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Great Marketing Ideas Every Landlord Should Consider

Whether you are new to the landlording business or have been managing rentals for years, your goal will always be to fill up vacancies. The need to do so is even truer in areas where the demand for rentals isn’t that high. So today, we’re going to talk about some online and offline marketing strategies to ensure that you attract tenants in no time.

1. List your rental property everywhere.

The best thing about leveraging the internet is that you can be seen easily by your target audience. Today, there are a lot of websites to list your property on for free or a minimal fee. Recently, we prepared a guide that features 10 sites so you better check it out. Some of these sites syndicate your listing to their partner websites to boost its visibility.

2. Run an online giveaway.

Who doesn’t want to win stuff? And yes, hosting a giveaway on a contest platform or your own website is a FUN way to generate a ton of potential tenants. The process goes this way: First, create a landing page that features your rental property. Second, ask participants to sign-up and share that landing page through a unique share link on social media. Third, if they can bring in at least 3 people to sign-up and share the landing page, they win your prize. 

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3. Put out open house signs.

Even if business owners have started to use online marketing, it doesn’t mean that real signages don’t matter anymore. If you’ll be holding an open house, be sure to display “OPEN HOUSE” signs that feature the direction of your rental. Place them at major crossroads where more people are likely to pass by.

4. Give out flyers.

Flyers are another simple yet amazing way to encourage the community to check out your open house! The secret to enticing your target audience is to make the flyers as attractive as possible. shares resources to help you produce eye-catching flyers.

5. Use social media.

An easy way of promoting your rental on social media is to post and ask whether your friends know of anyone who’d be interested in the rental. Another social media marketing strategy is to compile photos and videos that show various angles of your rental. If you share the post on Facebook, you can use the same visuals on Twitter.

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6. Market your community.

Most of the time, we assume that renters are only interested in the features and amenities of the rental. But what about the community? Yes, tenants want to know whether they have access to all the resources they need in your community. Examples are schools, libraries, grocery stores, recreation centers, fitness gyms, and more. Be sure to focus on promoting the community as well - in your online and offline posts.

Final Thoughts

The next time you need to market your rental, use these six online and offline ideas. Don’t limit yourself to one strategy as people use various platforms and randomly find opportunities anytime, anywhere.

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