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6 Creative Real Estate Listing Ideas for DIY Home Sellers

The greatest disadvantage of selling houses without a real estate agent is that you have no influential access to local market networks. And that could really make your home sit unbought for weeks to months.

However, that’s not really an issue if you know how to advertise the property you’re selling. If you need help, check out these listing strategies or advertising ideas you can do alone that will attract plenty of potential home buyers.

1. Skip open house showing and record a video tour

House showings may not always generate plenty of leads and can be costly, especially for sellers without strong connections to a local real estate market. A pre-recorded video tour, on the other hand, is a one-time effort that’s both affordable and less stressful for DIY home sellers. It also filters out less serious buyers, keeping your schedule light to entertain the serious ones requesting for a home showing.

2. Print brochures

When people search for properties to buy, they always consider other options. Chances are, they will see your listing first and forget about it later on. But by printing ads for your home, they can take the brochure out and use it to compare your property with what they’re viewing at the moment. They might even realize your home looks way better and ask to negotiate with you.

3. Include local images in your listing photos

Aside from taking photos and videos of your home, capture images from the surrounding community as well. Show aerial views of the neighborhood, drive around the local area while recording a video, or advertise the selling points of the community.

4. Create content to capture leads

Blog posts spark curiosity in social media news feeds. Pair up your listing photos and videos with an informative blog. There is a high probability that people who come across your post will take the time to read it. The main purpose of writing the blog is to market your home with a powerful call-to-action in the end.

5. Sponsor local events

Advertisements are memorable when encountered in the most unrelated places or events. For example, you can be a sponsor of a local festival and have the emcee announce that your home is for sale. And what if by chance, there are out-of-town visitors looking for properties to buy in the area? That would really be a great moment for you.

6. Shoot a day-in-the-life video

“How does it feel like living in this home?” This is one of the essential questions home hunters ask themselves when looking at a property. Answer that by adding a day-in-the-life video to your listing. Show a variety of fun and relaxing activities potential buyers can do in your house if they purchase it. These activities can either be things you do on a regular basis or occasionally.

Being a DIY home seller or real estate investor is a tough job. You have a lot of professional competitors with the qualifications and networks to attract property hunters. But don’t worry. As long as you’re actively looking for ways to let people know your property is for sale, you too can succeed in the industry.

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