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How to Prepare Your Rental Unit for a New Tenant: 7 Turnover Tips

You’re done screening prospective tenants. Now it’s time to welcome them into their new home -- your rental. There are specific things that you, as the landlord, have to make sure of to ease the tenant’s transition into the unit. Prior to handing over the key, follow these tips:

1. Check that all appliances are working.

Are all installations functioning well? Even if you know that your previous renter cared for your rental, still, test everything -- the interior and exterior lights, fridge, oven, dryer, and more. You might also need to replace old appliances that waste energy.

2. Clean the property.

It’s important to present a clean rental to new tenants. They need to feel the joy of finally moving in. At least they won’t have to worry about tidying up on the first day. To save time, hire professionals to do the cleaning for you. Areas/things that need attention include carpets, sidewalk, tub, toilet, and lawn.

3. Repaint the rental.

While landlords are not obligated to paint between tenants, painting the interior of your unit makes the place look brand new and brighter. If you see chipped paint or you think that the walls really need updating, repaint the walls. At the same time, fix those dents and holes.

4. Change the locks.

After a previous tenant returns the keys of the rental unit, it’s a good practice to change the locks. Your future tenants want to live as safely as possible. They must have no reason to think that someone other than you, has copies of their keys. If you use security codes for the garage, change them as well.

5. Go through the move-in checklist.

You and your new tenant will have to check the unit together using a move-in checklist. That checklist serves as baseline data to ensure that everything is in order. You will also use the data to compare the condition of the unit when it’s time for the tenant to move out.

6. Put together a welcome package.

Make a positive first impression by giving new tenants a welcome package. While you’re not obligated to do this, this sends out the message that you care and want them to feel at home. A welcome package shouldn’t break the bank. A simple package can include essentials like paper towels, bottled water in the refrigerator, a map of your area, and a welcome letter.

7. Let tenants ask you any questions they have.

Some new tenants may need clarifications regarding rules or expectations in the rental. Others have specific requests. Ask them if they have questions. Consider creating a list of possible questions so that you can determine the right answers ahead of time.

Final Thoughts

Getting your property ready for new tenants can be a bit stressful if this is your first time. Hopefully, my list clarified some things and that you get to welcome renters who will care for your rental and remain good all throughout.

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