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7 Living Room Improvement Ideas That Increase Your Home's Resale Value

We’ve covered various improvement and renovation ideas that increase your home’s selling value. A few examples are front yard, backyard landscaping, summer home, energy-saving renovation, and affordable improvement concepts.

But there’s something else missing. As it turns out, we haven’t talked about the living room which is the second area home buyers look at during the viewing and home inspection process. With that said, here are living room improvement concepts you can work on as a project before listing your home for sale.

1. More windows

Buyers are more attracted to homes with bright living rooms. So let the natural light in and show the outdoor view by upgrading to picture windows. For an added security measure, choose vinyl or fiberglass that will protect your living room against loud noises, natural elements, and theft.

2. Neutral colors

Painting your home or some parts of it with neutral colors is a must-do when it comes to home improvement. Such color shades help buyers see the possibilities of applying their own living room design to your house.

3. Remove divisions

Aside from bright living rooms, spacious ones also are in demand with modern families. Take pony walls or divisions down that are so 20th century. Instead, make your living room floor as open as it can be. Divisions are only appropriate in houses with small spaces where there is no clear boundary of the kitchen and living room.

4. Wall storage

One reason why you might want to keep living room divisions is for decorations and storing valuables. Well, you can transfer them into wall shelves. Not only do they provide better storage space, but wall shelves also add a modern aesthetic. When planning for wall shelves, consider mixing open and closed storage for more functionality.

5. Refinish wood floors

If your home has wooden flooring due to a stilt-like design, you might need to refurbish the wood. Look for signs of wear and stains so that your living room will be restored to its newly-built look. In some cases, the wood might be too rotten or damaged. It’s best to totally replace the flooring from the foyer to the living room and bedrooms.

6. Install a faux fireplace

Fireplaces are now absent in modern homes due to the popularity of energy-saving space heaters. However, they still add beauty to American living rooms. If you don’t have a faux fireplace in the living room and you’re planning to sell the house before fall, now is the right time to have a gas-type installed as potential buyers will want this feature for the colder months.

7. Remove full-floor carpets

Full floor carpets drive away buyers. Why? They easily accumulate dust, are hard to maintain for pet owners, and become a breeding ground for dust mites. Tiles and vinyl flooring are better choices if you want a hard floor makeover. Vinyl is affordable and easy to maintain while tiles don’t scratch. If you want to put some floor fabric in the living room, use an area rug only.

Please note that while these value-increasing home improvement concepts are beautiful, some home buyers may still not take interest in them. Before planning on a renovation project, study the features that are in demand of your local real estate market first.