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7 Things That Every Landlord Wishes Tenants Knew

In the eyes of tenants, their landlord's job is to collect rent payments and be at their beck and call for repairs. While tenants think an apartment rental business is an easy way to make money, it's not.

There is so much stress in a rental business that landlords resort to hiring a property manager. For landlords who do it all themselves, landlording can quickly turn into a full-time job. If you plan to stay in the apartment for the long-term, read these tips so you'll be on the good side of your landlord:

1. Be courteous

A positive landlord-tenant relationship will ensure pleasing interactions and leeway when needed. You want to be respectful of your landlord, his time, and his rules. Don't call or knock in the middle of the night. Even when landlords don't have strict office hours, it is best to reach them during the day.

2. Be honest about your financial situation

Right from the start, landlords want to know if the tenant has a capacity to make full rental payments on-time, at all times. If you think you might quit your job soon, don't have credit, or a credible guarantor, let your landlord know. Your landlord may even help you find financial assistance or make adjustments in your payment due dates. Also, if you know you will be late in paying your dues, let your landlord know as early as possible.

3. Pay your obligations

This includes the rent and utilities. Landlords worry about your financial status too. There are tenants who would knowingly pay their other obligations before their landlord. This should not be as landlords also have needs too. And most times, they only rely on income from their rentals.

4. Ask before you change anything in the unit

Don't drill a hole in the wall before asking your landlord. And please don't change the locks too. Landlords are concerned about keeping the unit in a condition suitable for different tenants. Remember, not all future tenants are keen on that shade of red or that chalkboard wall you want. But that doesn't mean you should go behind our backs and make an all-out renovation. Always ask permission first.

5. You are not the only tenant

Unless you rented a single-family home with neighbors kilometers away from you, it is a must to respect your neighbors. Landlords are not telling you to be best friends with your neighbors but at least be respectful to them. This means keeping your noise level to a minimum and not leaving your mess outside. Also, keep in mind that smoke and water problems in your unit can affect your neighbors too.

6. Take care of the property

Landlords want you to feel at home in the apartment and take care of it as if it were your own. But remember that they invested a lot in building or renovating the property. The least you can do is try not to wreck it. Care for the unit as if you are getting ready to care for your future home.

7. Report damage at once

Problems in the unit start small such as faulty wiring, leaks in the pipes, clogged drains, and pests. You have to report these problems as soon as it occurs. Don't wait for your pipes to burst to wake your landlord up in the middle of the night to do repairs. Also, be honest about how the damage happened. Repairs could be done faster if you would tell your landlord about what really happened.

Wrap Up

Landlords have needs too. These include the need for updated payments, and to know the condition of the unit you occupy and changes you want to make. They also need to know that their tenants are on good terms with each other. When these are applied, you can enjoy a harmonious stay in this humble abode.

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