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7 Maintenance Tips to Winter-Proof Your Rental Property

Winter can be hard on houses. And when you’re running a rental property business, you need to prep your rental to avoid expensive repairs caused by damage. The cold, wind, and snow are unforgiving to your roof, siding, and other areas of your apartment.

You already know that problems create unhappy tenants who may opt to move to another rental that’s well-maintained. To stay on top of maintenance as winter approaches, here are seven practical tips.

1. Clean your gutters.

Hire a roofing contractor to clear out large debris and anything that has accumulated in the gutters. Cleaning the gutters keeps them from clogging. Ice dams are less likely to form, and water drains properly from your roof (instead of backing up and causing leaks and foundation problems).

2. Prune tree limbs.

The reason why you should prune trees that surround your rental is that they may be dead. Dead limbs or branches easily break especially with the added weight of snow and ice. Make sure to remove them before they fall and cause damage or injury to your tenants. A certified tree expert will be able to help you.

3. Repair a faulty heating system.

Before winter arrives, test your heating system to ensure that it’ll run efficiently throughout winter. You don’t want your tenants complaining about insufficient heating. Perhaps you’ll need to replace or clean the air filters. Maybe you need to replace some batteries. Whatever the problem, have an experienced technician inspect and fix it.

4. Increase home security.

Burglaries increase during winter months since it gets dark quickly. Dark rental properties are inviting to burglars. Use various security measures such as motion detection lighting and CCTV systems. Make sure that your driveway and walkway are well-lit. Trim overgrown hedges that may serve as hiding areas.

5. Address the gaps and cracks.

Sealing air leaks is a cost-effective way to maintain temperatures inside your rental and prevent heating costs from skyrocketing. There are various solutions to try. You can install a door sweep, shut the dampers, or use expanding foams to fill holes around wall penetrations.

6. Get landlord insurance.

Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover rental properties. Get landlord insurance to protect your property from the dangers associated with winter. Make sure that you have a comprehensive policy.

7. Fix all roofing problems.

Any existing roofing issue will result in more significant problems when winter comes. For example, small roof holes get bigger and weak roof materials collapse during snowstorms. 

Follow these tips to preserve your rental property and keep your tenants comfortable and happy. Preparing for what comes will save you from a lot of stress.

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