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How to Help Your Pet Adjust to Your New Home

Moving is challenging and stressful, but there are many ways to make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible when settling into your new home.

Aside from all the packing and unpacking, you also need to clean and organize your things. Having a fur baby will further add to your stress because like you, they too are stressed when moving! Pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits can experience a great deal of anxiety because they are not accustomed to new places. Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate their stress and make them as comfortable as possible when you move. Here are the tips that will help your pet adjust to your new home.

1. Give your pet a comfortable space.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure there’s a comfortable space for your fur baby. Set up a warm bed or cozy blanket and make sure there are no hazardous materials near them. Keep their food and water bowls as close to the old set-up as possible and make sure their toys are near them. The set-up doesn’t have to be permanent and you can change the set-up after they have settled and are fully comfortable in your new place.

2. Introduce your pet to your new home.

Let your pets explore as much as they want. Let them sniff while carefully surveying their space and allow them to investigate the place. You may know when they start to feel comfortable by paying attention to certain behaviors like rolling around and jumping.

3. Keep your regular routine.

All the changes linked to moving can overwhelm your pet, so maintain your routine as much as possible. Let them eat their meals at the usual time and if they’re used to getting up and going out for a walk, make sure they do that in their usual schedule. This will help them keep their old habits and settle more comfortably. 

4. Wait before you buy them new toys and materials.

You may be excited to buy new toys and materials for your pet but since the new place is overwhelming to them, it’s better to wait for a couple of weeks until you are sure that they are fully settled. The presence of their old toys, beds, and bowls will help lessen their anxiety and transition more easily. 

5. Spend time with them as often as possible.

Commit to spending quality time with your pet. Don’t leave them alone in the beginning as they might be struggling and sensitive at that time. Accompany them around your house while they explore, and give them treats and reinforce good or desirable behaviors. Take time in giving them your affection by tossing around their toys, giving them belly rubs, or talking to them. 


Be patient with your pets as they need time to settle in your home. It may not be perfect on day one but as long as you are there for them and keep doing the things that make them happy, eventually, they will feel more secure and happier in their new home.

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