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Tenants Themselves Reveal These Potential Tenant Scams

It’s funny how tenants complain about landlords when they openly share their ideas on the internet about how one can scam their landlord. The moment you put up a listing or ad for your rental property, you are not just attracting good tenants, but also potential scammers. Regardless of how a tenant can scam you, at the end of the day, your business is put at risk. In this article, I reveal the most popular tenant scams you need to know.

Tenant scam #1: No plans of paying the rent

Many landlords find themselves dealing with renters who keep having an explanation as to why they haven’t paid the rent yet. Or worse, renters who have stopped paying the rent. Remember that you have the right to charge rent and receive payments when they are due. You also have the right to end the tenancy.

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Tenant scam #2: Illegal subletting

Landlords can also fall victim to hustler tenants who secretly rent out the unit to other people. The worst part is that your original tenant has not paid rent and that he runs away with the money paid by the subtenant. He’s off to look for another landlord to fool.

Tenant scam #3: Not declaring the real number of adults living in the rental

It’s very important that everyone who lives in your rental property has been indicated on the lease. That way, you can hold them legally accountable. Some guests stay longer and soon become tenants, but your original tenants did not inform you about it. To confirm this potential scam or prevent it from happening, install a security camera at the front door.

Tenant scam #4: Fraudulent documents

This is a tenant scam that most landlords are already aware of. Scammers can use a fake employer’s letter and fake reference from their previous landlords. Be cautious, and do the work of verifying all the details that your tenant applicants provide, from their identity to their credit report.

Tenant scam #5: Stealing appliances

So a tenant moved out but took some of your appliances too. Landlords usually discover this when they go inside the rental to clean it. If this happens to you, make sure that you have all the details of the tenant - driver’s license number, etc. and that you file a report with the police. This scam can be prevented by conducting periodic inspections throughout the tenancy.

Final Thoughts

Tenants can scam landlords in other ways, and these are just a few of them. Prevention is the best intervention, and it can be done by thoroughly screening your prospective renters. A lot of unpleasant situations are avoided through proper screening.

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