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Discover 7 Different Ways to Sell a House


It takes a skill to be able to sell a product, especially selling real estate properties. Some people find it easy to penetrate a market and find potential buyers without needing a real estate agent. However, not all are experts in this field, and others may need help from professionals to sell a house.

That said, there’s more than one way to sell a house. To give you an idea, here are seven different ways of doing it. Read on.

1. Be your own house seller

Some homeowners choose to market their own houses and do all the negotiation process. Selling your house yourself can save you a commission fee intended for the agent. While that is okay, ensure to at least have adequate knowledge of the sale price or current market value. Learn how to navigate and narrow down your possible buyers and prepare all legal documents to expedite the selling.

2. Hire a real estate agent

Tapping a real estate agent to manage everything is the most common way of selling a house. If you want to have a hassle-free experience, let a real agent handle it. They are specifically experts in the search for a potential buyer, presenting the product, negotiating, and selling it.

Real estate agents are capable of marketing strategies, and for some, their years of experience make them more beneficial to you. Although, having them assist in selling your house means you’re willing to pay them a 6% commission fee. Be sure to do your research and find a reliable and trustworthy agent.

3. Try an auction

Another way to sell a house is through a housing auction. It’s a marketing strategy of competitive pricing among prospective buyers. The auction happens on a schedule, inviting possible buyers at a time and place. Then they are given a price guide throughout the auction event to help buyers prepare for the possible house pricing.

The real estate will only declare the minimum amount to sell the house then interested buyers will name the price they’re willing to pay for the property. There’s no limit to the price until the hammer sounds, indicating that the house is good to go. 

4. Deal through property investor

There’s also a way to sell a house through property investors. These are property developers willing to pay cash to buy your property. They offer discounts and will gain you profit. If you can’t sell it or deal with a real estate agent, search for a property investor willing to purchase your house at any time.

5. Consider an iBuyer

For homeowners who are in a hurry to sell their house and want cash, try iBuyer online. It is a company that buys property instantly. All you need to do is visit their website and sell your house without even doing it face to face. Before selling your home in the iBuyer, secure all the details about your property necessary for the selling process.

6. Trade it in

Some companies offer trade-in schemes, another way to sell a house. They will purchase your home and help you get a new property. Then they will be the ones to sell your former house to the market. Be mindful that trading in can only be applicable if you're selling your house to buy another home.  

7. Join the marketplace community

You may also search for a marketplace that offers the highest price for your house. Selling through online marketplaces provides you with an additional channel to market your real estate property and allows for an opportunity to sell to prospective buyers overseas. 


Before deciding to sell the house, do some research. Understand the seven ways to sell a home outlined in this article and weigh the pros and cons. Determine your property’s value, the perfect market to sell it, and what works best for you.

Ultimately, there are no right or wrong choices here, as long as you sell your house at a reasonable price. Either way, you don’t have to make rash decisions. Find time to talk to a few agents and discuss your best available options. Think about them carefully, and then make a choice you’re comfortable with the most.

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