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Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor: 5 Essential Questions to Ask

Did you know that the success of your house renovation project depends on how good your contractors are? Whether building a house or improving it, it all starts with choosing the right contractor.

House building and improvement is an investment, so make sure that your investment is worth it. To do that, a dependable professional with a good reputation and excellent track record is what you want. But how do you find which contractor best fits your project? Here are questions you can ask to help you decide.

1. How long have you been working as a contractor?

Contractors that have been in operation for more than a few years have enough knowledge and experience that they can apply to your home. Also, they probably have established a network of subcontractors and suppliers in the area. To know if they are legitimate, as for their business card with a nearby address.

2. What will be the cost of the labor and materials?

Get your prospective contractor to check your house and list the things needed for the renovation project. Then ask how much you are going to pay for their labor. Will they be providing the construction materials? If so, how much will that cost?

Some companies may overcharge, especially when you don't know the average cost of materials. So please do your research and ask them to itemize their bid. If they don't want to itemize their bid, then it's a red flag, and you shouldn't hire them. Also, compare their list to other contractors to know which provides a better scope of the project.

3. Can you provide a list of references?

Experienced contractors should have past clients who will vouch for their credibility. Ask your prospective contractor to give you a list of names of their former customers. Then ask these if they're satisfied with the result of their house improvement projects. Did they have any concerns with the results or the contractor's work ethic? Lastly, ask them if they would hire this contractor again.

4. What is the expected timeline for this project?

It's important that you know the project's scope and have a clear picture of when it will be finished. You should also ask if your contractor is working on another project and how that could affect your schedule. Note that some circumstances may affect the schedule, so it's best to anticipate anything that can delay the deadline of your project.

5. What's your work routine?

Professionalism is vital to efficiently finish your house improvement project. So if the workers do more resting than working, then you should look for another contractor. Ask them about their schedule. What time do they start and finish working? Will they be working during the weekends?

Aside from their daily schedule, ask how they proceed with their work. For example, what do they do with waste materials? How noisy will the neighborhood be? How many workers will be on this project?


Choose at least three potential contractors and compare their answers. Remember to choose someone you can get along with as you'll communicate with them throughout the renovation process. After all, this is your home, so it's expected that you pick someone trustworthy and dependable.

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