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Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Appealing to Business Travelers

Marketing your vacation rental to business travelers is a smart strategy to generate positive cash flow. That's because in general, business travelers stay longer in a vacation rental and tend to spend more for each trip. If you're interested in ideas on how to meet the needs of this group of customers, keep reading this blog post. 

How to Make Your Vacation Rental Attractive to Business Travelers

Business travelers want specific features in a vacation rental - features that will help them achieve their goals. Here's a list of things to note down:

1. A meeting space

Business travelers, especially when traveling with or meeting with their team, look for accommodations that allow them to conduct meetings and discussions in private. You can cater to this need by offering a conference room. Make sure that the conference room is well-lit, has a projector, and has comfortable chairs. 

2. Fast internet connection

Fast Wi-Fi is a valuable feature that makes any vacation rental likely to be chosen by a business traveler. Today's technologically-savvy entrepreneurs need to get stuff done anytime, anywhere. One report stated that 64-69% of business travelers would book a room directly if they knew that the place had free Wi-Fi or fast internet. 

3. A desk and chair with lamp

Let business travelers know that they'll be able to work productively by adding a desk and chair with a lamp near a power outlet for each room. Here's a bonus: Add a pen and notepad (with your logo) so they can take down notes while making their calls.   

4. Solid wooden hangers for suits

Cheap hangers ruin a business traveler's clothes. You may have flimsy plastic hangers (which you purchased from the dollar store) in the closet, but also make sure to add well-made mid-range or high-end wooden hangers that are broad enough to hold coats and suits. These hangers are available on

5. Hotel-level hospitality

Imagine that you're a hotel. What would a business traveler expect from a hotel? That would include the following: a full set of toiletries, free coffee and tea, bottled water, razors and toothbrushes, and high-quality bedding. You earn loyal guests by offering this business-class experience. 

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