hungry. It’ll be a great opportunity to show potential buyers how relaxing it is to spend their winter days in your home. Enjoy your holidays, happy-house selling, and Merry Christmas in advance!