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How to Make a Comfortable Space for Your Pet in Your New Home

Like people, pets also need their own comfortable space in a new home.

When you have a pet, it's your responsibility to make sure that they feel as safe and comfortable as possible as you settle into your home. Since they will be living with you, it’s crucial that they feel a part of the family. 

Here are ways to make a comfortable space for your pet. Doing so can help your pet adjust in no time.

1. Choose a suitable space for your pet

Your pets need a safe space, especially for sleeping and eating. Living rooms are great for being with your pets, but it might be a safety hazard when your pets sleep at the center of the house as someone might trip over them. Instead, look for a space where your pet can comfortably snuggle and be safe at the time.

You can designate a pet room or pet nook depending on the size of your house and how much you are willing to spend on it. Pet rooms are great if you have a large dog or lots of extra space. 

Pet nooks, on the other hand, are best suited for smaller animals like medium-sized to small-sized dogs or cats. Unlike a complete pet room, you only assign a small area for your pet inside an already existing room. It can be anywhere you want, such as the corners of your living room or a section of your laundry area.

2. Design the area according to the style of your room

It's good to match the bed or space of your pet with your house's existing decor to have a more pleasant view from everyone. Take note of the color scheme and texture of your floorings and walls. We recommend a minimal design for easier cleaning and low maintenance.

3. Buy their essential things.

Your pet doesn't only need a proper space but also a proper bed to sleep in. Make a checklist of the things that are needed in your pet area. This includes blankets, food and water bowls, and rugs. 

Blankets should be clean and easy to wash to avoid lice and fleas. You can make a cave-like bed for your dogs to make them feel safe and secure. Install hooks for leashes and other pet accessories. Set up a feeding area with a stand that properly holds their food and water bowl. 

4. Prioritize their safety.

You may be very excited to give your pet everything, but you also need to prioritize their safety. Ensure all potentially hazardous materials are far away from the designated pet area. Choose a place where they cannot accidentally escape. A place away from the outside noise is a plus for your pet's well-being. 

5. Give them lots of toys! 

Pets love toys! So, give them plenty of toys to play with. This can make them feel excited during the day. For example, place a basket filled with toys in their nook so they can access them easily. You can also build a climbing space for your cats if you want.


A comfortable space for your pet is not complete without you paying attention to them. Make sure you always care for them because toys won’t be enough to make them happy. 

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