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How to Decorate a Home With Pets

Image source: apartment therapy

Pets bring joy to our everyday lives. Although we’re already happy being with our loved ones under one roof, the overall feel of a home is just different when there's a four-legged furball running around looking like it wants to cause some mischief.

As pet owners, it’s our responsibility to provide them with a safe, clean, and comfortable home. The problem is that pets are also one of the reasons our homes can get messy. If you have a fur child or are planning to introduce one into your home, you need to make some decor changes.

The tips you’ll find on this list are all designed to keep your abode clean and everyone safe from injuries while preventing pet-related damage and staying stylish.

1. Install a built-in feeding drawer

It’s common practice to put feeding bowls on the kitchen floor. But sometimes, we forget they are there and end up kicking them when we pass. A wet mess is caused or pet food is strewn all over the floor. If you’re not good with the hammer, you can hire a craftsman to transform the bottom part of your kitchen cabinet into a built-in feeding drawer.

2. Cover upholsteries with performance fabrics

One of the most sigh-worthy things about owning a pet is finding dander everywhere, especially on the sofa. It gets even more irritating that the vacuum can’t suck the hair away. Which is why it’s highly suggested to cover your upholsteries with performance fabrics like microsuede or microfiber. They’re easy to clean and are resistant to scratching.

3. Buy furniture with metal or chrome underparts

Wooden furniture legs are a puppy’s #1 chew toy. There are five ways you can avoid this problem: Either you buy new furniture with metal legs, cover the wooden legs of your current ones, buy your puppy their own chew toy (not very effective), train them to stop gnawing on stuff, or spray bitter apple at surfaces they’re more likely to chew on.

4. Remove fabric floor covers

Pets like to relieve themselves on carpets. It’s just biological. If your pet is not litter box trained, it’s best to remove rugs and carpets until they are. That way, animal waste on a hard surface floor is easier to clean. This tip will prevent your house from smelling like an animal shelter.

5. Buy cheap rugs

If you really can’t stand the sight of your floor without rugs, then use cheap ones — kinds which you’ll have no issues throwing away after a few washes.

6. Use faux flowers

Some flowers are poisonous to dogs and cats. Unfortunately, they can be common in household decorations. If your place has a lot of plants and you’re planning to get a pet anytime soon, make sure that the poisonous ones have been taken out before your new furry friend arrives.

Any home with a pet can be beautiful, clean, and safe if the animal is well-trained and its owner is vigilant. Before welcoming a furball into your place, make sure everything they shouldn’t chew, scratch, and defecate is out of reach. Finally,  teach your dog self-control.

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