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6 Simple Open House Food Ideas

In real estate, an open house is a public and informal event hosted by a realtor or the seller, during which a property is made available for viewing by potential buyers. The event typically lasts between 1-3 hours, and everyone is welcome to stop by the house for sale and explore at their leisure or be guided by a realtor.

The goal of an open house is to make a good impression and secure interest from buyers. And what better way to bring potential buyers into your open house than by offering them food? But not just any food. Potential buyers and clients are more likely to linger in a place with the right choice of food and drinks.

So make your open house stand out from the rest and impress your guests with these six simple food ideas.      

1. Cookies

Cookies are an open house standby, and it’s no surprise because they taste great and smell great. Few people can resist a fresh cookie, especially those that came right out of the oven. They have this intoxicating scent that will remind you of your childhood. Plus, the sheer variety of cookies, be it a classic chocolate chip, a healthy oatmeal raisin, or those colorful sugar cookies, means there’s a cookie for everyone. 

2. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a just variation of your typical boiled eggs, yet they’re almost a cultural icon for intimate parties in the United States. These little appetizers taste as delicious as they look. And they’re so easy to make and have interesting varieties that allow you to customize and make them as tempting as possible.  

3. Charcuterie

Charcuterie is a classic that is known for its fancy presentation. The best thing about it is the never-ending options and possible selection of flavors in any way you want it. Displaying it on a platter makes it visually appealing, and pairing the flavors with a combination of texture and color will only magnify the enjoyment. A few slices of meat and cheese are a great way to keep your guests excited.

4. Finger Sandwiches

A display of mini sandwiches is the perfect snack that would give your open house a unique upscale feel while your guests wander around, talk and browse. They’re also easy to make and you can mix them up by loading them with meat and cheese or serve them garden-fresh veggies and spreads. Whichever the case, these bite-sized sandwiches are crowd-pleasing finger food that will leave your guests wanting more.

5. Skewers

The deliciousness of grilled food on a stick is universal, and you can easily improvise them on what you think is most appropriate for your open house. You can make vegan skewers from oranges, cheese, and tomatoes, or meat skewers with marinated artichokes, sausages, and cheese. Skewers are perfect open house food because guests can walk around while holding them.

6. Mocktails

One of the best ways to greet potential buyers is by serving them with tasty thirst quenchers. And since you’re not serving alcohol, why not offer them mocktails to replicate a festive atmosphere that a well-mixed batch of cocktails adds to your open house? Not only are the ingredients more affordable, but you also won’t have to worry about kids wanting a taste.

Try serving a strawberry or watermelon margaritas (without the tequila, of course) for a fun and fruity drink that makes everyone happy.


The best open house foods are those that have some level of variety, long shelf-life, are finger foods (easy to bring while walking), and are not messy. Choose foods that will keep your guests engaged and excited while browsing the property.

The six food ideas in this article are super easy to make, but if you’re not confident with your cooking skills, you can always hire a caterer. And while tasty food and drinks may not guarantee a sale, they can surely invite more potential buyers and allow them to stay longer. The rest is up to you. 

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