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Seven Ways Landlords Can Save Time

Are you struggling to manage your responsibilities as a landlord? When it comes to running your rental property business efficiently, it's important to use your time wisely. Time is a valuable commodity, but it seems that a lot of landlords don't have enough of it to get things done.

In this blog post, we reveal simple time-saving tips. We know that as a landlord, you want to be able to relax at the end of a busy day!

1. Prequalify rental applicants over the phone.

Prequalifying your applicants will greatly reduce the chances of welcoming a bad tenant into your rental - and wasting time and resources. To move forward with each prospect, you'll want to ask applicants about the following:

  • Their source of income
  • Reason for moving
  • Whether they have been evicted
  • How many people will be living in the unit
  • Whether they have pets

Make sure that you take notes of your conversation so you can compare them with the completed rental application.

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2. When a tenant calls, answer.

As much as possible, answer your phone when tenants call you. A lack of proper communication is a common reason for unresolved problems in the unit. These problems could grow bigger. The longer you respond, the longer it will take you to solve the issue. 

3. Invest in quality appliances.

When choosing appliances for your rental property, high-quality products will save you time in the long run. Cheap, low-quality appliances may break down sooner. That means frequent inspections, repairs, and replacements on your part. The next time you shop for appliances, factor in durability.  

4. Collect rent online.

If your rental property business isn't accepting online payments yet, perhaps it's time you try it. The modern renter uses technology to make their lives easier, and you should consider it too. Collecting rent online will reduce the chances of late payments because tenants can pay you regardless of the place and time. 

5. Go smoke-free in your rental.

Renting to smokers will cost you. It takes more time (and money) to restore a smoker's unit. Removing smoke odor can be a real headache since smoke odor is difficult to eliminate. You may also be left with cigarette burns and yellowish stains on the walls. Prohibiting smoking will also help you attract the best renters. 

6. Make your rental listing as complete as possible.

Save yourself from answering a ton of questions over the phone by writing a detailed description of your rental property in your listing. Mention the following:

  • Price
  • Type of rental
  • Number of rooms
  • Locations
  • Best features
  • In-unit amenities
  • Pet policies
  • Security features
  • Storage and parking
  • Neighborhood

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7. Seek professional advice. 

There are certain situations where it helps to seek the advice of someone qualified. Whether it's creating a rock-solid lease or handling evictions, consult a legal professional. Also, equip yourself with landlording knowledge and practical by reading books, investing in courses, and speaking with experienced landlords.

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