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The Best Places to Find Tenants for Your Rental

Finding the right tenants for a rental property is one of the many tasks that landlords should take seriously. Because as you may already know, terrible tenants can ruin your business. Yet, landlords sometimes find themselves struggling to fill vacancies. The good news is that you won't run out of opportunities - you just need to know where to look. 

The Best Places to Find Tenants for Your Rental

In today's article, you will discover possible places to find quality renters. Take a few minutes to browse through our list.

1. Social media

Nowadays, people use social media to find apartments. As a landlord, you should also be using social media to connect with prospective tenants. One effective strategy is to list your rental on Facebook Marketplace. It's easy to set-up your listing. Upload your photos and complete the details of your listing. Here's Facebook's step-by-step instructions

2. Community bulletin boards

Flyer printing and distribution is still an effective way to promote your rental. Be sure to post them on local bulletin boards where people are likely to pass by. Examples of these places are churches, grocery stores, schools, and local businesses. If a bullletin board is glass-encased, you'll have to ask for the establishment's permission. 

3. Newspaper ads

Why not? The newspaper remains to be a viable option for promoting your rental, even if people have gone online these days. Research tells us that people find press advertising credible and reliable. 

4. Word-of-mouth

Don't ignore word-of-mouth marketing. Because while some people discover you on social media or the local newspaper, some will hear about you from their friends and family. To start building buzz around your rental property, be sure to tell people you know. Encourage them to spread the word about it.

5. Email list

If you have an existing email list of subscribers, send them an email about your new rental property. Ask them to forward your email to their friends and family. To encourage sharing, offer an incentive. You could reward those who can refer a certain number of potential renters to you.

6. Property listing websites

There are plenty of websites that where property owners can list their rental. Some sites offer their service for free, while others require payment. Here's a list of sites I recommend to increase your exposure:

Final Thoughts

Posting or listing your rental property in these places will surely help you find the right tenants. And when you do, screen them properly. Know the basics of the Fair Housing Act so that you're not accused of discrimination.

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