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What Will Homebuyers Want Post COVID? Focus On These 7 Home Features

With every era humanity experiences, changes in household living always follow and the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t an exception. Looking for ideas to make your property highly valuable in your local real estate market? Take inspiration from these small to medium home upgrade ideas!

1. Outdoor space

Homebuyers nowadays have begun to value the comfort of relaxing at home instead of going to tourist destinations. As a result of that epiphany, they’ll want homes with a spacious backyard with multiple amenities to keep their mind occupied as they stay in their lot. Top backyard revamp ideas are sunken fire pits with grills, swimming pools, gazebos, and minibars.

2. Home office or classroom

Life may be slowly going back to normal but some workers and students have already loved the experience of remote working and learning. Plenty of homebuyers and their children might even want to avoid going to their office and school altogether. Invest in building home offices and classrooms. If they do choose in-person working and classes, they’ll still use these amenities.

3. White tiles and linoleum flooring

This idea has sprung up during the Victorian era and the third plague pandemic. With hygiene and cleanliness of utmost importance, homeowners will want to buy a home where bathroom and kitchen counters can highlight dirt which bacteria and viruses can multiply. And like white tiles, linoleum flooring is in demand because it’s easy to wipe and clean compared to hardwood.

4. Sleeping porches

A tuberculosis epidemic killed 1 of 7 of the global population during the 19th and 20th centuries. Because of that, sleeping porches were needed to make sure that children and adults can relax, get sunlight, fresh air, and rest as they recover. 

5. Less dense living areas

The post-COVID world may not be ideal for real estate investors of apartments, condominiums, and other similar residential niches. Single-family homes are highly prized out for their privacy and backyard space no matter the size.

6. Separate spaces

There is one problem for families where most members prefer to work or stay at home - private space. It’s best to install some room dividers like pocket doors or curtain sliders so each person can have a reserved space for certain activities like exercise and gaming. This is also a huge help for households with frontline workers to separate themselves in case of an infection.

7. Upgraded laundry room

Clothing is one of the common places viruses can stick to when the person wearing it goes outside. So instead of planning for restroom and bathroom upgrades, focus on updating with the latest virus-killing laundry appliances. Paint the walls white, add more shelves for detergent storage, and put emphasis on proper ventilation.

Take note that some of these ideas may not be sought after by some homebuyers as they would still prefer to buy a pre-COVID-era home. You must do more research about your local market by engaging in buyer discussions or asking around from the experts. You might find more additional ideas you can use to make your property stand out in listings.

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